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Secrets and Spies by Nandika_k7
Secrets and Spiesby Nandika K
It's been one year since Carmen's sister, Allison, died in a shooting, and Carmen is finally at peace with her sister's death. Then, Carmen is almost kidnapped by two me...
  • fighting
  • secrets
  • action
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My favourite Idiots by sydnie6624
My favourite Idiotsby sydnie6624
(ONGOING) Come on my journey of surviving life with 4 older brothers - - A few years ago, Livi's parents died from a drunk driver, leaving her eldest brother Hunter i...
  • friendsandfamily
  • brother
  • onlygirl
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I'm Sold to Who Now! by JohnsonDS
I'm Sold to Who Now!by Daisy Johnson
Ella was bullied through High School but when she went to college she changed. With some help she became the infamous street fighter Red Death. When she gets home her da...
  • gangleader
  • wtf
  • spain
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But you're girls (EDITING) by XscriblerX
But you're girls (EDITING)by B I T C H
"Let go you son of a bitch!" I shout, and try to push him of off me "Be quiet kitten" I smirked up at him "Make me" Before I could realise...
  • krystal
  • badboy
  • badgirl
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The Alpha Saved Me by bonezzzzzz
The Alpha Saved Meby <3
Hazel Clarke is a shy, quiet girl who likes to stay out of the crowds. She hates being center of attention, and just like everybody else, she has a secret. One she plans...
  • alpha
  • pack
  • highschool
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Reaction/ Jaxon Hibler fanfiction by warmprincessann
Reaction/ Jaxon Hibler fanfictionby warmprincessann
Im bad at descriptions but read the story anyway sched:if i have time and vote for the story and follow me on insta @warmprincess thats all thank u
  • jaxon
  • reacting
  • fbe
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The Alphas Mate by dramione_forever225
The Alphas Mateby Shy Shy
There is a small community of people known as werewolves. They are born human, but around the time they hit puberty, they get the ability to change into a werewolf at wi...
  • werewolffanfiction
  • wolves
  • jaxon
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Carrying His Baby( A BWWM Christian Romance) #wattys2016 *Published* by BeCa2801
Carrying His Baby( A BWWM Christia...by BeCa2801
Rebecca is a 21 years old girl who has had a hard life, she moves to America to stay with her aunt who promised to take care of her but turns out to be her worst nightma...
  • lovelessmarriage
  • billionaire
  • wedding
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The Alpha's Fox by hachette_holloway29
The Alpha's Foxby hachette_holloway29
Jaxon is the soon to be alpha of the biggest pack in California. He has a thousand responsibilities including training, school, and dealing with his brother and sister...
  • wattys2016
  • jasmine
  • jaxon
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Live it to Love it by countryreb020
Live it to Love itby Country Writer
Nicky Jaxon grew up around bucking bulls. Her grandfather raises high school rodeo bulls for a living. The bulls know her so well that she can ward them away from the ri...
  • lockwood
  • struggle
  • bullriding
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Shhh (Short Story) by BMSKW_
Shhh (Short Story)by Bren
**ON HOLD** Noah Miles: Sweet, innocent, and mute. He has had a past filled with fear, pain, and abuse. Jaxon Derek: Stubborn boy to be blunt. He hates people with a pas...
  • lgbt
  • boyxboy
  • jaxon
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Basketball Player  by JasonMccannsBub
Basketball Player by Jason McCann's Bub
About a basketball famous player Bizzle and a girl Anna working in Panther's Gate.
  • jb
  • karismacollins
  • justinbieber
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Bad Boy Jaxon by Ximone
Bad Boy Jaxonby ximone
« k i t t e n » ♦♦♦ © copyright 2017. ẍ ⚠ mature content
  • badboy
  • highschool
  • innocence
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LANDON  by friesbeforeguys101
LANDON by friesbeforeguys101
Landon Xyne. We all love his personality as much as he loves his bagels. So let's see how his life was before Jordan showed up. **** I took off in a sprint while I hea...
  • care
  • messingwiththewrongpeople
  • teenfiction
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The Other Martin •STILINSKI•  by LYPAWE
The Other Martin •STILINSKI• by Paityn
Elizabeth Ray Martin, a little trouble maker from beacon hills, sarcastic, spunky, and hilarious. Best friends with little nerdy boys on the lacrosse team, more specific...
  • lydia
  • stilinski
  • werewolf
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Don't Go by OMTRobbie
Don't Goby Olivia
Kiana Burns has always thought of herself as the typical best friend in the romance novels: the one who's always there throughout the struggles, maybe has a one night st...
  • jaxon
  • love
  • cute
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Employed to A Rockstar by Blue_Flame24
Employed to A Rockstarby Blue_Flame24
Tessa Van Ryck was having a difficult time in New York. Her father was a sergeant in the military and had been deployed for almost two years now. On her own and fresh ou...
  • boss
  • tess
  • romance
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Amira's Secret by problem_solveit
Amira's Secretby problem_solveit
Twenty year old Amira spends two years hiding from her mate, despite being in the same pack. When they finally meet and Amira's hiding spree comes to an end, will the 24...
  • werewolves
  • hate
  • hidden
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Academy of Elements: Earth by optronix88
Academy of Elements: Earthby Teagan Thomson
Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, and Ice. These are the six main offspring of Light and Darkness. Every generation Light chooses 6 people to cast away Darkness. And J...
  • wattys2017
  • ella
  • haley
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