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What the heart wants by mahumwrites
What the heart wantsby 🌟MAHUM🌟
She is fiery, hot-headed and spontaneous. He is calm, composed and calculating. She is fire, burning every obstacle in her path. He is ice, numbing his enemies with a si...
Alpha Male| ✓ by QueenJoEe
Alpha Male| ✓by ^_^
She settled onto the bed and soon after her eyes started to feel heavy with sleep, she felt a familiar chill run up her spine. She felt like she was being watched by som...
Chanced  by Litany-P
Chanced by Litany-P
After waiting to meet her mate on her 18th birthday her whole life. Raven didn't expect her mate to reject her for Kelly the Beta's daughter whom she was friends with...
Wild Heart | ✔ by _surreality
Wild Heart | ✔by Owlmoon
❝You lit my world on fire, so now I'll happily burn yours.❞ The werewolf population is going to die out in the near future due to the endless mistreatment and breeding...
Beautiful Scar by 95McQueen
Beautiful Scarby RB Rushdi
Scarlet is known for many things. The adoptive daughter of General Homes. A brutal and yet intelligent Captain of the army. The close friend to the Silverstorm's kingdom...
Queen of Tricks ✔️ by lonediva
Queen of Tricks ✔️by lonediva
Fox shifters are known for their wits and their tricks, and she is the Queen of Tricks. Hired by creatures to do their dirty work, one job with a certain big bad alpha...
The Darkness by nicci42098
The Darknessby Nicci
Celeste Danvull has left her home and friends because she can't live with her awful secret. She moves across country to a small town to live the rest of her life in isol...
Amalia Ferrari✔️ by senoradanah
Amalia Ferrari✔️by Señora Danah
| COMPLETED | PREVIOUSLY My Handsome Bodyguard Being the wealthiest and strongest woman in Sicily, Amalia Ferrari has to overcome the problems that come to her door and...
Being Rejected Hurts, But Revenge Is Better [COMPLETED] by OnlySadDreamer
Being Rejected Hurts, But TeReSa
As being the only omega in the pack, that results as being bullied... by everyone... even by my family. When I find out that my mate is the alpha in my pack, things don'...
Bound by Duty by QuillofKarnika
Bound by Dutyby QuillofKarnika
Danielle Ward is on the run. After killing her step-uncle, she is exiled by her pack and seeks refuge with one of her friends. Her callous father, her jealous stepmother...
The Italian mafia's princess by valerie_hartman
The Italian mafia's princessby valerie_hartman
Valerie moretti or as she likes to call herself Valerie Hartman is the the daughter of the most notorious drug lord Giovanni moretti and his wife and former assassin Ros...
An Unexpected Mate by caromerri
An Unexpected Mateby Caro
Lily looked up from the coffee she was drinking to see an intense gaze from the other corner. While it gave her a flutter in her stomach, she flashed her wedding ring to...
Only One •| Elijah Mikaelson |• by paigetcute
Only One •| Elijah Mikaelson |•by Pez
Roxanne Gilbert is the older sister of the famous doppelganger Elena and young Jeremy. She left town just before the Salvatore brother arrived. But what everyone didn't...
A Royal Pain by audreycjackson
A Royal Painby audrey
Aurora Silverstone was destined to spend her whole life in the palace, one day inheriting the throne. Ruling over the supernatural world seemed like the ideal job- until...
Another World ✓ by Wings006
Another World ✓by Wings006
Scarlet Mayer is dead. After an unfortunate drowning accident, Scarlet opens her eyes to a new world. A world where she inhabits the body of the beautiful yet cruel vil...
Angelina (discontinued) by zyantookyohoe
Angelina (discontinued)by queenofpimpin
Idk wtf was goin on with this book I don't even remember writing it💀. But wattpad took it down and shit I was finna leave it but y'all asked me to put it back it so I t...
Fan Lover ❣ Lee Know X Reader ❣ by imogen_2t
Fan Lover ❣ Lee Know X Reader ❣by TC
A kpop idol becomes a fanboy and falls in love with his fangirl.. . [I know description is quite confusing but you'll know] . I hope u enjoy reading it🤞 {Completed}...
Quiet by akira2892021
Quietby sam chittu
Last of my visions were of a Kohl rimmed grey eyes. Then it's all pain, mind numbing pain, from being hit by a rod. " 'lea!" But what can he do? Is this the e...
A Pirate's Life - Book 1 (Once Upon A Time) by JEHallows
A Pirate's Life - Book 1 (Once J. E. Hallows
Captain Hook is a man bound by thirst for revenge, a dark-hearted villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Arista is a mermaid-turned-human who has just th...
His Love  by neets_2005
His Love by neets_2005
"Leave me" she yelled as a lady guard stopped her from leaving. She turned to look at Rishabh who had a look of hurt. What did he expect? That she'll jump in...