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PR? (Camila/You) by camilzer
PR? (Camila/You)by NeverBeIntoIt
You're a successful musician who signs a contract binding yourself to Camila Cabello for at least 8 months. Throughout that time though, you two become closer, will thi...
If I Were A Boy (camren) by tbhlauren
If I Were A Boy (camren)by lil
Lauren Jauregui has had a crush on her fellow band member, Camila Cabello for a while now. Still friends, they have gradually grown very distant. One night, Lauren is up...
Kourtney Kardashian's oldest daughter by chonixkardashian
Kourtney Kardashian's oldest chonixkardashian
When kourtney was 24 years old , she had her first child , well first daughter. It was a stupid one night stand with some guy who she doesn't know or hasn't seen since...
I Need You Now  (Lauren / You) by iamgraciee
I Need You Now (Lauren / You)by gracie
original title; All My Heart Lady Antebellum; Need You Now.
The Other Mendes  by JaureguiObsessed
The Other Mendes by JaureguiObsessed
A one shot that I write but I had a lot of ideas for it
Mine by moaningdinah
Mineby moaningdinah
You're related to the famous a$$whipe Austin Mahthristy sorry I mean Mahone. You meet Camila and stuff happens. Enjoy
SCANDALOUS (CamRen) by camrenswift13
SCANDALOUS (CamRen)by camrenswift13
A problematic popstar met the mysterious daughter of an entrepreneur. They instantly became attracted with each other but what would happen if the daughter of an entrepr...
THE P.A Camila/You by fiestyfirefly
THE P.A Camila/Youby Return of the Mack
Camila/You story. Camila Cabello is in need of a Personal Assistant. Y/N has been in the P.A business for 6 years but has never had a full time P.A role for a celebrity...
Camren Smut by JaureGAY_CaBAEyo
Camren Smutby alex
These stories are not mine.
Let me hear your thoughts [camren - au] by unreasonablyobsessed
Let me hear your thoughts [ A
Lauren isn't normal. She can read minds. Hear minds. It's both a blessing and a curse. If she had a choice, she'd pick being normal in a heartbeat. Except that day. -- ...
Blank Space (camren) by cabeYolights
Blank Space (camren)by G ;)
Lauren Jauregui still feels a blank space that makes her feel like she's missing something, an empty feeling. She's still trying to fill it in, due to her ex's that neve...
The School's Bully Camren by neverbethesame91
The School's Bully Camrenby -V
Shy bookworm Camila Cabello wished she had a girlfriend like in her books. But her wish backfired when she caught the interest of her school's most vicious bully. Rumors...
Milf And Money by jsksmsja
Milf And Moneyby Bish Issa Me
Y/N is a high school senior who played basketball with his 2 best friend Carson and Dubs. Y/N is mind blow when she meets Carson's mom for the first time. The single hot...
Kik ; Camren by Sinu_Cabello
Kik ; Camrenby Queen Sinu
8:39pm Waakeme-up: send nudes Ssweet-dispositionn: Excuse me? Waakeme-up: oh sorry Waakeme-up: send nudes, please. - cover by @cuddlyings -
Let's Try It Out (Camren Lauren g!p) by LoveYou006
Let's Try It Out (Camren Lauren E
Camila feels that's she's inexperienced with her sex life. Being she has a boyfriend Shawn Mendes, she feels the need to find a way to take things to the next level. Ma...
the case study ~ camren by canola-jauregooey
the case study ~ camrenby Canola-Jauregooey
Lauren Jauregui is a top psychologist with a specialised interest in criminal psychology. She has worked with various violent criminals from many walks of life. She thou...
What IF... | Camila/You by Lmaotomyself
What IF... | Camila/Youby beych
Camila is living her best life being in a girl group singer and in a relationship with Shawn. Whilst Y/n is now a free agent model and very successful at her career alon...
Numb: fifth Harmony/you G!P by Superheroperp
Numb: fifth Harmony/you G!Pby Browngirl224
Y/N is a successful Mafia boss and a wannabe rapper/singer. She is also a very powerful hybrid (or so she thought). All of her life she has been looking out for herself...
Stupid Wife (REMAKE) Eng Version by Chickenshit86
Stupid Wife (REMAKE) Eng Versionby JDRHood
English Translated Version. Original version by Horsinha. Have you ever imagined yourself married to someone you've never endured in your life? Camila had never imagine...