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NCIS x reader by fictional_whxre
NCIS x readerby fictional_whxre
A collection of one shots with characters from NCIS and NCIS LA. May include strong language at times. Requests closed.
No Ordinary Love - G.Callen NCIS L.A by justawomanthought
No Ordinary Love - G.Callen NCIS Just a thought 💭
Sometimes, people enter our lives with a purpose. Or In which Callen finds that he may no longer have to be a 'tribe of one'. Deja might have found a man that wouldn't h...
Hidden family  by just_me_4321
Hidden family by just_me_4321
Everyone knew Hetty Lange as a bad ass. She would keep her privat live exactly that, privat. What happens when suddenly the secret about her family comes out? Everybody...
Lonewolf & the Survivor by AcceptTheMystery
Lonewolf & the Survivorby AcceptTheMystery
First attempt at writing, doing this in replace of RPing... Combining NCIS LA Agent G Callen with The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce to create a story of how two seclu...
Never Tell by GinaCallen
Never Tellby Gina Callen
Callen and Kensi are closer than anyone else thinks, So what happens when the others find out what they have kept from the rest of the team, Starts before S1 goes throug...
Who To Love by alexabg21
Who To Loveby Alexa
A love triangle between some NCIS LA coworkers gets complicated on this very interesting case. NOT part of the storyline for NCIS LA: The New Member. The original chara...
Changeling (full story) by knirbenrots
Changeling (full story)by knirbenrots
At least Hetty Lange managed to save Clara's boy... And boy oh boy, how that boy grew up to be her best agent ever. Disclaimer: All credits to CBS & Shane Brennan, once...
New Alliances and Little Sisters by onlymischief
New Alliances and Little Sistersby
Hailey Addison Scott- Marty Deeks' sister. She lives in LA like her brother. But that is pretty much where the similarities stop. Hailey is a business woman that has lea...
Project 'C'. by GinaCallen
Project 'C'.by Gina Callen
A case crosses with Callen's past and he finds out things about himself he never knew his whole life is turned upside down when the team leader becomes hunted. WIP.
NCIS:LA 18 year old agent by chloeeeee111222333
NCIS:LA 18 year old agentby Chloe
18 year old, teen mom, Antonia Rodriguez joins the NCIS office of special operations in Los Angeles. Will juggling a new job transfer from the ncis office in Spain to LA...
Callensi- Callen and Kensi Ncis La by revelindystopia
Callensi- Callen and Kensi Ncis Laby lexi-grace
Kensi and Callen have been together 6 months but one of them isnt ready to tell the team. What will happen when the other one goes off a cliff Used scorpion 1x23 as a st...
Nelloween by GinaCallen
Nelloweenby Gina Callen
Forces beyond the norm, help Callen and Nell find something they had been wanting but unwilling to look for. Will the Powers that be finally bring them together?
NCIS: LA The Lost Agent  by Sydney456
NCIS: LA The Lost Agent by Sydney456
Alexa Deeks is the sister of Marty Deeks. She was also Callens girlfriend. She went undercover one day and it got blown. She was then kidnapped and the team couldn't fin...
His way Back by HettyLanges
His way Backby Maria
Callen wakes up from a coma, and doesn't remember anyone on the team. (even Hetty)
G biggest secret  by just_me_4321
G biggest secret by just_me_4321
What if G Callen isn't the lone wolf as everyone thinks? What is if he in fact has a fiancée that also is the daughter of the one and only Leroy Jethro Gibbs. And what...
The Mission Always Comes First  by Arrowsfan113
The Mission Always Comes First by Skylar
Since kensi is in the hospital after the plane crash on a mission Nell the Intelligence analysts goes out in the field with the team taking kensis place temporarily till...
Not so normal case by just_me_4321
Not so normal caseby just_me_4321
G Callen as well as Eric Beale grew up in the foster system. One time they were in the same children's home as well as the foster home afterwards. With them however was...
A family for G Callen? by just_me_4321
A family for G Callen?by just_me_4321
Every day is kinda the same in G Callen's life. New day, new case and than coming home to an empty house. No family, no loved one, no nothing. Even though that is every...
The Kidnapping/baby abduction/death/ by KensiDeeks25
The Kidnapping/baby abduction/ KensiDeeks25
What happens when something happens to One of the NCIS team members when someone does something unspeakable to one of the members of the team can they come to for each o...
When the past catches up by just_me_4321
When the past catches upby just_me_4321
When Callen and his team get another case, no one realizes what Problem Callen may run into. What if he has to decide between his current team, his family really, and hi...