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Accidentally In Love (NCIS: LA Densi Fanfiction) by loveandchocolate
Accidentally In Love (NCIS: LA Kate
NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye, and LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks have been through it all together. They say they're just partners, but everyone knows they have a "thing...
  • kensi
  • hetty
  • ncisla
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Her Daughter (Kensi Blye) UNEDITED by densi_fangirl
Her Daughter (Kensi Blye) UNEDITEDby Densi_fangirl
Kensi's teenage daughter goes missing and its up to the team to bring her home safe How will deeks and the team react when they find out that kensi's a mother? Will they...
  • kylieblye
  • ncisla
  • tallen
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Bold With You (Densi Fanfic) by MysteriousCookie_28
Bold With You (Densi Fanfic)by MysteriousCookie_28
I want to be bold, Deeks. But I want to be bold with you... This is a Densi fanfic!! But this is no ordinary, fluffy, romance story... Don't worry, I'll be trying as har...
  • densi
  • callen
  • kensi
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Kensi and her secrets by HHAANN
Kensi and her secretsby HHAANN
How will Kensi react when her past has to be told? Her darkest secrets are going to be told and her scariest nightmare is about to come true. The past of KENSI BLYE
  • partner
  • investigation
  • lies
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Found by NCIS LA by BamBumBoom
Found by NCIS LAby Fangirl AF
Mute, dog lover, athletic, girl. Something that nobody wants. Your name is DJ Williams and has been an orphan since you were 5 years old. You have a dog/ service dog nam...
  • callen
  • adoption
  • samhanna
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The little sister {NCIS LA fanfic} by sannexgek
The little sister {NCIS LA fanfic}by Sanne
What if kensi has a little sister? Will the team find out?
  • hetty
  • ziegler
  • deeks
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A Match [ s.stan ] by Jackydinozzo
A Match [ s.stan ]by Jackydinozzo
" Aren't you that Bucky Barnes guy from Captain America? - Aren't you that Kensi Blye girl from NCIS: L.A.?" Actress Sofia Mendes "meets" Sebastian S...
  • ericchristianolsen
  • romance
  • robertdowneyjr
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I Loved Her First by densi_fangirl
I Loved Her Firstby Densi_fangirl
After spending eight weeks playing the role of husband and wife, Deeks and Kensi's partnership took a drastic change The pair went from strangers to partners, from partn...
  • richardcastle
  • kensi
  • wattys2017
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A live PD Love Story by morgankitten
A live PD Love Storyby morgankitten
A young single mom who's given her life for her country moves half way around the country so that she can be by her kids father, joins the Reality Show Live PD after jo...
  • ncisla
  • lovestory
  • livepd
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The surprise (Completed) by densi_fangirl
The surprise (Completed)by Densi_fangirl
This is a densi fan fic Hetty and the team travel to Washington to attend the funeral of a member of the NCIS team Paris branch and is met by the daughter of the decease...
  • skylar
  • ncisla
  • neric
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Love Conquers All (Completed) by densi_fangirl
Love Conquers All (Completed)by Densi_fangirl
Densi moments with my own twist. This is their story, their will be ups and downs, but in the end love conquers all
  • hetty
  • family
  • granger
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Mission 101 by Molly_Brookes
Mission 101by Molly L. Brookes
The team of NCIS:LA, have many problems and cases that they need to take on. Will the team be able to cope when their lives consist fully of drama after drama? Bad situa...
  • ncisla
  • hetty
  • sam
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Densi by DevynKP
Densiby Devyn
They have always done everything they can for each other, but what happens when they can't anymore. a/n: I watch this show so I know where Kensi is right now but this ha...
  • callen
  • hetty
  • sam
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Protect (Hawaii Five-O + NCISLA ,McRoll & Densi) by CeceFoy
Protect (Hawaii Five-O + NCISLA , Cece Foy
【NCISLA part starts from chapter 50】 Fiction main point: One lovely,normal morning, Catherine got a weird message. Everything change, McRoll are in danger. "I will...
  • densi
  • h5o
  • lovestory
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How did we get here? (densi fanfiction) by Densi-NCIS-LA
How did we get here? (densi Abbi
With everything going on Kensi and Deeks still haven't admitted their feelings to each other, how long until one breaks but can the other handle it without shutting down...
  • gcallen
  • keeks
  • ncislosangelesfanfic
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Multi-Fandom Oneshots: Timeless, NCIS LA, Chicago Fire by TheAngelBlinked
Multi-Fandom Oneshots: Timeless, Angela Mason Stone
Oneshots for the shows Timeless, NCIS LA, and Chicago Fire. All your favorite ships, all your craziest imagines, all your wildest dreams, and most definitely all your...
  • ncis
  • mattcasey
  • timeless
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NCIS Los Angeles one shots by F1icker
NCIS Los Angeles one shotsby F1icker
NCIS Los Angeles is my ultimate fave TV show and I have so many ideas for stories so here they all are...... Please enjoy! This cover took me ages to make *sigh*
  • ncisfanfiction
  • ncislosangeles
  • ncislosangelesfanfiction
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The story of Sam Mcgarrett  by mermaidlover25
The story of Sam Mcgarrett by Gabriell scott
Fifteen years after Steve Mcgarrett married Lin and had a beautiful daughter named Sam and a son named Daniel after his friend Dective Danny Williams and now what see ho...
  • stevemcgarrett
  • deeks
  • spencerreid
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Disappear by vmneyra
Disappearby Michelle Fuentes
Skyler Blye is abused by her mom and cheated on by her boyfriend. She moves in with her aunt Kensi Blye to avoid any more problems. When she thinks her life is over, Mik...
  • ncis
  • vic
  • piercetheveil
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Densi one-shots by juststories4you
Densi one-shotsby storytime
Short stories with Deeks and Kensi. Disclaimer: We don't own NCIS LA and the characters.
  • densi
  • deeks
  • kensiblye
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