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I Loved Her First by densi_fangirl
I Loved Her Firstby Densi_fangirl
After spending eight weeks playing the role of husband and wife, Deeks and Kensi's partnership took a drastic change The pair went from strangers to partners, from partn...
  • densifanfic
  • richardcastle
  • densibaby
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How did we get here? (densi fanfiction) by Densi-NCIS-LA
How did we get here? (densi Abbi
With everything going on Kensi and Deeks still haven't admitted their feelings to each other, how long until one breaks but can the other handle it without shutting down...
  • ncislosangelesfanfic
  • kensianddeeks
  • ncisla
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ncis: los angeles || one shots by moistquitoes
ncis: los angeles || one shotsby amanda
the title says it all. requests are open!
  • neric
  • ncislosangeles
  • gcallen
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NCIS LA: The New Member by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Memberby alexabg21
This is the first of many fanfic I will be writing for NCIS LA. Please comment even if it's bad. All Feedback is welcome.
  • densi
  • hettylange
  • nell
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Callen Has A Sister?!? by jessiemar850
Callen Has A Sister?!?by jessiemar850
My take on if Callen had a sister. I own none of the characters except the ones I create. All right go to CBS and the proper owners.
  • ericbeale
  • hettylange
  • martydeeks
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McGee Breaks//NCIS fanfic by iluvcows7
McGee Breaks//NCIS fanficby iluvcows7
Timothy McGee was always thought of the Probie, the underdog of the group. Going through a mid life crisis, he keeps quiet. But when he screws up part of a case, and get...
  • ncislosangeles
  • military
  • zivadavid
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uncle || peter hale by olethrus
uncle || peter haleby πόρνη
❝ we have more in common than you think scott ❞ [teen wolf] [season four] [female oc x peter hale]
  • liamdunbar
  • melissamccall
  • lydiamartin
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NCIS Los Angeles one shots by F1icker
NCIS Los Angeles one shotsby F1icker
NCIS Los Angeles is my ultimate fave TV show and I have so many ideas for stories so here they all are...... Please enjoy! This cover took me ages to make *sigh*
  • oneshots
  • ncislosangelesfanfiction
  • ncisla
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Next Generation Profiler by GradeAFan1
Next Generation Profilerby GradeAfan1
Krista is Dr. Spencer Reid's daughter, his wife Mackenzie died in a car crash years prior. After losing touch with close friends after her death, Krista never expected s...
  • deeks
  • specialagent
  • reid
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Look After You by moistquitoes
Look After Youby amanda
Kensi and Deeks are faced with many complications on the daily, but when Kensi returns from Afghanistan, post-torture, they are faced with the impossible.
  • ncislosangeles
  • kensiblye
  • martydeeks
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Daughter To Marty Deeks  by sidneycrosby1
Daughter To Marty Deeks by sidneycrosby1
Mia Deeks 8 year old daughter to Marty Deeks Ncis Los Angeles Season two-three
  • martydeeks
  • ncislosangeles
Family Matters [1] by sidneycrosby1
Family Matters [1]by sidneycrosby1
Maya Callen 6 year old daughter to Callen G Ncis Los Angeles: Season One-Two Book One of Maya Callen series
  • gcallen
  • ncislosangeles
NCIS LA: The New Member Part 2 by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Member Part 2by alexabg21
This is the second book to the NCIS LA series I am writing. If you have not read "NCIS LA: The New Member" this story may not make sense so please go read that...
  • calleng
  • neric
  • gcallen
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NCIS LA: The New Member Part 3 by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Member Part 3by alexabg21
This is Part 3 of my ongoing NCIS LA book series. Go read parts 1 and 2 before getting into 3.
  • densi
  • deeks
  • ncisfanfic
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Complex Just Got Easy... [NCIS: LA FanFic] by smol_mosher_child
Complex Just Got Easy... [NCIS: Møshï_Yøshï
When a young girl gets landed in the ICU after a drive-by shooting, the team wonders why they are brought in on the case, that is completely unrelated to the Navy. But...
  • lexie
  • gcallen
  • ncislosangeles
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The new piece of the puzzle  by cwalker2307
The new piece of the puzzle by cwalker2307
A new case at NCIS la has begun. Now a suspect has become a vital part of the case. How will this turn out
  • martydeeks
  • ncis
  • fanfiction
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One shots (NCIS) by libllama
One shots (NCIS)by Libbie S
Bunch of One Shots based of the CBS show NCIS and its spin-offs. Without further ado, enjoy.
  • ncisfanfiction
  • tiva
  • ncisla
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NCIS Short Stories by KrazyQueen13
NCIS Short Storiesby KC
A collection of short stories about NCIS and a couple of NCIS LA. Will update as creativity flows. PS- I WOULD LOVE IF YOU GAVE ME IDEAS!!
  • vance
  • callen
  • ncis
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Kensi Meets McGarrett by gillianlsteele
Kensi Meets McGarrettby Gill
The story of how Kensi and McGarrett meet and how it develops into something more. Some cameos with Joe White, Danno, Chin, Kono, Sam, Callen and Deeks
  • hawaii
  • ncislosangeles
  • gcallen
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melissa marie deeks by ncislosangeles123
melissa marie deeksby ncislosangeles123
  • kensi
  • densi
  • marraige
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