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No Ordinary Love - G.Callen NCIS L.A by justawomanthought
No Ordinary Love - G.Callen NCIS Just a thought 💭
Sometimes, people enter our lives with a purpose. Or In which Callen finds that he may no longer have to be a 'tribe of one'. Deja might have found a man that wouldn't h...
NCIS LA: The New Member by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Memberby Alexa
FBI and NCIS are working together on this case. An FBI informant joins the team to help. What could go wrong? What could go right? Action packed Love story. This is the...
Getting shot wasn't that bad in the end by just_me_4321
Getting shot wasn't that bad in just_me_4321
G Callen got shot once again. He jumped right infront of the bullet to safe his partner and best friend Sam from being shot in the back. The bullet hit his aorta right...
His kid by Enjoyinglife16
His kidby It’s me bitches
I'm a fan of NCIS. It's a mixed story between NCIS and NCIS:Los Angeles. No spoilers, just try it out, hope you like it. Enjoy :)
Not so normal case by just_me_4321
Not so normal caseby just_me_4321
G Callen as well as Eric Beale grew up in the foster system. One time they were in the same children's home as well as the foster home afterwards. With them however was...
The past comes back to haunt you by artisticwriter50
The past comes back to haunt youby artisticwriter50
Y/n works as an ncis agent but what happens when y/ns past comes back to haunt you? (Fem!reader) I don't own any characters or the reader I just own the story line
Callen Has a Niece?! by Batgirl21014
Callen Has a Niece?!by Sammi
This is just something I have been thinking about for a while. What if Callen had a brother and niece he didn't know about? What happens when he meets his niece? Will h...
NCIS x Reader by bastew5
NCIS x Readerby 1XKornKnot
This list contains the names of all the characters I have written about thus far: Leroy Jethro Gibbs Tony DiNozzo Timothy McGee Dwayne Pride Christopher LaSalla Sebastia...
When the past catches up by just_me_4321
When the past catches upby just_me_4321
When Callen and his team get another case, no one realizes what Problem Callen may run into. What if he has to decide between his current team, his family really, and hi...
Hidden family  by just_me_4321
Hidden family by just_me_4321
Everyone knew Hetty Lange as a bad ass. She would keep her privat live exactly that, privat. What happens when suddenly the secret about her family comes out? Everybody...
Who are you? by just_me_4321
Who are you?by just_me_4321
Gibbs adopted a troubled girl 8 years ago. He didn't tell anyone since she never did really good with a lot of people around. She was a foster kid since she was 3 years...
I Loved Her First by densi_fangirl
I Loved Her Firstby Densi_fangirl
After spending eight weeks playing the role of husband and wife, Deeks and Kensi's partnership took a drastic change The pair went from strangers to partners, from partn...
Densi - Baby Blye Deeks  by nellytheelephant99
Densi - Baby Blye Deeks by ncislafan_
Kensi finally finds out she is having a baby after a rough journey of trying with husband Marty Deeks, though Kensi is kidnapped by fellow inmate David Kessler. We final...
NCIS LA: The New Member Part 2 by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Member Part 2by Alexa
The ongoing adventures of NCIS LA: The New Member. Now an NCIS agent, Alexa works alongside the team to solve cases. What could go wrong? What could go right? Action pac...
melissa marie deeks by ncislosangeles123
melissa marie deeksby ncislosangeles123
Densi, the story by ncis2828
Densi, the storyby Kelsey Sutherland
A book about kensi and deeks. I'm starting this where deeks has been there for almost six months and I'm not using the ideas of the actual series.
Who To Love by alexabg21
Who To Loveby Alexa
A love triangle between some NCIS LA coworkers gets complicated on this very interesting case. NOT part of the storyline for NCIS LA: The New Member. The original chara...
New friends? Or old friends? by just_me_4321
New friends? Or old friends?by just_me_4321
G Callen along with his team were once again after some arms dealer. What none of them were expecting though, is the fact that another team is already on this specific c...
The real LOVE STOY by densimyworld
The real LOVE STOYby densimyworld
Kensi and Deeks figure out their feelings through out the book. Some major things happen in this. Their love maybe kept a secret from the rest of the team they might en...
How did we get here? (densi fanfiction) by Densi-NCIS-LA
How did we get here? (densi Abbi
With everything going on Kensi and Deeks still haven't admitted their feelings to each other, how long until one breaks but can the other handle it without shutting down...