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Let it be Known -Samchel by PwincessGrier17
Let it be Known -Samchelby PwincessGrier17
Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson decided to take a break what happen when Sam Evans steps in? what happens when Rachel finds out Shelby hid the fact that she had another dau...
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Gone Girl by NatalieMccarthy1982
Gone Girlby Natalie Mccarthy
After reaching her breaking point Rachel Berry decides to commit suicide but what happens when she is rescued and goes back to school . Can her friends fix her or is Rac...
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In my Arms by Hannabal
In my Armsby Hannabal
Rachel knew living in a bad neighbourhood wasn't ideal, but you're always safe in the arms of th person you live.
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Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun by brittana126
Secrets, Secrets Are No Funby brittana126
Brittana Fanfiction Will the secret relationship of Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Pierce come out?
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Lovely wishes by Lapdancefostories
Lovely wishesby Lapdancefostories
A Brittana fanfic
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Imagination Is Endless (Random One Shots) by kimmyann123
Imagination Is Endless (Random Kimberly McMaster
A bunch of random one shots. One shot refers to fan fictions, which means that the fan fiction is one chapter long and will not be continued. Some about band members, so...
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Broken Serenity by OverTheKlainebow
Broken Serenityby Sammy Warbler (Occasionally c...
Rachel Berry was a perfectly healthy, until she discovered she had stage two cancer. She swears to beat it so she can go to New York. She keeps it secret from the glee...
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Chasing the Bad Boy by musicallife15
Chasing the Bad Boyby Lilly maiale
It's been a few years since Finn and Rachel got together. It's now two years after senior year, and Finn and Rachel went their separate ways. Finn stayed in Lima, follo...
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Seasons Of Love by NatalieMccarthy1982
Seasons Of Loveby Natalie Mccarthy
"Five Hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes . 1 year , 2 people but a million memories to last a life time. From Winter to Autumn , 24 hours, 60 minutes...
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When Life Gives You Lemons by NatalieMccarthy1982
When Life Gives You Lemonsby Natalie Mccarthy
A work obsessed Finn Hudson life is turned upside down after his pregnant wifes death during childbirth. Now six years later Finn Hudson is a single father to Grace Huds...
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Kurtbastian secrets by biebztomusic
Kurtbastian secretsby biebztomusic
Kurt and Sebastian have been dating before Klaine. Burt is the only one who knows besides the Smythe family. Both of the boys loose all trust in their friends and Finn...
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The Secrets and Lies of Finn Hudson by NatalieMccarthy1982
The Secrets and Lies of Finn Hudsonby Natalie Mccarthy
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Our story by thefuturewriters2
Our storyby Sydney and Natalie
Set in season 3 Finn leaves Rachel at the train station so she can follow her dreams 5 years later Rachel is super famous and she decides its time to come home for a l...
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Life Unexpected 2 by NatalieMccarthy1982
Life Unexpected 2by Natalie Mccarthy
After 3 months of being away on tour , Rachel and Sophia come back home to unexpected suprises. When Rachel finds out something about Finn will her and Finns relationsh...
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You're The One That I Want (Finn Hudson) by jaysweet112197
You're The One That I Want (Finn Jay
Blaine Anderson's cousin decided to transfer to William McKinley after hearing how accepting their Glee Club was. Brooke Anderson happens to catch the eye of a certain f...
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Love is Love, Man... by alemonte13
Love is Love, alemonte13
Blaine needs to decide wether to move give it all he's got or bail on his relationship. Times are difficult, loving may get scary. One Shot of fluffiness.
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Kyder (A glee Fan Fiction) by anotherhipsta
Kyder (A glee Fan Fiction)by anotherhipsta
Ryder and Kitty have recently discovered some mutal feelings they have for each other. But will the feelings blossom, or will an online secret admirer ruin the realation...
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Invest in love  by Darkdanniel
Invest in love by Olivia
Finn and Rachel have their up and downs but they've been together through it all with some break ups and a teen pregnancy?? Read to find out in invest in love And yes th...
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