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Neil Is love Neil is life by Neil_Breen
Neil Is love Neil is lifeby NeilBreenFanClub
A poem dedicated to Neil Breen. The lord, the saviour, Neil Breen...
H位lf Life F位nfiction - The Seven Hour W位r (unfinished) by LAMBDA
H位lf Life F位nfiction - The Seven LAMBDA
In 2001 the Black Mesa Incident occurred, the world was never the same again... Set in the early 21st Century, Earth now under a Xen-world transformation is slowly adap...
Kidnapped (Star Trek) by project_paperclip7
Kidnapped (Star Trek)by You look like Robin Williams...
A non Klingon born child is raised on Qo'nos. She is stolen and gievn to the most dangerous alien races, sculpting her to be the perfect weapon. Though being raised Klin...
A date with Neil Breen by Neil_Breen
A date with Neil Breenby NeilBreenFanClub
y/n (your name) found the perfect man on Tinder. It turned out to be a god-like figure named Neil Breen. Enjoy your date!
May Those Prophets Guide Your Way by SherlockGurrrl999
May Those Prophets Guide Your Wayby Aylis Oomen
Deep Space Nine, but without the Dominion War and crazy Breen. Only crazy Cardassians, if that makes sense? Enjoy the story! One warning however: there are some opinions...
The tale of Adrianna and Bree by bookremixs
The tale of Adrianna and Breeby bookremixs
This is about two twins,Adrianna and Bree. They are best friends and sisters. But what will happen when one magical event. leads to a horrible destroy?
Wider Than the Sargasso Sea by jespah
Wider Than the Sargasso Seaby jespah
Can former enemies work together? A Star Trek: DS9/VOY Universe fan fiction. A widow of the Dominion War, and her daughter, have to learn to live with the Breen, their...
Fanfic Chaos by FinityWolf
Fanfic Chaosby FinityWolf
The only fanfics you'll ever need or want.
Breenius Quotes by Neil_Breen
Breenius Quotesby NeilBreenFanClub
The most Breeniest quotes our lord and saviour Neil Breen has said from every movie.
This wasn't how he thought his life would go. It was only one Halloween party; one of the only times he could truly be himself and not be judged by the humans. But why...
( The Broken Playboy) Meet Roman Daniel's, The sexy, smart ass, rich, ladies man type of guy. The type of guy who could get what he wants any time, anywhere if not by f...
Hold Your Dominion  {Star Trek Fan Fiction}  by jespah
Hold Your Dominion {Star Trek jespah
One of the major battles of the Dominion War was the attack on Earth, by the Breen, on October tenth, 2375. Millions of human lives were lost. One of those was Michael N...