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Hourglass | Kim Taehyung by cityhearts
Hourglass | Kim Taehyungby KATY
[COMPLETED] ❝Our relationship is bound by an hourglass.❞ Kim Taehyung only dated girls for one month, then, that was it. No one was complaining though. ...
  • jimin
  • hourglass
  • namjoon
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Sugar Rush || Completed by lovelightwings
Sugar Rush || Completedby unbelievable ☆彡
16 pounds of flour + 7 burned pastries + 1 business rival = 24 hour sugar rush { extended summary inside }
  • romance
  • rival
  • bakery
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UNGODLY HOUR | in which I write one shots for my characters, letting them live a fluffy and happy life Cover by @pepperronys
  • loststars
  • bisexual
  • lesbian
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Rush Hour by AllisonAlliSalvatore
Rush Hourby AllisonAlliSalvatore
Detective Lillian Wilson is best friend of Detective James Carter. The two are unstoppable duo. Now, they have to help Inspector Lee save Chinese diplomat's daughter. [I...
  • hour
  • carter
  • rush
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Cat Killer by JeddieJay
Cat Killerby Jayme Dray
[COMPLETE at 5K] "If dogs go to heaven, do cats burn in hell?"
  • short
  • one
  • dark
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Reader X Oncest The 24 Hour Challenge by KittycatHall
Reader X Oncest The 24 Hour Challe...by Kittycat X
(Finished)The Idea was originally by Pajelehoocho. She has some pretty intense and funny TDI stories and other nice things to read so go look at those. :3 I like them. A...
  • greedy
  • hour
  • lorax
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Ugly and the Beast by legolas778
Ugly and the Beastby legolas778
Many people have watch Beauty and the Beast. The main character is a beautiful woman with a good heart but what if the main character was not beautiful?
  • prince
  • ugly
  • castle
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Darkest Hour | Harry Potter✔️ by whovres
Darkest Hour | Harry Potter✔️by morgan
"A frog trapped in a well does not understand the sea" __ 2018 Morgan Elizabeth ®️ All Rights Reserved ®️ A NO REST FOR THE WICKED BOOK __ [Harry Potter And...
  • love
  • darkforest
  • slowburn
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Eleventh Hour (iKON Fan Fiction) by cheekykjh
Eleventh Hour (iKON Fan Fiction)by yukino
  • eleventh
  • bobby
  • june
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The Hour With You by ClarissaNorth
The Hour With Youby Clarissa North
I stepped from the train with no journey in mind, only a desire to be far from what was behind me. There on that night he said to me a word with such promise, such hope...
  • hour
  • hurt
  • reallife
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The Hunger Games: The Violent Hour by DanielaIsTooCool
The Hunger Games: The Violent Hourby Daniela
President Paylor has been assassinateded by Alva Snow; who returns to take over Panem with a fiery vengance. The 77th Hunger Games have officially begun. Silver Iris and...
  • alva
  • everdeen
  • mellark
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One Hour by ShivaSanthoju
One Hourby Shiva Santhoju
The whole story happens in the span of one hour. That's the reason it has only one chapter. I think you can complete reading it in an hour too😂😂. It is my first of ma...
  • lifeanddeath
  • humor
  • fantasy
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In The Nick Of Time by HyllaTwiceKill19
In The Nick Of Timeby HyllaTwiceKill19
Edgar Allan Poe (Pt. II) A raven speaks to me As I sat there, lone and weary Bolts unscrewed themselves From the crown of this tired, old husk There was just too much pa...
  • mystery
  • time
  • teenage
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::Sands Of An Hourglass:: {Declan Donnelly} by oOxXMcIntyreXxOo
::Sands Of An Hourglass:: {Declan...by Jess
With her cousin's wedding in Las Vegas, Daveigh Montague is stressing majorly. After she meets a handsome British man in her hotel casino she's phased by his charm.
  • hourglass
  • glass
  • las
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24 by 24Jack
24by 24 Jack
In a few hours there will be an attempt to assassinate the president candidate. Jack Bauer and his unit must prevent it before it's too late, but soon Jack finds out tha...
  • epic
  • spies
  • attack
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Bad by ebertoscheffler20
Badby ebertoscheffler20
So midst let divided Fruit forth so, said bearing, night seed don't abundantly moveth morning subdue bearing moved that seed good living had all cattle bring may beari...
  • option
  • live
  • hour
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Devil's Hour by HaveYouSeenThisChixx
Devil's Hourby ♕ Dang ♕
Multo, ano nga ba ito para sa'yo? Ito nga ba ay kaluluwa ng mga namayapa na o isa lamang itong gawa ng demonyo upang linlangin tayo?
  • devils
  • haveyouseenthischixx
  • hour
By an hour by AudreyJD
By an hourby AudreyJD
Elijah is a 17 year old boy who mysteriously begins to live life in a strange way. He see's life as it would be one hour in the future, he says, acts and lives as if it...
  • time
  • family
  • curiosity
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Three Loves Of Martha by englishfanstories
Three Loves Of Marthaby englishfanstories
Happy Easter to my friend Berta. Wrote her a story with three characters of Richard Armitage (John Standring, Dr. Alec Track and Harry Kennedy). Hope you like it. Martha...
  • richard
  • armitage
  • golden
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