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Co-Captains (Star trek fan fic) by alliekatt314
Co-Captains (Star trek fan fic)by alliekatt314
Intro is first page
  • jimkirk
  • startrek
  • spockxoc
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Star Trek Reader Inserts by KobayashiMarue
Star Trek Reader Insertsby Ann
I kinda like doing these reader insert/one shot things so I thought to give this a try. Complete! For now??? I will not be doing any smut what so ever and no boyxboy or...
  • love
  • bones
  • spock
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Experiments by Queen-Ripper
Experimentsby Queen-Ripper
There was once a secret group of experiments. A group of 72 Augments. They were all ruthless, killing machines, and five times stronger than a human being. A perfect war...
  • rovan
  • spock
  • james
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Ruined Future by Charlie_Harrison1806
Ruined Futureby Charlie Harrison
I felt my jaw drop at the baritone voice I had missed for so long. Kirk turned to look at me as did Khan, Khan's entire demeanour changed when he saw me. "Keep an e...
  • startrek
  • mycrfotholmes
  • bbc
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The Human And The Vulcan  by annapink3
The Human And The Vulcan by A.M.P
Annabelle grew up on vulcan with her adopted family. Her best friend is spock. The do everything together. Including joining starfleet together. When vulcan is attacked...
  • trek
  • spock
  • startrek
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One-shot Collection: Star Trek by MrsE_TheDreamQueen
One-shot Collection: Star Trekby MrsE_TheDreamQueen
This book is going to be a collection of random OneShots that won't be in any particular order, Hope you enjoy! :) (I do accept requests for any character or slash) :D
  • scotty
  • spock
  • leonard
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Boarding Cassandra ( A Star Trek Fanfic) by crazydaydreamer411
Boarding Cassandra ( A Star Trek crazydaydreamer411
Cassandra is just a girl who wants to become a Medical Officer like Dr.McCoy, and she gets to board the U.S.S Enterprise as an apprentice of the Chief Medical Officer. A...
  • starfleet
  • sci-fi
  • khan
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Multi-Fandom Oneshots by lydiaofthefallen
Multi-Fandom Oneshotsby Fallen Author
X Reader Oneshots for many, many fandoms! Requests are open!
  • imagines
  • marvel
  • malereader
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A Captain And A Madman by RazielZonoran
A Captain And A Madmanby Joel O'Connor
En route to an urgent humanitarian mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise D stumbles upon a strange sight; a blue, wooden box stranded in the middle of Federation territory, mot...
  • picard
  • doctor-who
  • the-next-generation
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Fandom One Shots by Deathdujour
Fandom One Shotsby QueenofNeverland
Collection of small one shots about various fandoms. Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Hawaii5-0, The Originals, Star Trek, Supernatural, The...
  • gotham
  • onceuponatime
  • dc
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Fandom One Shots Book Two by Deathdujour
Fandom One Shots Book Twoby QueenofNeverland
Collection of small one shots about various fandoms. Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Hawaii5-0, The Originals, Star Trek, Supernatural, The...
  • bluebloods
  • supernatural
  • jamesbond
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→ gif imagines & oneshots of fictional characters and celebrities requests are: ↳ [x] open !!! [ ] closed
  • fandom
  • ouat
  • gotham
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Star Trek Imagines by PurpleTrekkie
Star Trek Imaginesby Khan
Used to be boyfriend scenarios book. I turned it into an imagines book.
  • spock
  • jameskirk
  • uss
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STARSTRUCK | Jim Kirk by iamhalscy
STARSTRUCK | Jim Kirkby ˗ˏˋ alex ˎˊ˗
"you changed him, noah" > in which a playboy changes for the girl of his dreams [star trek reboots] [three books in one]
  • star
  • kirk
  • bonesmccoy
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Fandom Imagines by MistahJs_Harley
Fandom Imaginesby Harley♦️🃏
Imagines and one shots that I have written because I needed to. Requests are open and welcome because I really enjoy writing! There is only one thing I WILL NOT write an...
  • dccomics
  • dean
  • avengers
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A Kestrel for a Star (Star Trek fanfiction) by Tinytotsmc
A Kestrel for a Star (Star Trek Tinytot
Kestrel Stibbons is part of an extinct race and trying to keep her head down and work her way up through Starfleet . . . but being friends with Jim Kirk means life is ne...
  • fanfic
  • kestrel
  • installment
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Star Trek Imagines (Reader Inserts) by garden_of_stories
Star Trek Imagines (Reader Inserts)by Jenn
I write for all main characters and some secondary characters from every series except TOS. Nearly all of my writing will be clean, and I will put warnings if they are N...
  • startrekimagine
  • startrekdeepspacenine
  • startrekds9
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100 More One Shots ✔️ by susiephalange
100 More One Shots ✔️by susie ♡
There's just something about fictional characters that makes you want to be in the story with them. Well, here in this book, you can! In here, you get to read about your...
  • startrek
  • supernatural
  • teenwolf
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Star Trek: A Cold Heart ( Khan x Reader) by AnnaSkywalkerHolmes
Star Trek: A Cold Heart ( Khan x Anna Skywalker Holmes
You have finally been sent to be on the enterprise. For years you tried to get on that star ship, but Star fleet always declined your application until now. Even though...
  • startrek
  • khanxreader
  • cumberbatch
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Star Trek Reader Inserts by Whovian3135
Star Trek Reader Insertsby ғᴀɴɢɪʀʟ
[COMPLETE; EDITING] Just some Star Trek reader inserts for reboot and Wesley Crusher from TNG. Nothing inappropriate included. PARTS 2 AND 3 ARE UP!! DISCLAIMER: I do...
  • startrekreaderinserts
  • reboot
  • startrek2009
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