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Dead Soup  by TimeAngelLOL
Dead Soup by Sage
Rody goes back to working for Vince after Manon never answered him, he still needed the job after all. He slowly forms a friendship with Vince, and eventually tells him...
desires || ryomen sukuna ✓ by icametolaughatyou
desires || ryomen sukuna ✓by ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
yandere!sukuna x reader jujutsu kaisen fanfiction - "supreme deities? gods? lords? kings? why would you worship these beings when you're bowing to me?"
Wanna Play? (Fem!Chucky x Male Reader) by Thebrony0921
Wanna Play? (Fem!Chucky x Male 2KGaming_YT
You receive a package and get a surprise... (This is my first story.... so... probably cringe ahead..)
The Dark Monster  by Izzayy_k
The Dark Monster by Izzayy k
This is the story of a simple, kind and innocent girl, Flora Williams who lives with her father in a small village living a very peaceful life with no worries but then a...
Patrick Bateman x reader by savannabhg
Patrick Bateman x readerby Schlattswife
You Y/N, 19 we're at a bar in a new town got asked to take a job as a secretary for Paul Allen since he fired his and you were very good looking, having no idea how this...
the calm and the storm || namikaze minato ✓ by icametolaughatyou
the calm and the storm || ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
Yandere!Minato x Reader It all started back in the academy. She was an ordinary soon-to-be ninja who had just moved to the village, and he was the one who took notice of...
 yandere || naruto shippuden by icametolaughatyou
yandere || naruto shippudenby ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
naruto yandere one-shot book x reader only
The Backrooms (Anime Harem X Male Reader) by Huyhuynh4061
The Backrooms (Anime Harem X Hhuynh24
(Y/N): "Madness can't escape...eternity...but monsters are there." There is no escape...It is eternity in there...It is hell & madness. (Y/N) (L/N) was son of...
infinity || gojo satoru by icametolaughatyou
infinity || gojo satoruby ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
No matter how many lives you both live, he will always fall for you even if you don't fall for him. Yandere ! Gojo Satoru x Reader
sweet addiction || ryomen sukuna ✓ by icametolaughatyou
sweet addiction || ryomen sukuna ✓by ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
ryomen sukuna x reader jujutsu kaisen fanfiction _________________________ "was it the taste of human flesh, or was it the taste of the love instead?"
World War X (male hedgehog/hybrid reader x fem Sonic characters) by Marc.S by MarcS91
World War X (male hedgehog/ MarcS91
(First story all characters are 18 and up. Huge Warning blood and gore details are in this story.) Y/n the hedgehog was living his life to the fullest. Going on adventur...
erased || dottore ✓ by icametolaughatyou
erased || dottore ✓by ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
"WELL, AREN'T YOU JUST A FLOWER AMONG WEEDS, MY DARLING," finding an injured and broken man out in the middle of the woods wasn't usually a good sign, but y/n...
Winston Academy ✅ by TheOfficalTruth
Winston Academy ✅by 𝚃𝚁𝚄𝚃𝙷
Winston Academy [Book 1 Of The Blood War Chronicles] [Description] The wind blow, snow fell heavily as the light of the moon showed the bloody scene that was left in tha...
here || uchiha obito ✓ by icametolaughatyou
here || uchiha obito ✓by ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
Yandere!Obito x Reader Y/n is a girl who knew the hospital all too well, and Obito was a ninja who wanted to be Hokage. Ever since Obito met her when they were little he...
Star Side by LoweFantasy
Star Sideby T.S. Lowe
Joleen hopes to forget everything on the fringes of space. Even if she decided to turn back home, everyone who knows her back on Earth will be dead, and that's probably...
wildest dreams ━ rick grimes × male!oc by inkyharu
wildest dreams ━ rick grimes × ɪɴᴋ ༄
Rick wakes to the hazy memory of Carl crying beside his bed, Shane placing his grandmother's blue vase filled with flowers onto the bedside table and an omega peering do...
📻RadioApple🍎 by SleepypizzaTvT
📻RadioApple🍎by mari
🍎Radioapple story📻🎶 After the fight with Adam, and successfully winning! Lucifer decided to stay at the hotel to spend more time with his daughter Charlie. while also...
Resident Evil: The Merciless Blacklight (Harem X Male Reader) by Huyhuynh406
Resident Evil: The Merciless Hhuynh24
(Y/N): "My name is (Y/N) Mercer....I'm the reason for all of this...they called me monster, killer, abomination, Satan, and Devil....I'm all of these things." ...
First Light of a New Age by TIMEMASTER101
First Light of a New Ageby Artemis099
In a distant realm, rampant corruption and chaos exist. Slavery, rape, murder, and discrimination against the weak were all but common. The magically superior people tra...
she loves me || giyuu tomioka ✓ by icametolaughatyou
she loves me || giyuu tomioka ✓by ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
To which, as always, Shinobu tells Giyuu that no one likes him, and he finally argues back that someone does like him- no. That someone loves him. And that would be his...