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welcome to the scouts mr mercer ( prototype reader x aot) by blood-viper
welcome to the scouts mr mercer ( blood-viper
I do not own any images or anything in this story you were just playing some prototype on the pc when something happened and now your in your favourite anime with alex m...
An evolved at remnant by poserdragon
An evolved at remnantby poserdragon
In this story you are Alex mercer's son and have the same powers. You have no semblance and your powers are your weapons Read more to find out RWBY belongs to rooster te...
[Prototype Uzumaki] by Comethazel
[Prototype Uzumaki]by Comet Hazel
It was destined that on the day that the second jinchuriki of the Kyūbi no Kitsune would birth three children but only one is destined for peace or destruction after Min...
Prototype of Hades by BlackFlame498
Prototype of Hadesby BackFlame498
Garett Mercer was the grandchild of Alex Mercer. The "Man" that killed millions of people, infected the city with a huge virus. Alex could of had power, wealth...
Iruma the Prototype by VortexMainpulator
Iruma the Prototypeby VortexMainpulator
What if Iruma was a genetic experiment gone wrong, not even having a concept of friend or family not knowing what a smile was, a mindless killing machine, less than hum...
Divine Resonance by BraveArmament
Divine Resonanceby BraveArmament
She had expected her journey to end, to fade away into the void as nothing more than a mere echo-to keep watch over mankind as she stood waiting within the Throne of Her...
Blacklight Resurgence (Male!Reader X Marvel) by TheObserverOfWorld5
Blacklight Resurgence (Male! TheObserverOfWorld5
Given his mother's last name to protect him Y/n L/n originally Y/n mercer is the son of Alex Mercer a man that gave many superheroes a run for their money. After he was...
Prototype: Isekai'd by Peaceful7890
Prototype: Isekai'dby
After experiencing a strange, bizarre event back at his home, our MC must now face challenges that might lead to his demise. Gifted with powers that make him appear mons...
A monster among outcasts (Wednesday X Male Reader) by yuchi15fdf
A monster among outcasts ( yuchi15fdf
What would happen if a monster joined Nevermore...... Want to know well read it. I don't own Wednesday or Prototype just the story
Gunpla across the Multiverse (Build Divers Re:RISE Self-Insert/OC  X Crossover) by LockeLynx
Gunpla across the Multiverse ( (Not Relavent)
Noah was just a normal guy and an otaku from the United States. He loved anime, video games and art, but most of all, he had a love for Gunpla. Now he finally gets a cha...
reincarnated in the boys ( the boys x make prototype reader) by blood-viper
reincarnated in the boys ( the blood-viper
I have seen nother story like this but I thought I'd do my own version After death you were given black light powers and were transferd to the boys world. now your top o...
The Indoraptor and A Girl  ✔️ by belaserednickis
The Indoraptor and A Girl ✔️by bela
Sequel to The Indominus Rex and a Girl (I recommend to read it before reading this book) -------- [Not edited] This is the follow-up story after the events in the Jurras...
Crimson Gold by DragonLord39
Crimson Goldby DragonLord39
My name is Ryan Mercer. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist. I'm all of these things. 10 years ago, they took me and turned me into what I am today. Now I hunt...
Third is the one that tries their best. (Prototype Brothers/Sister AU and angst) by av3srealx
Third is the one that tries Aves
basically the three prototypes Luca, Leroy, and Lou were just existing, until Lou gets redesigned and is a monstrosity!! (Plus this was before Lou met Ox) and Luca and L...
Monsters together (Lucy x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Monsters together (Lucy x child Reaper-fire
A monster That's what they call her, she's killed hundreds of not thousands She has nothing left, until she met a child. She saw that she wasn't the only monster. What...
Project Prototype ( Male Reader x Rwby Harem.) by SkullOfTheDeaths
Project Prototype ( Male Reader SkulloftheDeath
Years after the event of Prototype. But Prototype 2 never happened. Alex founded the perfect woman for him. But atlas his pain repeats as the one he loved was killed by...
Highschool Prototype by Tetrazora
Highschool Prototypeby Tetrazora
This is a fan fiction I created from taking the anime Highschool of the dead and combining it with parts of the videogame Prototype. It's based on an original Character...
My Virus Academia by Blaz3Raven
My Virus Academiaby Blaz3Raven
With the age of quirks well and truly started, some scientists have thought that bio engineering a virus to make it that even quirkless people will have powers would be...
just a prototype. by OFFICIALNeedleBFDI
just a Nobody Special
"...I've been hated, abandoned, used as everyone's test dummy, replaced and ignored for long enough!" Robotboy's older brother was just seen as a failed protot...