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Mated to the Warg by JeanineCroft
Mated to the Wargby Jeanine 🇿🇦 Croft
Rowan has lead a sheltered life. Always safe, and always cloistered behind the walls of the Iron Girdle. Beyond the wall, everything is to be feared. The outland is full...
Married to the Villainous Duke by RaeAnhedoniac
Married to the Villainous Dukeby RaeAnhedoniac
After getting hit by a truck, she wakes up in the world of a romance novel and becomes the wife of the story's villainous duke. The only way she hopes to survive is by m...
The Lost Heiress by StylesFluffyHair
The Lost Heiressby Meli
In the most unexpected of ways, Tajana encounters her past after years of having put it behind. With her life turned upside down, she finds herself with not only her own...
The Wandering God by greydaygirl
The Wandering Godby Grey
*FEATURED* Ao is a wrathful, ravenous former god trapped in a human body and sentenced to roam the Inner Empire for all eternity. Eternity is rather dull, until she mee...
The Crown Prince's Bodyguard by Kim_Knights
The Crown Prince's Bodyguardby Kim
When a prince is involved in a near death experience, he is saved by a mysterious person. With a grateful heart, he employs the man to be his bodyguard and keeps him clo...
දන්නවද..... හීන තියනවා.... සමහරවෙලාවට හැබෑ වෙනකන් සුන්දර උනාට.... ඒ හීනෙම යතාර්තයක් උනයින් පස්සෙ... වේදනාවක් විතරක්ම උරුම වෙන..... හරියටම ....මගෙ අශියෑන් වගේ...... ලාන්...
The Golden Flower (#1 in the GOLDEN series) ✔ by StephRose1201
The Golden Flower (#1 in the GOLDE...by Stephanie Rose
**WATTY'S 2018 LONGLIST** **WATTPAD HQ EDITOR'S PICK 02/25/21 to 03/31/21** *FEATURED in Historical Fantasy on WattpadHistoricalRomance page!* ***This entire book is FRE...
The Golden Duchess (#3 in the GOLDEN series) ✔ by StephRose1201
The Golden Duchess (#3 in the GOLD...by Stephanie Rose
♦YOU MUST HAVE READ THE PREQUEL, THE GOLDEN GIRL, TO READ THIS BOOK!♦ Mild spoilers in blurb--YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ••• Following their actions in The Golden Girl, Margu...
The Golden Girl (#2 in the GOLDEN series) ✔ by StephRose1201
The Golden Girl (#2 in the GOLDEN...by Stephanie Rose
A Servant Lost (Alys Book #1) by BriaVangau
A Servant Lost (Alys Book #1)by Bria Vangau
Alys is an unwanted servant trying to live by any means possible in a land that is threatened by wars and conflict. With no memory of her childhood or early youth, Alys...
Blue Blood by NoonaB25
Blue Bloodby
*smut -historical Fantasy like... -action? To my best knowledge -romance -jikook... obviously. +note: there are flashbacks and it maybe confusing sometimes... sorry ab...
Illegitimate || Tokyo Revengers by rengako
Illegitimate || Tokyo Revengersby 𝐑𝐢𝐨𝐧.
❝You're nothing but a stupid illegitimate child.❞ IN WHICH ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ You were born as the bastard child of a palace servant and the Emperor. What happens when disaster str...
The Gentleman's Thief by LinaCage
The Gentleman's Thiefby Lina Cage
Ostracized by society as unmarriageable, the rich and handsome Kenrick Ramden must find love using unconventional means. When a thief returns his stolen belongings, he f...
Tears of Heaven by OddlyKnight
Tears of Heavenby T. P KNIGHT
↹↹ What is a God? Whatever it is Sheílíng didn't ask to be one. Wild and adventurous at heart, Sheílíng has no patience for the rules of the Pantheon or its rulers. How...
String of Fate || Taehyung FF by SilverFictions
String of Fate || Taehyung FFby Silver⁷
"You must be mistaken, I'm not a princess. I'm a commoner, a medic." "She is my sister." "I love her..." In which a common girl is asked to...
The Hunt ✓ by nari_elle
The Hunt ✓by Ronna Anders
Not everyone has the chance to choose whom their lives are spent with. Eun Seong Ri, a clumsy, childish, crazy and funny commoner grows up under the shadow of her hatefu...
Origin: Rooted Within by WOLF-ACE
Origin: Rooted Withinby ALPHA-PEN ORIGINAL
[#undiscoveredgem APRIL 2022] This Book is published by [ MegaNovel ] Exclusively. A dark and evil tribe, belonging to the magical order of men, disappears from the surf...
Those Lovely Shards (BXB) by sarcasticoffeelover5
Those Lovely Shards (BXB)by Anne Peralta
**When Bridgerton meets Once upon a time in a compelling historical fantasy.** Everyone knows the elite and the working-class don't mix. Royal princes and noble ladies w...
hawk & sable by nyxiekitsune
hawk & sableby ( karlie )
SOMEONE'S BEEN PASSING ON GOVERNMENT INTEL TO THE ENEMY, AND THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED FAST. And hence, Cirinique Diao, spy and debutante has been put on the case. With he...
𝓖𝓸𝓵𝓭𝓮𝓷 𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓲𝓷~ ᴡᴍᴍᴀᴘ... by Lavxndcr
𝓖𝓸𝓵𝓭𝓮𝓷 𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓲𝓷~ ᴡᴍᴍᴀᴘ...by ╰┈➤ ❝ [Sandix] ❞
내 복수의 법칙... 당신을 죽일 것입니다, 아버지 Golden chains around her heart, as she recalls the mistakes she made in the past. Loving a father that shows the signs that she will not be...