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Sans War by AnnSepino
Sans Warby Ann Sepino
"Once upon an island, two warriors learned to love." In the realm beyond where humans live, the Bunog and Tayhu have been warring over trade routes and territo...
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Blue Blood by NoonaB25
Blue Bloodby
*smut -historical Fantasy like... -action? To my best knowledge -romance -jikook... obviously. +note: there are flashbacks and it maybe confusing sometimes... sorry ab...
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Chosen by HeatherWampler
Chosenby HLWampler
Chosen when a child, Lady Joselyn is trained to be a ruthless killer. She is destined to be the English king's assassin and protector. Only he and the guild master are s...
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The Girl and The Dragon {COMPLETED✅} by DragonGirl_97
The Girl and The Dragon {COMPLETED...by K. Montagner
'My lungs struggled under the influx of fumes. Wracking coughs shook my frame and my knees buckled underneath me. Bent over, heaving, spluttering, as the wings unfurled...
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The Hidden Beauty ✔️ by _amedei_Porcelana_01
The Hidden Beauty ✔️by Strage🖤
Cover credit goes to @RiddhiRajput07 Anika Singh rajput , A warrior Princess with dark complexion beautifull features forced to sent to Shivay Singh Rathode as his war p...
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The Varied Path by NotchesAndBullets
The Varied Pathby Notches and Bullets
Shin-ah x OC "I told you once, a long time ago, that you would have to choose which lives to save." Steel eyes flashed in the moonlight. "You choose to sa...
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The Book of Qaram | Open Novella Contest by MiloNelakho
The Book of Qaram | Open Novella C...by Milo Nelakho
Qaram was born with the royal blood of the sirens, but she taught herself to sing Death. Haunted by the coup that wiped out most of her family in an afternoon, Qaram ret...
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Doorways by lamyles
Doorwaysby lamyles
Taylen is loving her first year of college until a routine drive home catapults her into a medieval land where trust is a luxury she can no longer afford. Alone in a lan...
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The Golden Princess (#4 in the GOLDEN series) ✔ by StephRose1201
The Golden Princess (#4 in the GOL...by Stephanie Rose
♦YOU MUST HAVE READ THE PREQUEL, THE GOLDEN DUCHESS, TO READ THIS BOOK!♦ BEWARE--spoilers in this blurb, for those who have not read previous books! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...
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Dead Queens by fireduels
Dead Queensby irya
Dead queens are of no use to anybody. It's an open secret that there is a Curse lingering in the Imperial Palace of Shuang. Every six months, the most powerful woman of...
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A Song for Dawn by Zayn_Martin
A Song for Dawnby Zayn Martin
⭐️#10 in Historical Fantasy In the region of Ain Ghalia, trouble had been brewing, the shadows are whispering once more, and supernatural forces are awakening from a lon...
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Kaka Iba by CatAccTre
Kaka Ibaby Catastrophic Accidents Treated
Kaka Iba is a place where you go wild with everything that you desire. So wild that every dream you have been dreaming ends up being your own reality. The place where yo...
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Irragin- The last Harpy by Starlitkitsune
Irragin- The last Harpyby Starlitkitsune
Merlin had a normal life, he lives in a quiet town called Irragin. Merlin lives with their parents Emily and Sam at the edge of a forest. From their house, they have a v...
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Seeking Alister by nive1403
Seeking Alisterby nive1403
she is the the princess of gatrish kingdom who don't want to get married so, she escaped. what will happen when she was the one to save the wizarding world from the enem...
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The Purpose of Miss Shepley by ArdenBrooks
The Purpose of Miss Shepleyby Arden Brooks
It is the fourth day of Bloomsmonth, year 526 of the Common Reckoning, and away in the war-tattered Barony of Ewert, Edith Shepley is dressing for a ball she doesn't wis...
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The Golden Duchess (#3 in the GOLDEN series) IN REVISION by StephRose1201
The Golden Duchess (#3 in the GOLD...by Stephanie Rose
♦YOU MUST HAVE READ THE PREQUEL, THE GOLDEN GIRL, TO READ THIS BOOK!♦ Mild spoilers in blurb--YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ••• Following their actions in The Golden Girl, Margu...
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The Golden Queen (#5 in the GOLDEN series) ✔ by StephRose1201
The Golden Queen (#5 in the GOLDEN...by Stephanie Rose
♦YOU MUST HAVE READ THE PREQUEL, THE GOLDEN PRINCESS, TO READ THIS BOOK!♦ BEWARE--spoilers in this blurb, for those who have not read previous books! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNE...
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The Two Foxes (Completed, Editing) by AuthorishNicole
The Two Foxes (Completed, Editing)by Nicole
HISTORICAL FANTASY: Sarah Thompson's naturally outspoken opinions and lack of interest in the church have pinned her as an outcast in her town of Blackbury, Massachusett...
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Miss Shaw's Occupation by ArdenBrooks
Miss Shaw's Occupationby Arden Brooks
Edith Brand has found a home at last, with kith and kin and perhaps even love, but she's living a lie, and more and more people know it. Still haunted by a mysterious hi...
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Kingdom by Doctor_Word
Kingdomby Doctor_Word
For what is worth, for all the power, the pride, the glory, it holds nothing against the flow of time. Fighting the cycle the laws itself govern and chaos will always be...
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