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She's Perfect  by windinhersails
She's Perfect by h🥀
*COMPLETED* Relations are like glass, sometimes its best to leave them broken, than to hurt yourself trying to put them back together. If she's brave enough to love hi...
#Online•jdb by justinxbiebers
#Online•jdbby k e l l y
Unknown Number (3) Unknown Number is typing... Unknown Number Where are you? What happens when Charlotte Windsor gets a text from an Unknown Number and it turns out to b...
justin bieber imagines (interracial) | EDITING by moonlightvibez
justin bieber imagines ( ♡
- COMPLETED - Imagines for us black Beliebers.
Salubrious (Jason McCann) by AlexisIsAWeirdo
Salubrious (Jason McCann)by Alexis
*Book Two of the Neurotic Series.* Salubrious [suh-loo-bree-uh s] : favorable to or promoting health; healthful, healthy. After three very long years, Jason McCann is fi...
Bad Liar  by windinhersails
Bad Liar by h🥀
He was bad.......or maybe she was just a bad liar. Justin Bieber returns back to his home country, Canada, for the holidays. But what happens when he bumps into his ex g...
Mr. McCann | jdb by doyoulani
Mr. McCann | jdbby Lenyiah ∞
"Mr. McCann would like to see you now" © 2015 Lenyiah ; doyoulank
Heartless (A JASON McCANN Fanfiction) by weirdo_belieber
Heartless (A JASON McCANN Dia Bieber
"you scare me when you say you're heartless, especially since you also said that you gave your heart to me. and that you are now, an empty shell. are you telling...
Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by ThatGirlNamedLexie
Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan Lexie
I am in an affair with Justin Bieber. If someone had told me a month ago that I would one day say those words & actually mean them, I would have insisted they were on cr...
Regrets (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction) by shooqrauhl
Regrets (A Justin Bieber Sofia
She's a simple girl. He's a famous popstar. She's happily married He feels suffocated and jailed. She's madly and deeply in love with him He's in love with Selena Gomez...
Brother's Bestfriend  by justinbieber4life6
Brother's Bestfriend by
Y/N had always knew her brother's bestfriend had liked her. Y/N had put it aside though since she was dating Jax. But what happens when there not dating anymore? Would t...
Justin Bieber Imagines :) Rated R (CLOSED BUT STILL UPDATING W/ PENDING REQUESTS by TezneyEpicoco
Justin Bieber Imagines :) Rated Tezney Epicoco✓
**NOT TAKING ANYMORE REQUSTS** BUT STILL UPDATING WITH PENDING REQUESTS ! P.S - If you like my imagines i would recommend my new Fan Fiction Perilous ( A Jason McCan Lov...
Justin Bieber//Interracial Preferences. by switchingp_
Justin Bieber//Interracial honey. 🌻
Us black beliebers want preferences to lmao. enjoy loves ❤️.
PG - 13 Any obstacle life sends their way they still stuck with each other .
publicity | jelena by jus10biebuh
publicity | jelenaby baby
Selena and Justin had been in love for as long as they could both remember, that is until Sofia Richie comes along with a proposal for Justin. How far will Selena be pus...
One Less Lonely Girl ( A Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by FromNowUntill4evar
One Less Lonely Girl ( A Justin FromNowUntill4evar
Melanie is a 16 year old girl who has a lot of problems going on in her life. After losing a family member, her parents' marriage hanging by a thread and her parents con...
Demons  by windinhersails
Demons by h🥀
*COMPLETED* "Don't get too close, it's dark inside. It's where my demons hide." "Get too close, there is hell inside of me, it's where your demons can hid...
Being married to Justin Bieber (3rd book of series) by 123swaggy
Being married to Justin Bieber ( Malikah
Mia Johnson is now married to Justin Bieber, but their whole relationship before that moved very quick. How will the marriage go? You have to read to find out! This is a...
Rekomendasi Karakter by its_risna
Rekomendasi Karakterby Risna
haiiiii helloooooo Gak usah perkenalan ye kayak anak baru aja mesti kenalin diri depan kelas hahaha oke sepertinya kita langsung saja yaaa... dari kebi...
I Want You(Jason McCann) by biebersbbygurl
I Want You(Jason McCann)by Anazia Nykai
"I always get what I want Hailey and right now I want you." I whispered into her ear. I could feel her shiver under my touch. Running my rough hands down her...
TWISTED SANITY by biebersimagine1394
TWISTED SANITYby biebersimagine1394
JASON MCANN, the name everyone fears. Anyone would think twice before crossing his path. Always shaking in their boots if they God forbid hear him call their name, YOU...