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TWISTED SANITY by biebersimagine1394
TWISTED SANITYby biebersimagine1394
JASON MCANN, the name everyone fears. Anyone would think twice before crossing his path. Always shaking in their boots if they God forbid hear him call their name, YOU...
Jason McCann Dirty Interracial Imagines by Royalty_Loves
Jason McCann Dirty Interracial BIEBER🔵 MCCANN🔴
I put my head flat-faced on the pillow because I can't keep my head up since the pleasure was so much, but only to be yank up by my hair which made me arch my back and y...
Why me?! (A Justin Bieber Fanfic) by Jamsthename
Why me?! (A Justin Bieber Fanfic)by Jamika
Sheyla is an ordinary girl, the type that isn't obsessed with teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber. One day her belieber best friend takes her to both of the first LA concerts...
My World. A Justin Bieber Romance. by Meganxooo
My World. A Justin Bieber ⋆ Megan ⋆
[A Justin Bieber Love Story] An audition to be a back-up dancer for Justin Bieber's 'My World' tour is where it all starts. The audition manages to change Charlotte Bro...
Falling For Heartbreak- NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON & KINDLE by _SamirahZaman
Falling For Heartbreak- NOW Samirah Zaman
What happens when you fall? You break. Finally an author, Ava Brooks, is excited to write the perfect love story she has been searching for... but what happens when one...
Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by ThatGirlNamedLexie
Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan ThatGirlNamedLexie
I am in an affair with Justin Bieber. If someone had told me a month ago that I would one day say those words & actually mean them, I would have insisted they were on cr...
Salubrious (Jason McCann) by AlexisIsAWeirdo
Salubrious (Jason McCann)by Alexis
*Book Two of the Neurotic Series.* Salubrious [suh-loo-bree-uh s] : favorable to or promoting health; healthful, healthy. After three very long years, Jason McCann is fi...
publicity | jelena by jus10biebuh
publicity | jelenaby baby
Selena and Justin had been in love for as long as they could both remember, that is until Sofia Richie comes along with a proposal for Justin. How far will Selena be pus...
Justin Bieber Imagines by KidrauhlFantasy
Justin Bieber Imaginesby anis
Your imaginations run wild here. Only if you love Justin Bieber ;) Some imagines are mine,and some aren't.I'm not claiming them as mine but I'm sharing them all in one b...
Justin Bieber Interracial Imagines by retrocanvas
Justin Bieber Interracial Imaginesby Retro
Interracial Imagines about Justin Bieber! Request welcomed!
Pretty Black Girl Hair  by Liv_pretty
Pretty Black Girl Hair by Liv_pretty
The pretty black girl hair consumes her. her life. her love
Chatting JB And Everything In Between by pinksiane
Chatting JB And Everything In Kiara Grande
Justin suddenly chats me and everything takes an unexpected turn, our relationship and everything in between, he is such a player but can he change for me, I don't know...
Change Him- A Justin Bieber Austism Story by jaybiebersmash
Change Him- A Justin Bieber Bieber Fanfictions
He doesn't leave his mom's side. He doesn't like to be touched. He doesn't have any friends. He doesn't like to talk. He's very shy around everybody. He's scared of bei...
NARCOTRAFICO by fxcygxrl
Skyler, 18 años. Su novio Jason McCan el más buscado por las policía. Jason McCann, 21 años. El chico más buscado por las policía de New Orleans. Alexa Smith, 18 año...
California Cruisin (A Jailey Fanfic Story) by kawaiidesukaaaa
California Cruisin (A Jailey L
A teenager Hailey Baldwin meeting Justin Bieber. What are the odds if they're going to see each other again? I ship Jailey ❤️ I wrote this way back 2016. I'm so happy Ju...
Married To Mr. Bieber by mariobiebs
Married To Mr. Bieberby Mario Biebs
A boy named Mario Gomez who receives a special text from a special someone that he had no clue about or even met, But when he figures out who it is, it turns his whole w...
Bad Liar  by windinhersails
Bad Liar by h🥀
He was bad.......or maybe she was just a bad liar. Justin Bieber returns back to his home country, Canada, for the holidays. But what happens when he bumps into his ex g...
justin bieber imagines (interracial) | EDITING by moonlightvibez
justin bieber imagines ( ♡
- COMPLETED - Imagines for us black Beliebers.
She's Perfect  by windinhersails
She's Perfect by h🥀
*COMPLETED* Relations are like glass, sometimes its best to leave them broken, than to hurt yourself trying to put them back together. If she's brave enough to love hi...
girldrauhl || justin bieber by bieberdayz
girldrauhl || justin bieberby fefa 🍒
«¿Y si la historia hubiese sido al revés?» Historia original. Todos los derechos de autor reservados. Créditos por la increíble portada a @bieberfairy TRAILER: https:...