Beatles smuts and fluffs;) by GeorgeHarrisonisbest
Beatles smuts and fluffs;)by Lennonlemon
Some writings of my favorite boys, I couldn't find fics of things I wanted to read, so I'm making them.
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In My Life by twistlittlegirl65
In My Lifeby c r y s
They had grown up right next door to each other and had been best friends since they could remember. John had always seen Olivia as 'just a friend' until one fine day...
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Come Together- McLennon by HelloLittleReader
Come Together- McLennonby Beatlemaniac ❤
The relationship between John Lennon and his songwriting partner, Paul McCartney had been kept under tight wraps for years. After struggling to come to terms with the b...
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In Your Atmosphere (Paul McCartney/Beatles Fanfiction) by kiwi747
In Your Atmosphere (Paul KristyintheSky
Marisol Hemingway isn't looking for love when she meets Paul McCartney on holiday in the summer of 1963. She is nursing a broken heart, and he is on the brink of interna...
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When I Get Home by Anna-Go-To-Him
When I Get Homeby Anna-Go-To-Him
"Come with me, please. I can't leave without you." He pleaded, with a look of desperation in his eyes. "Please don't make this so hard, you know you have...
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I'm so tired (Beatles fan fiction) by beatlemaniac314
I'm so tired (Beatles fan fiction)by beatlemaniac314
Bethany Jackson had a boring life, high school was finally over and she moved on to her miserable job, and the big, bad world. With the only thing in like keeping her sa...
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Above Us Only Sky (Paul McCartney/Beatles Fan Fiction) by kiwi747
Above Us Only Sky (Paul KristyintheSky
*sequel to In Your Atmosphere* 1966 was a year of seismic changes for the Beatles. By the end of the year, the last single Beatle, Paul McCartney, was on the verge of sa...
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Brothers Best Friend ➢ Paul McCartney by acid-queen
Brothers Best Friend ➢ Paul *:・゚✧*sᴛᴀʀ ᴄᴏʟʟᴇᴄᴛᴏʀ*✧・゚:*
❝KISS HER YOU IDIOT!❞ ⤵ In which a young girl falls for someone she thought she couldn't have. I do not own you or Paul I only own the story. Warnings: Cursing ©acid-que...
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I Wanna Be Your Man by Purplefina
I Wanna Be Your Manby Purplefina
John deperately tries to get Paul's attention, but can't. Paul is oblivious to his love for him, and keeps dating girls. John secretly destroys Paul's relationships in h...
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The Beatle's Story by 1999gigi
The Beatle's Storyby 1999gigi
17 year old Ella, who has an admiration and knowledge for the beatles, goes on a school trip to Liverpool, England. There she runs into a museum that will lead her to a...
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No One Compares With You by flowersinthebackyard
No One Compares With Youby Sun Follower
Isabel Garcia didn't expect to make friends when she moved out to London, much less meet the Beatles. But between the budding tensions within the band and the mystery su...
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My Starr (Ringo Starr) by MagicalMysteryFood
My Starr (Ringo Starr)by G.H.
Delilah Edwards somehow time travels to 1965 and she meets her idols, The Beatles. She becomes the adopted daughter of none other than George Harrison himself. But somet...
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Nervous(OnGoing) JhoBea by iamjesskiebie
Nervous(OnGoing) JhoBeaby
easily agitated or alarmed; tending to be anxious highly strung. HI this is my 3rd time writing a story please vote and comment if you love or like my story follow too f...
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I'm Coming Home(Starrison) by NyxDivision
I'm Coming Home(Starrison)by NyxDivision
A story in which George and Ringo are married with kids. It seems to be like happily ever after but when George gets drafted into the war their whole world gets turned u...
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Very forgetful ➢ George Harrison ✔ by acid-queen
Very forgetful ➢ George Harrison ✔by *:・゚✧*sᴛᴀʀ ᴄᴏʟʟᴇᴄᴛᴏʀ*✧・゚:*
❝ I SEEM VERY FORGETFUL NOWADAYS.❞ ⤵ In which George retells how he survived his first love. I don't own you or George I only own the story. Warnings: Cursing © acid-que...
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Crying Lightning | j.l. by chopstixpicksie
Crying Lightning | a beatlesfucker
-modern day rock band AU- "You like playing games with me, but I don't, what exactly do you call it?" "I call it crying lightning love."
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Layla with a laughing face | P.M by moonchi_ld
Layla with a laughing face | P.Mby Jenn Carraway
Portrayed as the book guitar notes by Mary Amato, On Thursdays to Sundays, Paul McCartney visits his secret place Swan Lake to let loose on his guitar. Eyes closed, stru...
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new arrival by aloveroflennon
new arrivalby aloveroflennon
a story about how John Lennon's 4 year old daughter India who is a daddy's girl reacts to another baby being born and her learning to share her daddy. Watch her grow and...
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real love // j.p.m by ilovemusic022
real love // j.p.mby brackets
After John Lennon's assassination, Paul becomes depressed and lonely, until Julia comes into his life, saving him.
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When the teddy boy from school starts a band, everyone including his aunt thinks it will fail. He goes through flings and tragedy, he can't ever imagine a world where he...
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