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The Certainty Of Chance (Beatles Fan Fiction) by MissODell
The Certainty Of Chance (Beatles Miss O'Dell
'Marry in haste, and repent at leisure.' May knows all about that. Stuck in a small Welsh town in 1964, May's life couldn't be more different to the life of her favourit...
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вeaтleѕ ιмagιneѕ by caitlinlovesbookss
вeaтleѕ ιмagιneѕby caitlinlovesbookss
I'm quarantined..bored..and love the Beatles. no smut; best chapters are marked with a ✰ #6 in beatles #2 in beatlesfanfiction #5 John Lennon
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the Beatles x reader - Imagines (renovation) by miss_headaches
the Beatles x reader - Imagines ( RJ
Hoi ( these stories are kinda old so there getting renovated) This book has simple stories, not to deep in feels. With loads of fluff NO SMUT that's gross... I...
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John Lennon & Paul McCartney Smuts+Fluffs by Malkat1969
John Lennon & Paul McCartney Mallory Lane
Just some smuts and fluffs about our boys John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Keep in mind that these are NOT McLennon smuts, It's simply just a book filled with smuts featu...
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The Beatles Preferences by trippybeatles
The Beatles Preferencesby ☼ Steph ☼ 🥥🧚🏼‍♀️
My one goal for this preferences book is for you guys to be able to imagine yourself with the four lads in different scenarios. I try my best to make it seem as realisti...
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Do You Want To Know a Secret? by mysweetlordharrison
Do You Want To Know a Secret?by mysweetlordharrison
When seventeen year old Poppy Epstein's uncle Brian decides to start managing one of the most popular bands in Liverpool her world is completely turned upside down. How...
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Something More {Mclennon Oneshots} by Jeffisthewalrus
Something More {Mclennon Oneshots}by Jeffrey
Cute short stories of John and Paul as they begin to realize how much they truly love each other despite the obstacles in life. None of the events in this story are real...
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I Wanna Be Your Man by Purplefina
I Wanna Be Your Manby Purplefina
John deperately tries to get Paul's attention, but can't. Paul is oblivious to his love for him, and keeps dating girls. John secretly destroys Paul's relationships in h...
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Here, There and Everywhere by paulswife
Here, There and Everywhereby Madison Morell
January of '64 in London, England. Our setting is quite simple: girl meets boy, girl likes boy, boy likes girl, girls scared to tell boy her feelings, boys friend is an...
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Imagines: The Beatles by allwehearisQueen
Imagines: The Beatlesby allwehearisQueen
Just one of the thousands books containing Imagines, Preferences, Scenarios, Fluffs and Smuts about The Fab Four!!! #REQUESTS OPEN!!# Best Rankings:- #2 in beatlemania #...
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The Night Before by ShootingStarr77
The Night Beforeby Danielle
1965 started off like any normal year, then one trip to visit my Uncle George at work turned out to completely change my life. Why, you ask? Because it started my life w...
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Break Me One More Time [McLennon] by maccaholic
Break Me One More Time [McLennon]by maccaholic
"What things do I need to see?" "Never mind that," Barney said. "I'll make sure you see them when the time is right. For now, just spend some t...
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Something by mysweetlordharrison
Somethingby mysweetlordharrison
(Do You Want to Know a Secret book 3)
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In My Life - George Harrison/The Beatles by dinosaureatsman
In My Life - George Harrison/The Olivia
"We grew up together thinking of each other as best friends, but these last few weeks have been like us really getting to know each other, getting to know all the l...
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Paul McCartney Smut by harrisonkrishna2
Paul McCartney Smutby harrisonkrishna2
Smut smut and even more smut. Smut involving your favourite Beatle, Paul McCartney
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Ringo Starr Smuts & Maybe Sometimes a Little Fluff  by Malkat1969
Ringo Starr Smuts & Maybe Mallory Lane
Hello sweet Ringo lovers! This ones for you. Hope you all enjoy and remember, I am always open to requests! ❤️🥰 Mature Content inside.
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Dreaming With The Beatles by lllovelystar
Dreaming With The Beatlesby aconfusedstar⭐️
Dreaming with the Beatles includes; gifs, imagines, preferences, photos, what they would do in situations, practically everything! I welcome Beatlemaniacs or just reader...
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John Lennon Smut by harrisonkrishna2
John Lennon Smutby harrisonkrishna2
Smut involving your favourite Beatle, John Lennon
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Sexy Sadie by Malkat1969
Sexy Sadieby Mallory Lane
Sadie Brooks is your average eighteen year-old, living a comfortable-yet-predictable life with her workaholic parents. When her family purchases a house in a new neighb...
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first question... ~ Paul McCartney (1st book) by NotebooksandCoffee
first question... ~ Paul Notebooks and Coffee
She didn't want to be like the crazy fan girls, she just wanted to be normal. Amelia had always dreamt of being a music journalist, she'd grown up listening to all kind...
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