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[✓]secret − p. curtis by peachydxll
[✓]secret − p. curtisby d
❝ steve i didn't know you had a little sister. ❞ ❝ neither did i. ❞
Something by mysweetlordharrison
Somethingby mysweetlordharrison
(Do You Want to Know a Secret book 3)
Broken to Pieces by Outsiders_forever102
Broken to Piecesby Outsiders_forever102
Kali Iris has had enough. She's on her breaking point. Sodapop isn't aware of her self harm and it might be too late to before he finds out. All rights go to S E Hinton.
My Love-P.M. by scftdraco
My Love-P.M.by scftdraco 💚
Victoria "Tori" Walker was a photographer for the New York Times, her boss called her so she could go to london for a press conference with the Beatles for the...
Supernatural Oneshots/Imagines/Sickfics REQUESTS OPEN by BleedingLetters
Supernatural Oneshots/Imagines/Sic...by Saoirse Connelly
This is just a collection of Supernatural sickfics, imagines, and oneshots. It might be mostly sickfics because I'm not that creative. Requests are always open. To reque...
Forever Protector || SPN || Short-Story by ColtLastshot
Forever Protector || SPN || Short...by 𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘤
When the brothers think the job is done and they can move on to the next town, little do they know their next case is asleep in the backseat. 𝟸𝟶𝟷𝟺-𝟸𝟶𝟷𝟻 NOT EDITED
A Sudden Spark by supernaturallvr
A Sudden Sparkby supernaturallvr
Sam Winchester may have just found the girl of his dreams, but he's currently dating Jess. Who will he choose? The girl whom he has history with, or the sudden spark? Wi...
Kurt cobain imagines by abcnerd627
Kurt cobain imaginesby abcnerd627
Imagines of Kurt cobain for now i wont take request....i may not be active..sorry. I'll sometimes add names or the simple y/n((((( Trigger warnings: drugs,suicide,self h...
Strangers In The Night// Brian May by _starsoflovingness
Strangers In The Night// Brian Mayby white queen
A young girl from Liverpool goes to London to spend her summer break in 1967. She meets a man and falls in love except there's one tiny detail that keeps her away from h...
Supernatural Preferences by AthenaJ02
Supernatural Preferencesby Athena Winchester
Hi everyone these are just some Supernatural Preferences they are pretty long. And so far the only the characters I have are Sam and Dean I might be adding more as the...
The Right Lennon- Short Story by OnlyAWalrusLife
The Right Lennon- Short Storyby Bed Faller
Her name was Clarrisa and she was engaged to the son of the most famous man in the world of music. Julian Lennon. Until her time travel mishap, which landed her in the...
Book 3- 1967 (Michael Jackson) by MusicAndMeMJ
Book 3- 1967 (Michael Jackson)by MusicAndMeMJ
COMPLETED Welcome to book 3! Yes, Kayla and Michael made it past 1965 and 1966. Unfortunately, those were some of the easiest years of their new lives. Now, the fame of...
Crash by DaunyelS80
Crashby Lady Sakhara
Sam's angry with his father John; while on the hunt, Sam does something unthinkable and reckless and a crash happens. When a young medic steps in to help, does her past...
Supernatural Stories  by _sunsetsummer_
Supernatural Stories by Sky
Requests are always open!! Supernatural Stories with a chance of Smut. This will include the characters and the actors. * = Smut ~ and - = time passing. Think of...
Born to be yours (Dean X Character) by ArtistByNight
Born to be yours (Dean X Character)by ArtistByNight
She's young and childish, but she's broken, more than most people. She's a hunter and she's lonely. One day Sahar meets the Winchester's, two well known hunters. They ac...
Eternal love by outsiders24_7
Eternal loveby TheOutsiders fanfics
When Livey Curtis moves from Oklahoma City to Tulsa to live with her cousins, it's love at first sight when she meets Johnny Cade.
Saved From The Back Woods by svlverandgvld
Saved From The Back Woodsby ALLI
It's 1967 and Penny Ward is a Sixteen-year-old Kentucky high school student who was homeschooled due to the trauma of her mother killing herself as she jumped off the Ta...
Supernatural Oneshots by supernova_Gamer
Supernatural Oneshotsby supernova_Gamer
Oneshots include reader inserts or ships from the show Requests are being taken (Characters in these stories) Castiel, Dean, Sam, Crowley, Gabriel and anyone who is requ...