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The Beatles Groupchat by wcldflower
The Beatles Groupchatby Wcldflower
In which John Lennon creates a groupchat and it all goes swiftly down hill.
Sexy Sadie by Malkat1969
Sexy Sadieby Mallory Lane
Sadie Brooks is your average eighteen year-old, living a comfortable-yet-predictable life with her workaholic parents. When her family purchases a house in a new neighb...
A Fantastic Woman | John Lennon (COMPLETE) by allwehearisQueen
A Fantastic Woman | John Lennon ( allwehearisQueen
A Beatles short story. 21 year old Nancy is working as an assistant cum confidante to The Beatles. Though the boys see her only as the girl who can't walk properly with...
Do you want to know a secret? by lexxiwilder
Do you want to know a secret?by lexxiwilder
"Hey! That's a nice jacket you got on little lady..." A familiar Scouse accent shouted. "Thanks my best friend gave it to me..." George chuckled, w...
What If by emilieautumnays
What Ifby emilieautumnays
Colleen Ferry is sent back to the 1960s to find herself in England, enrolled in the same high school that Paul McCartney and George Harrison went to and already after th...
Treat Her Gently by Malkat1969
Treat Her Gentlyby Mallory Lane
23 year-old Aurora Redding always thought her relationship with The McCartney's was strictly business, until one weekend changed everything. Year: 1982 Mature Content.
Do You Want To Know a Secret? by mysweetlordharrison
Do You Want To Know a Secret?by mysweetlordharrison
When seventeen year old Poppy Epstein's uncle Brian decides to start managing one of the most popular bands in Liverpool her world is completely turned upside down. How...
-Beatles-                     ||IMAGINE|| by patcwater
-Beatles- || noelle
Beatles imagines! ------------------------ DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fan fiction based off of real people. I do not know The Beatles or anyone else mentioned. This...
Time warp (George Harrison x reader) by Dusty_l3unny
Time warp (George Harrison x Dusty
Life gives many chances and this is the strangest by far
My Girlfriend is A Witch by georgie_hazza12
My Girlfriend is A Witchby jojibeatlesffs✨
This is a Bewitched styled book. George has fallen for a witch and tries to build a regular life with her, they run through problems but always pull through... Highest R...
I'm happy just to dance with you by ringo_is_my_dad
I'm happy just to dance with youby mean_mr_ringo_starr
Ringo Starr has had a troubled past. He's also got a secret he's not telling the rest of his band. He's got feeling for their youngest member... George has had feeling...
I Wouldn't Change a Thing by flowersinthebackyard
I Wouldn't Change a Thingby Sun Follower
Upon first glance, Gail Greene appears to have it all: Beauty, confidence and a nifty job as Brian Epstein's secretary. However, she secretly longs for something more an...
If I Needed Someone ( George Harrison x reader ) by yoaticas
If I Needed Someone ( George yoaticas
Y/n is John Lennon's younger sister, who's starting to develop a small crush on her best friend George Harrison, who also happens to be one of John's best mates and a gu...
It Happened One Flight by Sessienme1
It Happened One Flightby Sessienme1
Samantha Bennett is traveling again for business . Her seat assignment will make this anything but another day. Mature content. Smut and more smut ahead on at least two...
Friar Park Forever by BlueEyedWanderer
Friar Park Foreverby 💖
Obsessive Fans, Sexual Jealousy and Unexpected Guests- life's not easy for the wife of a former Beatle. Contains: violence, smut and adult themes. {Book 1 of the Friar P...
Harmlessly in Love by hardaysnights
Harmlessly in Loveby <3
"We shouldn't's wrong" he said quietly, she nodded slowly "very wrong" she replied - but his lips were on hers and it seemed they would n...
The Beatles One Shots by BlueEyedWanderer
The Beatles One Shotsby 💖
I know one thing: there will be smut.
Last period by harrisonkrshna2
Last periodby Harrisonkrishna2
A new school. A fresh start. What will happen when student Camille ends up in Mr. Harrison's biology class? Biology won't be the only thing Mr. Harrison will teach her...
The Beatles Smuts and Fluffs by banenbill
The Beatles Smuts and Fluffsby The Evening Paper
The first 20 are literal trash, I recommend you just skip those Highest rankings: (Not for flexing, just to keep track) #6 - thebeatles sorry wh...