I Am Bailey Bennett. [LGBT] by KathrineABoyer
I Am Bailey Bennett. [LGBT]by Kathrine A. Boyer
Beautiful: Possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, taste, smell, and to feel. You do not want to see me. When you see me...
  • homosexual
  • intersex
  • lgbtqbookofthemonth
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He's So Fine [Beatles / George Harrison FanFiction] by MissODell
He's So Fine [Beatles / George Miss O'Dell
Beatles fan fiction. Della Milton and George Harrison lived on opposite sides of Upton Green, Speke, Liverpool, in the 1950s. Born three weeks apart they soon became chi...
  • paulmccartney
  • classicrock
  • georgeharrison
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Midnight Cigarettes ; a The Outsiders fanfic  by michaelsraps
Midnight Cigarettes ; a The Michaelsraps
He pulled out a cigarette, lighting it. "Sodapop Curtis, but you can call me Soda" he answered. "Sodapop?" I chuckled. He grinned "I know, I kno...
  • outsiders
  • darrycurtis
  • curtisbrothers
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Above Us Only Sky (Paul McCartney/Beatles Fan Fiction) by kiwi747
Above Us Only Sky (Paul KristyintheSky
*sequel to In Your Atmosphere* 1966 was a year of seismic changes for the Beatles. By the end of the year, the last single Beatle, Paul McCartney, was on the verge of sa...
  • romance
  • paulmccartneyfanfiction
  • 1960s
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Nothing Is Gonna Change My World (McLennon, Starrison) by mclennoninthesky
Nothing Is Gonna Change My World ( Lennon-McCartney♡
The Beatles were at the top, rewriting the music history books. They drove all the girls crazy with their good looks and talent. However, as humans, we cannot control ou...
  • slash
  • fanfiction
  • beatlesslash
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All Of My Love || Led Zeppelin FanFic by Galaxy101
All Of My Love || Led Zeppelin Galaxy101
She's best friends with one and lovers with another, they've both given her their hearts, but which one does she choose? Achievements: #1 in JIMMYPAGE #1 in LED #1 in JO...
  • zeppelin
  • ledzeppelin
  • sixties
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The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fan Fiction) by MissODell
The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Miss O'Dell
In 1965, George meets a mysterious young woman outside of Abbey Road Studios. As he is drawn into a passionate and turbulent love affair with her, it becomes clear she i...
  • fanfiction
  • beatles
  • sixties
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r e a l l y   w a n n a   k n o w   y o u    -    j  w  l by KittyDashwood
r e a l l y w a n n a k n o :''')
looking back, it was actually that time when i was visiting my father that i first spoke to him. of course, i was just thirteen, maybe fourteen, and he probably immediat...
  • sixties
  • 60s
  • johnlennon
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If I Fell by ArabianKnights
If I Fellby ArabianKnights
The Beatles conquer America but what happens when the Jim McCartney's young house-cleaner finds out she's been treated like a mushroom by everyone around her. *Hi Guys p...
  • john
  • 60s
  • beatles
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simpler times {j.t} by -trxndwaves
simpler times {j.t}by -trxndwaves
nos·tal·gia näˈstaljə,nəˈstaljə/ noun 1 a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. ...
  • time
  • jaysontatum
  • tatum
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cabaret | joshler by primadonnajosh
cabaret | joshlerby m.
"y'better get goin' before m'mama gets home. she'd kill ya, big boy." set in the sixties. in which josh falls head over heels for a not so innocent boy who sec...
  • tysh
  • tylerjoseph
  • twentyonepilots
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Razzmatazz (Beatles Fan Fiction) by MissODell
Razzmatazz (Beatles Fan Fiction)by Miss O'Dell
August 1963 - The Beatles are playing a 6 night residency in Llandudno, Wales, when a stranger arrives looking for John. What is the secret past these two people share...
  • beatlesfanfiction
  • the-beatles
  • kitchensink
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Lucy In The Sky by McLennon64
Lucy In The Skyby Sarah
A story following a young girl; Lucy Henderson. She tries to get about her daily life, studying at Art College and helping her mother and father around the house, but sh...
  • ringo
  • paulmccartney
  • georgeharrison
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The Prime Minister's Wife  1-20 REVISED by HollyNicole468
The Prime Minister's Wife 1-20 Holly
"'You're no good for me.' My voice is trembly as I stumble back through the threshold of the glass door. His comforting hand catches me just as I'm about to fall...
  • romance
  • ldr
  • primeminister
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spin the bottle (m.n.) ✔ by lyngstad
spin the bottle (m.n.) ✔by kailee
"times have made me shy of girls and all the games they are playing" It was obvious that Kailee had a crush on the boy who lived down the hall from her, but sh...
  • nesmith
  • sixties
  • mikenesmith
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1 | LOVELIER GIRL [paul mccartney] by british-impala
1 | LOVELIER GIRL [paul mccartney]by ˗ˏˋ anjehla ˎˊ˗ 
❝why do i always get back to you?❞ in which they are ex-lovers but never got over for each other. paul mccartney [the beatles au] [social media fic] cover: @win...
  • sixties
  • fanfiction
  • ringorstarr
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FOOLS RUSH IN → r.n by teenagedoll
FOOLS RUSH IN → r.nby be-bop baby
fools rush in where wise men never go but wise men never fall in love so how are they to know? ♡ - - - - - - - - - - ricky nelson.
  • sixties
  • ricknelson
  • ozzienelson
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Jack and Me by ERFolsom
Jack and Meby E.R. Folsom
HISTORICAL FICTION - RISING STORY (JUNE 2018), #16 IN PRESIDENT (JUNE 2018) In the summer of 1962, a twenty year old Elizabeth Bruce was sitting in the courtyard of her...
  • love
  • 1960s
  • pearlawards2018
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Nothing's Gonna Change My World...(John And Cynthia Lennon) by Miss_Starkey
Nothing's Gonna Change My Miss_Starkey
What if John Lennon stayed with his wife Cynthia instead?
  • thebeatles
  • fanfiction
  • johnlennon
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the outsiders imagines by miss-vicky
the outsiders imaginesby —ˏ‵ vicky ′ ˎ—
currently taking requests- [LOWERCASE INTENDED]
  • johnnycade
  • 1960s
  • sixties
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