It Was Love by ledbeatlesqueen
It Was Loveby ledbeatlesqueen
Diana McCartney. One year younger than her older brother Paul. After being left with her father and two brothers after her mother died, interesting things start to happ...
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When I Get Home by Anna-Go-To-Him
When I Get Homeby Anna-Go-To-Him
"Come with me, please. I can't leave without you." He pleaded, with a look of desperation in his eyes. "Please don't make this so hard, you know you have...
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Without You {MCLENNON} by jpmcca
Without You {MCLENNON}by emily grey
Mclennon, Mclennon, Mclennon. :) When Paul is forced to leave his home, he moves in with John. Paul and John have a wonderful friendship filled with laughter, smiles, an...
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Sixties | Ringo Starr by skylarstyles56
Sixties | Ringo Starrby Skylar💕☁️
"She's got a pretty voice." John said. "A really pretty voice." Paul replied. I was too busy in my own world to even pay attention to what they wer...
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I Want to Tell You (Beatles Fanfic) by my_name_is_janis_
I Want to Tell You (Beatles Fanfic)by Ash
When Wendy Parker wakes up on October 31, 2017 she is your average college student pinching every penny and ramen noodle with hopes to graduate in the next four years wi...
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Beatles Imagines by anglolove
Beatles Imaginesby 🖤Angie🖤
I write Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr imagines. These imagines consist of fluff and smut. Requests closed!
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The Beatles Preferences by trippybeatles
The Beatles Preferencesby 💗🌷☁️ Steph
My one goal for this preferences book is for you guys to be able to imagine yourself with the four lads in different scenarios. I try my best to make it seem as realisti...
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Beatles Imagines by purplelennon
Beatles Imaginesby purplelennon
Just a collection of some Beatles imagines I've written, that's all.
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Oh My Love ➳ Roger Taylor by Airam_G00
Oh My Love ➳ Roger Taylorby Airam Du Beauvoir
From a famous music star's daughter to being a star herself. She was both beloved and hated by the public, there was no in between. People knew who she was, and felt tha...
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Borrowed Time: Saving John Lennon - A Beatles Fanfic by Jjdec8
Borrowed Time: Saving John Lennon...by Jjdec8
Holly DuPont spent the majority of her life wondering what things would be like if John Lennon had not died on that fateful night in December of 1980. As an adult workin...
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Martha My Dear by mysweetlordharrison
Martha My Dearby mysweetlordharrison
1966. Charlie is a struggling waitress who's never cared for romance. Paul McCartney is a womanizing Beatle who romances millions of girls each day. Martha is Paul's do...
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ONE OF THE BOYS [the beatles] by -brianmay
ONE OF THE BOYS [the beatles]by 【 𝙖𝙣𝙟𝙚𝙝𝙡𝙖 】
[ THE BEATLES AU ] ❝ all i want is a stable job, mr. epstein and that is the reason why i am here. ❞ in which jules baker got a job which millions of girls wou...
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Beatles smuts and fluffs;) by GeorgeHarrisonisbest
Beatles smuts and fluffs;)by Lennonlemon
Some writings of my favorite boys, I couldn't find fics of things I wanted to read, so I'm making them.
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I Need You by mysweetlordharrison
I Need Youby mysweetlordharrison
(Do You Want to Know a Secret book 2)
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  • 1964
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Do You Want To Know a Secret? by mysweetlordharrison
Do You Want To Know a Secret?by mysweetlordharrison
When seventeen year old Poppy Epstein's uncle Brian decides to start managing one of the most popular bands in Liverpool her world is completely turned upside down. How...
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  • 1960s
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Beatles Preferences n' More! by Beatles_whofangirl
Beatles Preferences n' More!by Bailey
Beatles preferences about your four favorite Liverpool lads! I may also do imagines if you want to request. Sorry, no smut. :)
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Not A Second Time by Anna-Go-To-Him
Not A Second Timeby Anna-Go-To-Him
*Sequel to When I Get Home* Two years after Lucy Roberts' sister Sadie retreats to the 60s with the love of her life, Lucy finds herself whisked to the past as well. Now...
  • paulmccartney
  • whenigethome
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The Object of  My Affection: My Band Mate's Sister by Liverpool_Legends
The Object of My Affection: My Ba...by Liverpool_Legends
Being George Harrison's best/band mate wasn't as easy as it used to be. Paul McCartney is now torn between his loyalty to George but his attraction towards no one else b...
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❥VINTAGE SOUNDS◦ˎʹ- -  (CLASSIC ROCK) by lovelyritas
❥VINTAGE SOUNDS◦ˎʹ- - (CLASSIC RO...by -`ˏₛₜₐᵣₛₕᵢₙₑˎʹ-
❝ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!❞ ⤵ The gif series where I write about our all time favorite classical rockers. I don't own any musicians in this book or you, I only own the littl...
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Lonely People by writing-desk-raven
Lonely Peopleby Mr. Tongue Twister
It started when two best friends met under a blue sky, and it ended with a divorce underneath grey clouds. Sometimes, the loneliest individuals are those surrounded b...
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