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The Mafia's Bride  by ev_03j
The Mafia's Bride by ev_03j
If you are sensitive then don't READ Abuse and REALLY mature content. Y/N soon falls in love with the devil himself and slowly changes him
Mafia's Mate (M Book1) by Chick_ennugget
Mafia's Mate (M Book1)by Chickennugget
Clio's life hasn't been easy and she'd like to keep her secrets to herself but even when she's trying to pursue her happiness she find out her boyfriend was never loyal...
Him series [ vol 1] Mengisahkan tentang dua pasangan yang mempunyai kisah bahagia. Seorang suami yang baik tutur katanya, sentiasa menjadikan sang isteri sebagai priori...
Touch Me - Radio Fucked The Video Star by GhostsIntheshadows
Touch Me - Radio Fucked The Fuck Your Ghost Writer
Be advised; This is gonna be bad. Not writing or plot wise, BUT... trigger warnings in advance. I haven't even started writing it, and I know... trigger warning. Alast...
Bad Romance by cooperxgosling
Bad Romanceby 𝓳𝔁𝓵𝓮𝓷𝔁𝓱𝓾𝓻𝓽𝓼
Bradley Cooper is one of the biggest actors in the world at the moment, Nominated for 3 Oscars in just as many years, He is at the top of his game and is writing and dir...
សំណងកម្មស្នេហ៍ ( Revenge on you ) រដូវកាលចុងក្រោយ(Last Season ) 🖤🔥 Complete ☑️ by PhanouSout
សំណងកម្មស្នេហ៍ ( Revenge on you ) Lucie Briella
ជារដូវកាលចុងក្រោយក្នុងចំណោមរដូវកាលទាំង 7 របស់ស៊េរី : សំណព្វចិត្តម៉ាហ្វៀ ( Mafia's sweetheart ) 🔥💜ជាប្រភេទរឿងរ៉ាវស្នេហាមិនសមប្រកបនឹងកើតមានតាំងពីវិនាទីនៃការចាប់ផ្តើមហើយ...
one night stand.. maybe more than that. || tom kaulitz  by itzleterk
one night stand.. maybe more shh
okay hear me out, how about a girl meeting a guy in a club, he takes her home and while their going of hes kiss on her neck, to her suprise he then suddenly bites on her...
I Fell In Love With A Hybrid by SiLh0UetTeMIrAge
I Fell In Love With A Hybridby Kael Blue
Lysa is old enough to have a mate but doesn't, she's single by choice until she comes across this handsome hybrid guy called Jace who falls in love with her and becomes...
Azaleana  by Auliarrr1
Azaleana by Aulia rrr
Azaleana nadira gadis berumur 23 tahun yang dikhianati sang kekasih bahkan tanpa ragu melakukan hal memalukan dengan selingkuh di apartemen milik gadis itu Bagaimana az...
Know You All Over Again by heartbreak82
Know You All Over Againby Heartbreak
2 months ago Korn had moved out of their shared flat. 2 months without his voice in the hall or his shampoo in the shower. 2 months of getting used to sleeping alone aga...
Bloodbath of the Fallen Crown by danaxramirez
Bloodbath of the Fallen Crownby Dana Ramirez
*Book two of the Queen of the Underworld series* Time has passed and Anastasia Bianchi has changed. For better or worse...well, that's not the point. Following a catastr...
The Insane Kiss by Mystrey_tales
The Insane Kissby Anika
Hi guys! How about a new story... This story begins with a girl who has just been in bed with her dream boy and just as she realizes that something is wrong... She cert...
Bad Romance by urinternetgf444
Bad Romanceby ninnies 🍄
Nailea Devora is a teenager that faces the hardships of teen relationships. Her first love was a hard one but like they say after the storm the flowers gloom, when she m...
If You Stay, I'll Hate Me Less by iam_irenic
If You Stay, I'll Hate Me Lessby Laramie
Not your typical Yandere X reader . Going from when two tops get into a relationship to angst. If you're into Yanderes , check it out. If you like angst , check it out...
My Heart Belongs To You [Completed] by Syafieu
My Heart Belongs To You [Completed]by Syafiefie
Having overcome some of the problems and obstacles together in their love affair, they finally succeeded in improving their relationship and successfully undergoing thei...
It's Okay by ZonameUchiha
It's Okayby Luna Ackerman
naruto confessed his love to shikamaru, but his love was not accepted. he was hurt but he only asked for one night with him. and that one night he found a new love.
The Backseat by maezxii
The Backseatby ☹ Marley ☹
Maya Benson does believe that the past repeats itself - she just thought it wouldn't with her. Now that she's stuck in the back of a cop car with a random -gorgeous- str...
Bad Romance-A Fast and Furious Fanfic by Imaginary_Brain_Box
Bad Romance-A Fast and Furious Eleanor Nieuwenhuizen (Mockin...
What happens when Brian O'Connor's little sister Chloe shows up whom he haven't seen in eleven years. And he learns that he's little sister has been up to no good..racin...
Love Triangle  by hnayshaa
Love Triangle by Kimberly
Just a love triangle story ;) Quirkless au I didn't own any of this character. (Obviously)