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My Corpse Husband by MedievalTomboy
My Corpse Husbandby Lady Prim
A place of superstitions A place of curses A girl who was forced to sacrifice her life for the welfare of the village and was widowed against her will. Widowed? Or Marri...
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G H O S T R U N N E R by AmberLeeH13
G H O S T R U N N E Rby Amber Lee
{Completed} Arden is a werewolf. Abused in everyway and used in superstitious practices due to her odd fur color, she escapes and upon discovery is taken in by a kind wo...
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My Lucky Lady  [Yandere CEO X Reader] by Trillaxi
My Lucky Lady [Yandere CEO X Trillaxi
When love turns into an obsession, the terror spreads but, when that obsession turns into need, anything can happen. ...
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You Better Not by CelestialWaru
You Better Notby Vivi
Tine has crush on one of political science student. What will Sarawat do when Tine comes to him for help in persuing that guy? Will he surrender that he have no chance? ...
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Alacrimia | √ by InamorataFeels
Alacrimia | √by Una chica mala
Alacrimia in Layman's terms is the congenital inability to produce tears. Some places in Africa have their norms and beliefs wrapped around age-old, blind superstitio...
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The Baby and The Wolf by Taiku-chan
The Baby and The Wolfby Sou-chan
An average guy who works in a grocery store discovers something unusual and life changing. He never thought once that his life would mean so much.
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💞💘💟SAMEER NAINA kI KAHANI 💞💘💟 by kspbhargavi
💞💘💟SAMEER NAINA kI KAHANI 💞💘💟by kspbhargavi
This story is written by my own and personal thoughts...I am obsessed fan of yudkbh daily I just took an example of love life after the marriage between a ric...
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Zeelandia -|- ONC Round One Winner by ZonderZorg
Zeelandia -|- ONC Round One Winnerby Michael Walsh
Camille disguises herself to gain a position as the captain's cabin boy aboard a ship bound for the Caribbean in 1676. She soon discovers her natural urges, and her feel...
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How To Avoid Bad Luck by evethespy
How To Avoid Bad Luckby уιℓєι
"Zoey." His voice sent a jolt of electricity down my spine, which only heightened my awareness that only a thin column of dust separated our bodies. "Do y...
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11:11  {Girlxgirl}  by NerdyGirl_97
11:11 {Girlxgirl} by Breathin’ Raindrops
Vivian Deluca hate guys. She decided that at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night. She decided that as she is drowning in her tears, alone in her dark bedroom, after finding out h...
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Creepypasta by daddymemer
Creepypastaby Vanessa Medrano
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Autumn Queen by SalmaAblack
Autumn Queenby Asma Salma
Banned to a deadly forest, an exiled princess has to prove her strength to come back and ascend her rightful throne with the help of an unconventional group of well wish...
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The Pregnant Bride (a bonus Scott Family story!!) by BellaOtter
The Pregnant Bride (a bonus Bella Blair
(Scott family Spoiler Alert!!!!) Alice and Jeb have been married for years when they decide to start trying to have a baby. When nothing happens, Alice decides it's beca...
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👑👑SHUGABA👑👑 by mhizzphydo
👑👑SHUGABA👑👑by Nafisat Ma'aruf Shehu
"Nine nan SHUGABA" yafada cikin karaji dariyan da tamanta yanda akeyinta neh ya subuce mata ganin yanda yake zaro Ido kaman wanda yaga werewolves sosai yayi ma...
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Blind From One Eye by Libranian1010
Blind From One Eyeby Drama Queen
The things a girl see from the eye she can't see warn her of her loving dark family secret, whom the girl is unknown. But for how much time it will remain confidential f...
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Just A Mirage by joy_olumi
Just A Mirageby joy_olumi
a collection of short stories. She had not always believed in ghosts but hearing and seeing these women talk about it was just-queer. "it was in the market place uj...
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The Hidden Kingdom by LivinWisely
The Hidden Kingdomby Kiana Feorn
CAUTION: I am still in the process of editing quite a few things, so if something doesn't seem right, it's probably because I haven't fixed it yet. Please be patient wit...
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Dirty Faces - Book 2 by Shubird
Dirty Faces - Book 2by Miranda
Ginny is thrilled to return to her beloved Mabry's Ridge, but it won't stay the way she remembered it for long.
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Only Everything for You by ReadingInHere
Only Everything for Youby Anne B. Truly
Tiffany Delight. Just a year ago, she thought she had grown immune to pain after the death of a friend and the abandonment of her parents. But when two strangers crash h...
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Possessed -×Lee Pace AU×- by thecringystoryteller
Possessed -×Lee Pace AU×-by cringy storyteller
Lee and Melissa were a newly wed couple who loved adventure. Little did they know that the island they visited would be their doom. One would not be completely dead but...
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