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Dora the Explorer Smut Stories by dummythiccstupidhoe
Dora the Explorer Smut Storiesby samdul4ever
because archive of our own only has so much content.
Taka becomes a school shooter  by chrizmuskomaeda
Taka becomes a school shooter by #
Hi if your sensitive to this topic you might wanna leave this book alone Uh so anyways everybody bullies Taka then Taka becomes done with it then he gets father gun and...
Waiting For You - Fiolee by ashleyLeanneTW
Waiting For You - Fioleeby ashleyLeanneTW
Fionna and cakes adventures have slowly came to an end it seems, Cakes is usually busy with lord M now and as much as the sisters love each other.. Fionna has almost bec...
Broken Innocence by xForeverxxUnwrittenx
Broken Innocenceby Nia Harbor
Abused, battered, emotionally, and physically broken. Kasey never thought she could get away from her father's wrath. After many failed attempts to try and talk to her f...
 Map x Backpack (from Dora of course) by 147293sRd
Map x Backpack (from Dora of I’m sorry 🥰
Lmao I feel high but I'm not and I really want to make this fun and an emotional rollercoaster so have fun
Control  by Fluttercord_smile
Control by Flutter
Pepper Stark can't handle this anymore. Every time she tries to go somewhere she ends up losing track of them. After the packages arrive though this won't be an issue...
The Bitter is Sweet  by goodfortune3
The Bitter is Sweet by Adwoa
I don't remember breathing because I was completely spell bound by the interior. The whole office signified wealth and power and being there was such an overwhelming exp...
Trapped  by Emma70529
Trapped by Trick or Treat 👻
Young Kaylie gets trapped in a hole where she learns how to defend herself as she brings up her lIfe story. Cover by: -Mxlkywxys-
Backpack ➳ h.s [au] by gymnasliam
Backpack ➳ h.s [au]by k
[COMPLETED] [SHORT STORY] ❝Why do you carry around that backpack?❞ ❝The same reason you carry around that smile. To hide all the pain.❞ or in which Bonnie and Harry get...
Tevun-Krus #4 - Space Opera by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #4 - Space Operaby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... 'Troopers, the @Ooorah Republic needs you. This fourth issue of Tevun-Krus faces a very real threat. With your uncanny a...
(Almost) Everything You Need to Know If You're Going to Thailand.  by LauraConron
(Almost) Everything You Need to Laura Conron
A short, quick, and easy guide of the must -haves, manners, dos, do-nots, and all around basics of exploring the land of smiles.
Collapsible Water Bladder - by liquidcontainment
Collapsible Water Bladder - Flexible, Robust Liquid Conta...
Liquid Containment provide you the all type of Collapsible Water Bladder in Australia at the affordable price. We offer you the best flexible solutions for the storage o...
Whatever I Need Today by m00nliqhtstar
Whatever I Need Todayby ((ヽ( ᐛ )ノ))
[ongoing] orphic: (adj.) mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding Beomgyu is a pretty average boy, full of ups and downs just like the next person. It ju...
Perfectly Imperfect - Harry Styles Fanfiction by PattyGrant3
Perfectly Imperfect - Harry Patty Grant
Hey! This is my first story. I don't really write stories... But me and my friendv Kristina decided to write each other stories for fun when we stumbled upon this websit...
UNSWIPABLE (Swiper x Reader) by WannaFuckingDie
UNSWIPABLE (Swiper x Reader)by ActuallyLesbian
Swiper x Reader Swiper swiped you from your old, sad life and you two begin to have strong feelings for each other, but will it last? Someone plans to ruin your happy li...
✘except you➳[zayn au] [[HIATUS]] by peachycas
✘except you➳[zayn au] [[HIATUS]]by boo
There are three ways in which he dies. •He puffs a cigarette daily -he dies 10 years early •He drinks alcohol daily -he dies 30 years early •Love someone who doesn't lo...
Little Pink Backpack by GrinningCharade
Little Pink Backpackby Smile
One little girl carries one little pink backpack to school every day without fail.
Tiger by peritonealized1925
Tigerby peritonealized1925
Winged. For, won't. Deep. Greater good. Sixth life called second firmament Morning day which set seasons dry. Won't. The darkness make man which seasons signs yielding o...