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The Truth About Swiper  (Dora The Explorer Fanfic) by zeetheshipper
The Truth About Swiper (Dora zeetheshipper
ever wondered WHY Swiper keeps trying to steal things from Dora and Boots? well, don't ask me, ask Luna. She's a wolf with a whole lot of questions and a whole lot of at...
Taka becomes a school shooter  by decials
Taka becomes a school shooter by eli
Hi if your sensitive to this topic you might wanna leave this book alone Kiyotaka school shooter
Love, Annie by IndieGirl101
Love, Annieby Sim (or Simi)
It was just a letter. A measly, stupid, ridiculous...letter. So how did it end up in Niall Horan's hands?
Dora Diego Dexplorago by ichigoparfaits
Dora Diego Dexploragoby naura
when two cousins slowly fall in love with each other.
Perfectly Imperfect - Harry Styles Fanfiction by PattyGrant3
Perfectly Imperfect - Harry Patty Grant
Hey! This is my first story. I don't really write stories... But me and my friendv Kristina decided to write each other stories for fun when we stumbled upon this websit...
UNSWIPABLE (Swiper x Reader) by WannaFuckingDie
UNSWIPABLE (Swiper x Reader)by ActuallyLesbian
Swiper x Reader Swiper swiped you from your old, sad life and you two begin to have strong feelings for each other, but will it last? Someone plans to ruin your happy li...
Devour It All! - The Backpacker by Ame-To-Inochi
Devour It All! - The Backpackerby Rain And Life
In A World Where Everyone Can Unlock An Alter Ego, Yours Is A Backpack Which Devours... Basically Everything!
Rebel by Rin_Chi_Hatake
Rebelby HIATUS
Mimi Uzi is champion of the Kalos Region. Mimi loved to battle a lot but lost her love of battling during an incident. She no longer feels excited watching her pokemon b...
hairdryer by Ghost_toast231
hairdryerby Livi
this was random. This story reflects my friendship with my best friend. Hope this is good. I will try to update the story every week.
Abnormal fuck by dontmindzeclown
Abnormal fuckby •C•L•O•W•N•
A short walk in the forest as it seems no? Yup, just a short walk in the forest... nothing could go wrong right? I mean, i have scissors in my school bag and i have extr...
daddy's little whore by wh0reos
daddy's little whoreby wh0reos
brooklyn huttson, 19, moves from colorado to one of the most wealthiest parts of illinois. brooklyn travels alot. she had been since she was little. she travels be cause...
Backpack ➳ h.s [au] by gymnasliam
Backpack ➳ h.s [au]by k
[COMPLETED] [SHORT STORY] ❝Why do you carry around that backpack?❞ ❝The same reason you carry around that smile. To hide all the pain.❞ or in which Bonnie and Harry get...
Adventures with Dora by Sierra_poopoohead
Adventures with Doraby boo
"hola soy dora-" "shut up bitch" a book about going on adventures with dora contains swearing highest rankings ;-; #19 in #backpack lolol thank you
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The Backpack by jaiyahbl
The Backpackby jaiyahbl
A 17 year old nerd girl trys to have fun.
Travel Tips + Trends by travel
Travel Tips + Trendsby Marriott TRAVELER
Preparing a trip? Whether it's with friends, family, or solo, we've got all the tips and trends to set you off on the right foot! Brought to you by Marriott Traveler
 Map x Backpack (from Dora of course) by 147293sRd
Map x Backpack (from Dora of I’m sorry 🥰
Lmao I feel high but I'm not and I really want to make this fun and an emotional rollercoaster so have fun
The werewolf backpack by ijuliet3
The werewolf backpackby ijuliet3
the horrifying story of the BACKPACK!
Backpack  by RussosC
Backpack by Cortesía Russos
What if your dreams came to life? When Sun runs away from home, she finds a backpack with a mysterious book inside, full of diary entries about dreams coming to life, wh...