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Sunlight on the waves // II2 Pirate Fantasy AU // Fanfiction // OLD by UndeadWitches
Sunlight on the waves // II2 UndeadWitches
The story of a crew of upbeat pirates who accidentally kidnap a french merchant, and two mermaids that break the rules as they both sail the 7 seas on a seemingly endles...
Inanimate Experiments | An II Comic by ClownTownUSA
Inanimate Experiments | An II Comicby Clown Icon 😻
WARNING !!! This is a comic with images that depict gore and blood!!! So be careful :•) Test Tube decides her Yin-Yang experiment wasn't enough for her Her vials of sol...
School Days (ii/bfdi crossover) by StormGloryx
School Days (ii/bfdi crossover)by read owlstead
an inanimate insanity/battle for dream island crossover human high school au. two schools are merging, and it goes about as well as you'd expect. which is to say not goo...
Inanimate Insanity memes by MysticFoxesBoi
Inanimate Insanity memesby Hazel ☆
I'm bored, just bunch of memes I guess? 🤷‍♀️
Missing Lightbulb by Starluun
Missing Lightbulbby
: Greetings to whoever reading this, this AU is after all of the seasons is finished and done. The main antagonist of this story will be Steve Cobs, as you can see i...
well wasn't that cheesy? (a trophy x cheesy fanfic) by -tortilla-chip-
well wasn't that cheesy? (a -tortilla-chip-
Don't mind if it's bad, I wrote this at like 1am, also, stuff might escalate rather quickly
"a second chance, in another place" (bfb/ii crossover) by Inotalrizha
"a second chance, in another inotalrizha
ii taco somehow made her way to the bfb ground, and they took care of her. maybe this is a chance to restart and make a new. this could be her second chance.... ii taco...
HOTEL MANAGER IN ME. (II STORY)  by haruhi_kun
OJ was struggling with bankruptcy. He had nothing and he lost his precious money, so he decided to take things a little more extreme. TW/CW Gore Breakdowns Suicide Killi...
I Don't Like Him! THAT'S FINAL! [Balloon x Nickel Fanfic] by YOURLOCALRATTTT
I Don't Like Him! THAT'S FINAL! [ YLR
[HUMANIZED] Why should I trust him? He's so manipulative. He's never gonna change. -enemies to lovers hahahajajsjdjfj- Is there gonna be some lemon and smut in this? I...
CASINO | II AU | REMAKE!! by YaboyCameron1
CASINO | II AU | REMAKE!!by Dumb sleep deprived person
I AM SCREAMING, the previous one had so much people reading it, and thanks so much! I wrote the au when I was a small infant, my drawing's improved and even my story tel...
It's nothing serious by troph_y
It's nothing seriousby troph_y
wee woo hiii- this is like my first story ever- and uh there's gonna be stuff like self harm eating disorders and stuff like that (I'll put warnings at the beginning of...
E L E V A T O R [II fanfic] by COLORFULSstoryacc
E L E V A T O R [II fanfic]by COLORFUL78
This will contain sensitive stuff and object gore. -- Nine contestants get trapped in a elevator 23 floors above the ground after a earthquake breaks the electrical syst...
II Kindergarten Beginning by Isabellaisafella
II Kindergarten Beginningby Isabella (Bella)
This will be a story on how some of the II characters met during there time in Kindergarten. We will be learning each of there stories and we'll see how they end up bein...
Fusion  by Sleepytilldawn
Fusion by
Paint brush, fan, light bulb and test tube were all close friends, they would always hang out until the day came. Test tube wanted to make an experiment similar to somet...
Fallen by ItzAutumnOfficial
Fallenby 🌙ItzMoon🌙
Lightbulb was kidnapped and tortured for days. Will she make it out alive?
Yin-Yang and the Search for Tissues (An Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction) by AngelaMorales114
Yin-Yang and the Search for Angela Morales
Shortly after the events of Taking Care of Our Tissues, Tissues gets worried that no one likes him after everything he has done. So, he runs away. But, little does he kn...
Tear Between Worlds || BFB/II Crossover by Dra_write_
Tear Between Worlds || BFB/II Dra_write_
BFB 15 just ended. Leafy is still thinking about the argument she had with Firey, she isolates herself from her team for some alone time with her thoughts. Then they sta...
Lightbulb and The Wizard Of Wonder-Ville [An Inanimate Insanity Fanfic] by 0kamiAoi
Lightbulb and The Wizard Of Aoi Ōkami
After being swept away by a tornado, Lightbulb and her pet Baxter find themselves in the strange, Vibrant world of Wonder-Ville. They meet up with some.. well, familiar...
Inanimate Insanity Headcanons & Shenanigans!!! by Hereforfanfic2612
Inanimate Insanity Headcanons & Random Fandom
Ok so... I have a couple few Inanimate Insanity hc I'd like to share. This book is mostly for fun tho, so I hope you have a good time reading this :D
Murderous Relationship | I.I Book by Lavender_world
Murderous Relationship | I.I Bookby Lavender_world
One Night the couple OJ and Paper we're fighting. Paper wants to break up and OJ was shocked to hear on what Paper just said. Apparently OJ was devastated and If he ca...