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|| Falling 4 you. || Cringy 4x fanfiction || by Liyana_Sux
|| Falling 4 you. || Cringy 4x fan...by Liyana_Sux
Two algebralians had feelings for eachother, but one was too scared to confess to the other.. ~Book will mainly be inspired by other 4x books~
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friends⎮bfb groupchat au by https-honei
friends⎮bfb groupchat auby tree fucker
A groupchat with BFB characters. Includes -Weird Ships -Stupid Drama -Gelatin being a little troublemaker -Donut and Barf Bag being the best parents ever
This is my first fanfic!! I have no idea on what to call it, so don't mind the title. This definitely aren't as good as others, since it's my first. I would like some fe...
"Such a crybaby!"/inanimate insanity by SadDinoNuggets
"Such a crybaby!"/inanimate insani...by SARAH CHOW KE WEI Moe
It all started when OJ locked them in their room.And a knife. And some other stuff blah blah blah.
Ask or Dare for a BFDI by InrealDude-
Ask or Dare for a BFDIby Inreal
After a long hiatus Four announces they're restarting BFB, and with a twist: The readers will be able to vote, ask, dare, and challenge the contestants! 64 people, one p...
(discontinued) ASK YIN-YANG !!! by bluespitter
(discontinued) ASK YIN-YANG !!!by 𖦹
[Discontinued , Asks are forever closed] ask a series of questions to us, yin-yang!! dont be overly sexual or threatening <-- [[COVER ART BY ☆// xue .#8938]] (as of o...
Osc x Reader Oneshots (REQS CLOSED TEMPORARILY) by RocketCake2341
Osc x Reader Oneshots (REQS CLOSED...by Soup
Osc characters kiss eachother? Osc characters kiss you? You can make it happen here, just req a ship and if it follows my guidelines then I'll write a cute lil story abt...
An unfamiliar world (BFB x Male Reader) by SlideGrocery
An unfamiliar world (BFB x Male Re...by Mazeo
You've heard rumors about there being some old ruins deep within the forest of your hometown. You decided to investigate to see if the rumors are true or not. Inspired o...
Random stuff! (Balloon Brainrot) by QianOfOne
Random stuff! (Balloon Brainrot)by Heart Mask / Kip
this was made from boredom so, this is just a random thing.. I won't be posting too much. sorry bout that, maybe I will if I can. anyways stay safe and take care of yo...
Object Show OneShots, Requests Closed! (I have lots of Requests to do) by 4_NobodyNod_4
Object Show OneShots, Requests Clo...by ☆BRYCE☆
Just a book of sweet Oneshots! This is my first piece of fanfiction. Please don't judge too harshly and I hope you enjoy! --------------------------- Requests are close...
Wisp's Artbook by WanderingStoryTelIer
Wisp's Artbookby WanderingStoryTelIer
Well here's a place for y'all to see my silly art since its been requested!!!
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker (BFDI sci-fi au) by elderthing107
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker (B...by elderthing107
In a twisted alternate universe, the BFDI contestants are no longer colorful individuals living freely in an island, simply participating in a weird game show full of za...
Home... (bfb//ii crossover)  by Inotalrizha
Home... (bfb//ii crossover) by Yzai
Something happened to Two that made them go feral, killing every TPOT contestant... except one... he survived because someone saved him. The person pushed him into anoth...
IDFB: Continued - an IDFB fanfic [COMPLETED] by Jabewostar
IDFB: Continued - an IDFB fanfic [...by Jabe :)
IDFB... one of BFDI's greatest mysteries. Have you ever noticed how in BFB, it's barely ever mentioned? The only reference to it is one mention of the wall teleporter, a...
Against the Universe - After ONE 18 by Sunset_Puzzle
Against the Universe - After ONE 18by Sunset Puzzle
Something's lurking behind Liam's back. Something's waiting until he lets his guard down. And though Liam is determined to learn the code and free his friends, he's left...
Teamwork is a skill we lack. (II SUPERHERO AU FIC) by Cosmo_Writes
Teamwork is a skill we lack. (II S...by Lukas
Meeple city, riddled with crime and supervillains. Though, with supervillains, there are superhero's to balance them out. Paintbrush has been stuck with a low level vill...
Tearing Under Pressure (A PayJay Comic) by HowSourFizz
Tearing Under Pressure (A PayJay C...by Fizz
*ONGOING* Hi! Thanks for reading! This is gonna take place during the events of Inanimate Insanity Invitational before and after Oj's elimination, but alot will be expl...
Ghost's BFB Book [COMPLETE] by phantoph0bia
Ghost's BFB Book [COMPLETE]by phantoph0bia
Basically, I made a lot of dumb shit: headcanons, short stories, ship judgements, etc, and then I put them here for everyone to look at. #1 artbook [1/12/21], [5/16/21] ...
Inanimate Insanity memes by MysticFoxesBoi
Inanimate Insanity memesby Hazel ☆
I'm bored, just bunch of memes I guess? 🤷‍♀️
☆PEOPLE EATER!☆》》 An inanimate insanity au《 by NOAH_NARDOZ
☆PEOPLE EATER!☆》》 An inanimate ins...by 《☆GAN_KEE☆》
'•FIRST BOOK IVE WRITTEN(1/?) ..And what exactly helps you with your stress, lightbulb?' Oj spoke; his words drowned out by the sound of other hotel members playing abou...