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Subject Crossover | Book 1(?) | Crossover Au | bad writing by Jerin0613
Subject Crossover | Book 1(?) | Happy baskets
They had a myth that objects can be found in different dimensions and can be used for all types of things, they can talk, they have blood and some may have side abilitie...
Tainted Trust | An HFJONE AU by xXstarfloodXx
Tainted Trust | An HFJONE AUby Star 💥
PTW: Cussing, blood, needles, gore, hallucinations, probably more that I can't currently name. Following ONE 18, instead of immediately going back to Earth using the com...
[CURRENTLY EDITING] Love in the air..(An AiryxReader fanfic-) by Meowzzawa
dies(cover by me, airy and some characters in this fict are not by me but from cheesyhfj) this is my first ever fanfict that also was a success the 2nd airyxreader fanfi...
[ONE - Reader Insert] by TBIFO_Official
[ONE - Reader Insert]by TBIFO 🇨🇿
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What if... (hfjONE-shots) by edgyphaze4everr
What if... (hfjONE-shots)by edgyphaze4everr
What if... Airy didn't die. Liam went insane. Tomato wasn't sent back. Airy went to TPOT and met the Algebraliens??? This is a book of individual scenarios surrounding t...
Hfjone group chat by MarshyMars26
Hfjone group chatby ILoveBryceywycey
Group chat hfjone real TW: SHIPS!!
the light within my lantern~ airy x reader (hfjone) by bigdaddyaxellol
the light within my lantern~ Axel
you died and woke up in the purgatory and after typing random numbers on the radio you woke up in a forest like place and found airy, and he decided to let you stay wit...
My Little Glowy by Turboshemp
My Little Glowyby Turboshemp
An AU where Airy finds a little baby in the forest, and since he was the only one there, he decides to raise her. This was created purely just for wholesomeness. I feel...
Be Quite, Be Caught [HFJONE AU] by Twogayppl
Be Quite, Be Caught [HFJONE AU]by Two people in one
WARNING: This AU has mentioned the following below. Mentions of trauma. Blood[?]. And violence. Happy reading! START DATE - 10/28/22 FINISHED DATE - 1/10/23
ONE again, again (hfjone au) by Airy45
ONE again, again (hfjone au)by 𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚗!!
Losing sanity, losing friends, losing lives. ONE is happening again.. again. For slightly over a year, Amelia Euler competed in a competition called ONE. She made friend...
One Again Again One-Shots (COMPLETE!) by Airy45
One Again Again One-Shots ( 𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚗!!
Sure, ONE is over, again, again, but the characters still have a ton of shenanigans to get into! Watch as they form relationships, fight their traumas, and... discover d...
Hfjone Preferences by Izthepup
Hfjone Preferencesby Izthepup
It's gonna be X reader. Few things similar to the hollow knight book I made.. Others are what could happen, like my Hazbin hotel one. Currently includes / will include: ...
Love Is In The Air | AIRY X LIAM ONE HFJONE by ChamenBuilden
Love Is In The Air | AIRY X LIAM Samuel Kentry
This story is about Liam and Airy from HFJ ONE, an object show that was made awhile back. I really love the fandom a lot! And so my friend suggested I make an Airy x Lia...
Airy In Another World [II x ONE] by Els2763
Airy In Another World [II x ONE]by ItzLC
*THE FIRST SEVEN CHAPTERS ARE PART OF THE ORIGINAL STORY IF YOU WANT THE NEW STORY SKIP TO " The end of a single world"* A few months ago Test Tube found out...
hfjONE-shots (hehe) by Unheard-of_stories
hfjONE-shots (hehe)by Unheard-of_stories
(Requests are open) see first chapter for details uhh, one shots of hfjONE I guess. I have a bunch of ideas flooding my brain so I decided to do something about it, and...
hfjONE characters in a group chat wowie by nuzffffffff
hfjONE characters in a group nuzffffffff
*HAS A BIT OF SHIPPING IN IT *mostly jokes enjoy whatever I make lol, I'll will stop making this when/if I don't like ONE anymore.
(HIATUS) (HFJONE AU) Only New Beginnings Start Here by sapleaf_
(HIATUS) (HFJONE AU) Only New Your.Local.Person
(Based on the Hfjone au story called "Back, But at what cost?" By KySketch. Also based on the de-humanization au by ecto-hazard) Before the show had started ba...
An Airxpunged shipping story by Phrognt
An Airxpunged shipping storyby Zee (Wow!)
Airy downloads a virus on his cool cave computer that contains a sentient dude! They end up becoming good friends due to how often they see each other, with Airy being a...
The Crazy, the lazy, the joyous and the sane (Object show story) by Springys1Stalker
The Crazy, the lazy, the joyous Springys1Stalker
All which was left on ur screens were static until the transportation was complete.. Here we have four weirdos being isolated in a dull planet with nothing but themselve...