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The Baby Stand (Completed) by Cooler_Than_You_101
The Baby Stand (Completed)by Cooler_Than_You_101
One night stands are tricky. Especially when there aren't any condoms involved. ... Stila: the 24-year-old college graduate still living with a roommate. A gay roo...
Temporarily His by lalamusicisme
Temporarily Hisby lalamusicisme
He needed a wife for his company, she needed money for her family. "Blaze the last thing I want you to do before I die is marry." Is what Blaze's Grandmother t...
Mine for the Year by catrynaa
Mine for the Yearby Catryna
Damon Blackwood. Soon to be CEO of Blackwood Industries. If you asked people to describe him, the first words that come to mind are "stoic" and "mean.&quo...
Finding Your Mate at His Bachelor Party?...Awkward. (Slowly Editing) by BryWrites
Finding Your Mate at His =)
So he's the groom and she's the stripper...think it stops there? Not even close. Throw in a -*crazed stalker-ish ex boyfriend *a psychotic, power-obsessed fiance' *the f...
Wife To Be by unshavedballs
Wife To Beby unshavedballs
!+18! Just a quick lil story for all my horny little readers;) Don't mind my grammatical errors:/ -------------------- Ava is a 25 yo girl ,who has found the love of her...
This Wicked Game 🏹 Larry Stylinson  by Ao3_books_
This Wicked Game 🏹 Larry Ao3_books_
An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, a...
The Day We Met ❤ by TheUniqueWrites
The Day We Met ❤by Anonymous Author
A Pure Imaginary FanFic Of SamSiv! Do Follow my Insta For more updates- @The.unique.writes! Spread Peace, Spread Love, Spread Positivity! 💗
Bachelor's Pad series book 13: THE MYSTERIOUS HEIR by maricardizonwrites
Bachelor's Pad series book 13: Maricar Dizon (Kelly Hart)
Maki Frias had always been a mystery. Hindi lang para sa mga residente ng Bachelor's Pad kundi para din sa kanyang sarili. Hindi niya alam ang kanyang pinanggalingan. He...
The Bad Boy Millionaire by Villian_Goddess
The Bad Boy Millionaireby Jessica💜
Marella Bruns just moved into the big apple of New York far from her original Hometown that was filled with forgettable and unforgettable memories, except what worst can...
My Lady Ghost by GossamerPink_0
My Lady Ghostby GossamerPink
Gossamerpink presents : Rachana was a girl who was dead in her mid 20s. When she was living, her only dream was to keep her family happy. It's been 20 years, when she w...
A Farmers Guide to Glory ☆*:.。.  by 1-800-0VERTHINK
A Farmers Guide to Glory ☆*:.。. by .。Wh0 R U 。.
☆*:.。. This book is to help guide YOU and other Stardew Valley players on their journey to a successful life in the valley! You'll be able to find villager information...
Savin' Us by itz_terry
Savin' Usby Terry-Ann
Evelyn and Marcel are the perfect couple. They love each other more than anything and they are inseparable...... Until Marcel drunkenly cheats on her with a woman from...
Skater boy (Sam x reader) by LK_11037
Skater boy (Sam x reader)by Fletch
It my bf (sadly not irl) from Stardew Valley SAM!!! He doesn't get enough appreciation in my opinion, so here we are!! When Y/N moves into Pelican Town for a fresh start...
Till Death Do Us Part... by pizza786
Till Death Do Us Sweetheart223
Aliña Hoffman, is a shy keep to yourself kinda girl, but she has a kindhearted feisty personality. Theodore Edwards, is a very handsome well known multi millionaire in...
Mesha Hired A Daddy(Completed) by andriegabriel
Mesha Hired A Daddy(Completed)by andriegabriel
She is tough,a very fearless mother,she will do everything to her daughter One day her daughter ask her to let her see his dad's picture Until her daughter post a video...
E N I G M A Book 2 by ChocoBonbon_V
E N I G M A Book 2by ANN
When you love someone but she's out of your league and you're dominated with your own standards and realized that woman is not her. How long will you endure denying your...
I was only ever yours by luv-me-23
I was only ever yoursby Mary Walsh
She is too kind for her own good He is down right rude She is the gentlest being on the face of the planet He is frighteningly brutal She is very timid He is very outgoi...
Marrying The Beast by officialgizellex
Marrying The Beastby officialgizellex
Suzette can't seem to find the money she needs to give herself and the people around her a good life. Blayze doesn't want to get married but to get the company he has to...
Little White of Secrets (Metro Series #2) by mscii_
Little White of Secrets (Metro c
Metro Series 2 of 3. Addie Lane Serraño is secretly inlove with her bestfriend's brother, Louis dela Cuest. With her all bravery and stubborness to pursue the man that...
Love of a Bachelor by GreenWillows
Love of a Bachelorby GreenWillows
As their love flourish, challenges appear and test their faith for each other's committment. Their differences and incompatibility put them in predicament. ****** Zane H...