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Temporarily His by lalamusicisme
Temporarily Hisby lalamusicisme
He needed a wife for his company, she needed money for her family. "Blaze the last thing I want you to do before I die is marry." Is what Blaze's Grandmother t...
The Kissing Game by mabrickson11
The Kissing Gameby Shannon Shirley
(COMPLETE) Harper is afraid of kissing. When her irrational fear ruins a perfect opportunity, it leaves Harper in a mess that she doesn't know how to get out of. Jack...
Taking Care of Mr. Kim by michycoronita
Taking Care of Mr. Kimby J E S U S ♡
For someone who is twenty-five, Peter sure is clueless. After his father's sudden sickness sends him to a hospital bed, it's Peter's job to carry on his company. Though...
Dib's Special Monkey by SkyDrxgxn
Dib's Special Monkeyby Sky Drxgxn
Dib decides to invoke the angry spirit of one of his favorite and - supposedly cursed - childhood toys in order to finally prove to his dad that his paranormal investiga...
Horror Zodiac by owomydearson
Horror Zodiacby Um Hi...?
Well... here we are again. Have a go at it, I guess. //SENSITIVE TOPICS WARNING//
One Dare. (Dylan O'Brien Fanfic) ON HOLD by itslynn
One Dare. (Dylan O'Brien Fanfic) O...by lynn
When 19 year old Rachel Collins and her 3 best friends play their annual game of truth or dare, and Rachel has to whisper seductive things into a strangers ear, she does...
Before We Were Strangers by lets-get-cray
Before We Were Strangersby Tina & Natalie
Everleigh Bennett sent a drunken text to a man that she once loved; a man that she left behind 3 years ago. The last thing she expected was a reply. Little did she know...
Anthology of Horror Stories by BSEDIVENGLISH
Anthology of Horror Storiesby BSED IV ENGLISH
HEARTBEATS is a book of Anthology of Horror Stories written by BSED IV-English, Creative Writing Class of 2021. Heartbeats contains various type of horror stories that w...
In Case of Wheelchair Zombies by CieraVaidya
In Case of Wheelchair Zombiesby Ciera Vaidya
Jack is a ghost tethered to his megalomaniacal walking...er, rolling corpse who has decided to made his own horde of handicapable zombies. If that wasn't bad enough, he'...
Fight For Mei by SaddishRaddish
Fight For Meiby Saddish Raddish'
(This is a fan story based off of I love Yoo from Quimchee) You stop looking for things you can have, and you stop caring for things that do care and care for the things...
Horror Stories by MsGorehound
Horror Storiesby MsGorehound
This book contains one-shot horror stories originally written by me. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE AND COMMENT. Thank you and enjoy! :)
THE OTHER SIDE by thwayyiba
THE OTHER SIDEby Fathimath Thwayyiba
Rahul, the protagonist of the story is an engineer and led a peaceful life. His life takes a turn after he started dreaming about a lady in white. Soon he realizes the m...
Saint Lou by robertbrockway
Saint Louby Robert Brockway
A rakish middle-aged Korean man with silver teeth makes a living as a 'Spiritual Assassin' - a kind of freelance exorcist. But the demons aren't what you think, and neit...
HASHTAG YOURS by JanviBhagat
HASHTAG YOURSby Janvi Bhagat
A practical minded girl, who doesn't believe in fictional stories but is very keen to help even her enemies. How her loving and caring nature puts her in New troubles e...
Niko and Akki by writingriver
Niko and Akkiby writingriver
Niko and Akki have been friends since birth, but Niko has a secret. She loves Akki. Read through this high school girl's journey of getting ready to come out to and ask...
Lancelot's Young Master by ilovepeterpants
Lancelot's Young Masterby ilovepeterpants
Si Gian Lancelot Mathew laking Engrassia. Isang graduating student. Si Claude Aston Williams laking siyudad at pinabalik ng kanyang magulang sa kanilang lupang tinubuan...
The Girl That Made My Heart Beat Again by dodorokiee
The Girl That Made My Heart Beat A...by Ace Kageyama
This story is about Ace who, for a long time, has been deemed an "otaku", and a "gloomy" person. One day he happens to meet a girl that was running f...
Finding Luci (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED) by krizzymaya
Finding Luci (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED)by Maya 👑
SOON ON PAPERBACK COPY. Message me for reservations! ** In search for someone you haven't even met, what will you do? -- Si Delilah, isang sikat na supermodel na naniniw...
Horror Survival Etiquette for the Modern Lady by Crystaldraconian
Horror Survival Etiquette for the...by Crystaldraconian
A must-have guide for the refined, proper lady who wants tips and tricks for taking down a serial killer with an axe while keeping her shoes tidy and her outfit wrinkle...
The Man on the Balete Tree by Arklainne
The Man on the Balete Treeby Rollyn Carm Giltura
A one-shot story about a middle age man who finds himself trapped in folklore.