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Heat From Fire by StaticBroadcast
Heat From Fireby StaticBroadcast
"Beware the first." Finding a spellbook at the library, a band are shocked to find out everything inside is real. However, while they set out with good intenti...
Enigmatic • HaruKyu by Uri_Peachyy
Enigmatic • HaruKyuby Uri Peachy
"Hey Junkyu, how does it feel like when you love someone so mysterious like Haruto?", Jihoon ponders. "His mysteriousness intrigues me so much that it wa...
Horror Zodiac by owomydearson
Horror Zodiacby Um Hi...?
Well... here we are again. Have a go at it, I guess. //SENSITIVE TOPICS WARNING//
Kyle Zane Kaiden: More Than Words To Say ( OH ) by Aria_feyre
Kyle Zane Kaiden: More Than Words...by Aria Feyre
Kyle Zane Kaiden and Hazel Nees Syera was the inseparable couple in their highschool but one day he left her without any reason. "Let's break up Nees." - Kyle...
The Love Interest by futurefavoriteauthor
The Love Interestby futurefavoriteauthor
Genevieve Hart is beyond ecstatic to hear she got the lead role as an infamous book heroine; Elowen Adair, in a Hayes Ford film series, and she's determined to stop at n...
The Diary of a Brokenhearted Man by HadjiSRieta
The Diary of a Brokenhearted Manby Hadji Rieta
Joseph Anthony Sarmiento is a graphic artist. He is currently working sa isang advertising firm na madalas ang kliyente ay mga kumpanya ng fast food chains at skin care...
Happy Ever After  by Preetx
Happy Ever After by Preetz
After Project Zohra changes her life once and for all, Naina is back in Mumbai balancing her work life along with her love life. But it doesn't end there, being with Ash...
Before We Were Strangers by lets-get-cray
Before We Were Strangersby Tina & Natalie
Everleigh Bennett sent a drunken text to a man that she once loved; a man that she left behind 3 years ago. The last thing she expected was a reply. Little did she know...
Stay by BookLove_xoxo
Stayby Mystery Girl ♕
"Baby..." The back of his hand slowly moved, touching my wet cheek "I'm sorry" his husky voice whispered sending shivers down my body, I slowly moved...
Straight to Video by mjean105
Straight to Videoby MJean105
Morgan is so excited to shoot an indie horror movie at a convenience store in the middle of nowhere. Not only is it her first film role, it's also her first lead role. ...
LIMBO by KeaganFinaughty
LIMBOby Keagan Finaughty
"Hello James", the nightmare crooned. A shiver traveled up his spine as he tried to reason out how the thing knew his name. It took all of his will power to r...
Niko and Akki by writingriver
Niko and Akkiby writingriver
Niko and Akki have been friends since birth, but Niko has a secret. She loves Akki. Read through this high school girl's journey of getting ready to come out to and ask...
Anthology of Horror Stories by BSEDIVENGLISH
Anthology of Horror Storiesby BSED IV ENGLISH
HEARTBEATS is a book of Anthology of Horror Stories written by BSED IV-English, Creative Writing Class of 2021. Heartbeats contains various type of horror stories that w...
How I did it by OMirkaily
How I did itby O. Mirkaily
I don't like monotonous tasks. Waking up, going to work, going home and then to bed. Life is supposed to be more than that. Isn't it? But I am one of the lucky ones. I f...
The Children of Death, Book Five, The Battle of Sin and Virtue by MattheoWritesStuff
The Children of Death, Book Five...by MattheoWritesStuff
No one wanted this to happen, let's be honest. But it's happening. And everyone is risking their lives to stop it.
[In the corner] by swagwolf98
[In the corner]by Sweet baby Jesus
It was all fun and games, until . . .
The Day I Said I Love You (Avelleño Series #1) by sincerelyhaliya
The Day I Said I Love You (Avelleñ...by Haliya
Ty Acuellos, a med student from Riverdale Academy, met the rich man's daughter Maui Salvacion, the famous actress and law student from Newton University. Along with the...
Fucked up Nights  by Blue_Strawberry130
Fucked up Nights by Blue_Strawberry130
Fatlord, Karen, Bob, and Shithead all decide to stay at a hotel but that hotel isn't normal
My Perfectly Normal and Completely Natural High School romance by DoctorPeggy
My Perfectly Normal and Completely...by DoctorPeggy
"It's not so bad as that. A Netflix drama would involve a lot more pain. And also maybe a love triangle. Or pentagon. Or icosahedron or whatever. And a whole bunch...
Micah Doyle Gets a Job by AmandaArcane
Micah Doyle Gets a Jobby Amanda Arcane
Micah Doyle is a twenty-year-old who has never learned any other way to live except survival mode. To the outsider looking in, he might seem shiftless, unmotivated, and...