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A Second Chance (ANOTHER IT'S US CREW FANFIC!) by Starslayer_64
A Second Chance (ANOTHER IT'S US Starslayer_64
So basically this is how I imagine it would be if Don, Dick, and Dashlie ended up back in THQ and out of their "Copy" world. Enjoy 'w'
  • jon
  • zres
  • nick
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Imaginary Friends  by IHaveNoCleanShirts
Imaginary Friends by k a i
-Cover made by my friend Wendy, it's not mine- There is an imaginary friend and a child. They're probably closer than any others, closer than the child's mother wants th...
  • ashlie9596
  • imaginaryfriend
  • cheezybreezi
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Alola ( Discontinued ) by JamesOwO
Alola ( Discontinued )by James
Ash had confessed his love to Serena but she doesn't feel the same way. Ash decided to travel again to another region which he would meet a new kind of friend, Pokemon...
  • ashxlillie
  • lillie
  • catwriterlol
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One Shots!!! NewScapeCrew/Youtubers by BiancaWrites168
One Shots!!! NewScapeCrew/Youtubersby Blue Mist
I will be writing, X Readers and non X Readers. If you would like to suggest any feel free.
  • aphmau
  • jon
  • newscapepro
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No More Worries - Aureliashipping by JoeyThePiplup
No More Worries - Aureliashippingby Joey
New Region, New Me. And a new opportunity to learn about the Alola region opens up as a Pokémon school begins. According to the application it lasts three weeks and help...
  • asxlillie
  • aureliashipping
  • pokemon
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Save me(thefamousflims AU) by Ioliveyoualot
Save me(thefamousflims AU)by Jamie
All the characters Belong to Thefamousflims and Jonjon!(exept my ocs I might put in here) This is a au so it Might follow the Real series it might not enjoy!
  • thefamousflims
  • quinny
  • queen-kat
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What We Could Do Together by TheOneAndOnlyPotato1
What We Could Do Togetherby **☆〜♥︎Potato♥︎〜☆~**
This is a story about seven friends: Cory, Ashlie, Nick, Uni, Tommy, and Jon They aren't like everyone else... They're outcast from society, but little do they know tha...
  • tommy
  • uni
  • zres
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everyone wants jonjon by Depressed_Lulu
everyone wants jonjonby Lulu reyes
I don't know why people don't ship jon jon and zees I mean there the perfect ship.everytime I search up jonjon x zres I see only one jonjon x zres. THEY KISSED THEY FUCK...
  • jonjon
  • unixcory
  • zres
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Newscapecrew One Shots {Discontinued} by Valree76
Newscapecrew One Shots { Tiffy game 130
×I don't do smut because it makes me uncomfortable and I don't see why people like it, sorry!× •Angst and Fluff in the book though•
  • newscapecrew
  • ashlie
  • unicomics
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Truth Or Dare  newscapepro and gang by Blocksterwolf
Truth Or Dare newscapepro and gangby Blocksterwolf
you can ask dares are random questions ( cover art not mine ) you can ask : cory ashlie jon tommy nick ( zres ) uni dawn Peridot skelton ( or per ) and me ( blocksterwo...
  • uni
  • wattys2018
  • dare
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Ask or Dare The Newscapegang and the D-gang. by An_Akward_Alien
Ask or Dare The Newscapegang and Akwardly Akward
Night:*Points to Title* Author~Chan: Give an actual summary? Naw. Ask or Dare: Cory, Uni, Nick, Jon, Dawn, Ashlie, Tommy, Dory, Duni, Dick, Don, DDawn, Dashlie, and Dom...
  • ships
  • d-gang
  • dawnofriku
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Newscapecrew Headcannons by fwincch
Newscapecrew Headcannonsby uh
This is what happens when I have writing block. WELCOME TO HELL
  • newscapepro
  • cory
  • tommy
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Zron Oneshots :3 by TirenTheDemonShifter
Zron Oneshots :3by TirenTheDemonShifter
Ok this is my first ever time MAKEING a book but I tend to read this stuff offen if I get any words wrong can you maybe tell me? Other than that I think that's all I got...
  • zron
  • whateveryouwant
  • ashlie
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Monsters by Ishiko_marissa
Monstersby Ishiko_Marissa
Nick,Cory,and Dawn are monsters. Uni,Tommy,and Jon are monster hunters. What happens when they meet?
  • jonjon
  • newscapepro
  • dawnofriku
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Just in Fifteen Days by RedRubie
Just in Fifteen Daysby Sakshi
"I don't want you to go," I said, hugging him tight. "Fifteen days and you already fell in love?" He smirked, flirting for the first time in his life...
  • froyandlilimar
  • adventure
  • froy
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Stick together A UniComics story  by kittyandsquad
Stick together A UniComics story by Kitty
Description- Nick, and Jon, were kidnapped for 6 years, When they finally seen a chance to escaped, They took their chances and escape their kidnapper.A year later they...
  • cory
  • jon
  • nick
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Stuck in Dead by Daylight by chloestarzbs
Stuck in Dead by Daylightby The_Mute
Ashlie9596. Zres. FrozenGargon. UNiCOMICS. NewScapePro. The 5 of them are stuck in dead by daylight, except they don't know it. All they remember is waking up in an unfa...
  • ashli9596
  • tommy
  • horror
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College by Nightmare219453
Collegeby Nightmare219453
This story contains of six well seven main characters but eh,with their own ability's but humans call them monsters. Ashlie a werewolf but is an Ultima no one knows she'...
  • unicomics
  • frozengargon
  • ashlie
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(It's Us Crew Fan Fic) Behind My Eyes (On Hold) by Starslayer_64
(It's Us Crew Fan Fic) Behind My Starslayer_64
As said above this is a fan fiction of the It's Us Crew, (Jon, Nick, Ashlie, and Uni). This is the first piece of work I've ever even considered showing the world, but...
  • fanfiction
  • shootzki
  • zres
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newscapecrew oneshots by pastelbluberry
newscapecrew oneshotsby Hello babe
  • newscapecrew
  • oneshots
  • uni
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