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Garden | j. green by humansunflower
Garden | j. greenby killa ky
in which it was first all a bet to him or in which she learns vulnerability
Love Like That | j. green by humansunflower
Love Like That | j. greenby killa ky
in which he wants to settle down or in which she feels her wings have been clipped
B.U.D.D.Y | b. boston jr #LLTC by humansunflower
B.U.D.D.Y | b. boston jr #LLTCby killa ky
in which they both swore it was casual or in which it wasn't casual at all #LLTC
Kat Got Your Tongue? (Sherlock X OC) ~BOOK 1~ by Immortality4646
Kat Got Your Tongue? (Sherlock X O...by Kat Styles
"The game, Mrs Hudson, is on!" ~~~ "Tax- ugh." Sherlock says getting cut off as another body runs into him, the other person falling to the ground. ...
Teenage Love Affair | s. cooper #LLTC (EDITING!) by humansunflower
Teenage Love Affair | s. cooper #L...by killa ky
in which she could've sworn that he wanted her friend first or in which an affair was bound to happen
Sherlock and The Woman by Ibaraz
Sherlock and The Womanby Ibaraz
Post-season 3 of Sherlock BBC. Two years ago, Sherlock Holmes faked his suicide and has since gone back to his old life at Baker St. When the mysterious Irene Adler retu...
Cosmic Optimist [1] {STEVE HARRINGTON} by sadnessofsaturn
Cosmic Optimist [1] {STEVE HARRING...by A
Steve Harrington learns to look at life a little differently after a midnight conversation with Tali Henderson. Steve Harrington x OC Book 1 of Cosmic Optimist Series St...
I fell in love with a basketball player * COMPLETE* by imaginemaker35
I fell in love with a basketball p...by imaginemaker35
Cali and Omar run into each other at school while practicing Omar falls for Cali will they work out or not?.....
Newscapepro incorrect quotes by Coryisgay
Newscapepro incorrect quotesby Gayhomo69
I know this series is old (im just doing cory,triana,cory,hooper,and uni,so im doing the scp one) but rewatched the series and forgot how much i loved it,and i thought i...
A Jaws Retelling by Ringoism
A Jaws Retellingby Madison
A young woman has washed up on the shores of Amity Island, surrounded by boat wreckage, with no sign of any other surviving shipmates-and no recollection of who she is o...
The Other Side | s. o'neal by humansunflower
The Other Side | s. o'nealby killa ky
in which he's in love with his best friend or in which she would do almost anything to be on the other side
The Grace Chronicles by gracewatson221B
The Grace Chroniclesby gracewatson221B
Grace Watson, the sister to John Watson and the love interest to Sherlock Holmes. This collection includes the many stories of how Grace and Sherlock fell in the love an...
The Other One *Editing* by missagentpotter
The Other One *Editing*by Ellie
Click. Click. Someone's breaking in at 221B Baker Street. Step. Step. They're coming up the stairs. The great detective opens to the door to find the perfect deduction w...
Part Time Girl | l. ball (EDITING!) by humansunflower
Part Time Girl | l. ball (EDITING!)by killa ky
in which a part time girl meets someone who wants her full time
Painting Murders - (A Sherlock fanfic) by Tinytotsmc
Painting Murders - (A Sherlock fan...by Tinytot
Everly Sapphire is struggling through life. Her mum's gone; her dad's wrapped up in a drinking problem, trying his hardest to be the best he can be even though he's sick...
Till It Happens To You | q. grimes by humansunflower
Till It Happens To You | q. grimesby killa ky
in which he teaches her that it's okay to not be perfect or in which she learns it's okay to love again