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Johnlock Oneshots (Requests are closed) by Princeofflies
Johnlock Oneshots (Requests are cl...by 👑Prince of Flies🪰
Finished. All requests that are asked now aren't going to be written. Just some Johnlock one-shots. This will include Mystrand and Mormor. I really like writing soulmate...
the day we connected // drarry by babylupin
the day we connected // drarryby ˗ˋˏ bb loops ˎˊ˗
Drarry with a dash of Pansmione and a few little snippets of Deamus. [ disclaimer: this is a 30 day otp challenge book ]
30 Day OTP Challenge [ShiIta] by bluewhitesky166
30 Day OTP Challenge [ShiIta]by bluewhitesky166
[Shisui x Itachi] Expect fluff, smut, the occasional goofiness, maybe some angst, but mostly these dorks being adorable together. I've labelled the ones having Mature C...
30 Day OTP Challenge!! {Shigaraki X Chiskai} by xiaosalmondtofu
30 Day OTP Challenge!! {Shigaraki...by crying sounds
yeyeyeyeyey Like the title says- I hope I can do this! edit: ew yucky >:( this book yucky
30 Day OTP Challenge ~Cross x Dream~ by DreamerPup366
30 Day OTP Challenge ~Cross x Drea...by Call me Core!
Cream is my OTP! Welcome to my first OTP Challenge featuring Cross x Dream!
30 Day OTP Challenge: RinHaru by problematic_fave
30 Day OTP Challenge: RinHaruby that's life.
The 30 Day OTP challenge for RinHaru Enjoy!
Spideychelle 30 day OTP Challenge (Casual) by spiderworm_
Spideychelle 30 day OTP Challenge...by Spidz
This is a Spideychelle OTP challenge (casual) I hope you enjoy it! P.S this ends on day 27 as I had no inspiration to write anything for what the last 3 chapters where...
Kustard 30 day otp challenge by Leafnyx
Kustard 30 day otp challengeby Leafnxy ♡︎
I'm doing a 30 day otp challenge about kustard (because its my favorite ship) i did not make the cover.
30 Day •OTP• Challenge!•{{SasuSaku}}•completed by TomokoTamura
30 Day •OTP• Challenge!•{{SasuSaku...by 🍒Jinchūriki🌸
this is a Challenge of writing 30 sasusaku onehsot in 30 day! I finshed it^^ Compeleted ✔
- 30 Day OTP Challenge - ~ Insomnia (ErrorDream) ~ by BrightLikeStar
- 30 Day OTP Challenge - ~ Insomni...by Catto
The title explains everything and this is my OTP. B) Ah yes, the Insomnia queen had FINALLY make a book about their OTP. INSOMNIA / ERRORDREAM SHIPPERS, WHERE ARE YOU AT...
30 DAY OTP CHALLENGE (Penny x Kid) by AmethystMoonAishi
30 DAY OTP CHALLENGE (Penny x Kid)by AmethystMoonAishi
Before you read this, go follow EmilyForever14 because they inspired me to do this and they have a 30 day OTP book with Carla and Monty. So read that and go follow them...
30 Day PruAus Challenge  by froppybird
30 Day PruAus Challenge by Mika returns
Gonna try and do it day to day with May, using PruAus and the 30 Day otp challenge yayy
𝒔𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒏 || 30 day otp challenge » m. may & p. coulson by AliceParrilla_18
𝒔𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒏 || 30 day otp challen...by 𝓐𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓮
SATURN | 30 day otp challenge ─ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ─ philinda ─ cover by : me ─ belongs to MCU
30 Day OTP Challenge - Pitcest (Pit X Dark Pit) by icaruswrites
30 Day OTP Challenge - Pitcest (Pi...by Icaruswrites
The "30 Day OTP Challenge" featuring Pit X Dark Pit. **PG13** (Mainly fluff) - Kid Icarus and it's characters belong to Nintendo.
Turtle's OTP Challenge by tatorutaruto
Turtle's OTP Challengeby yikes
Embrace the Ereri.... Embrace it. {WARNING: This is some of my first Ereri. Read at your own risk.} •Completed~ December 14, 2014• Disclaimer: I OWN THE STORY PLOTS. I D...
Hajime X Chiaki / 30 Day OTP Challenge ( Sfw ) by bananachocolatecrepe
Hajime X Chiaki / 30 Day OTP Chall...by かわいい
Hey! this is my First story on wattpad so I'm sorry if it isn't as good as others !! I haven't seen anyone do this challenge with chiaki and hajime so I decided to...
Nezushi 30 Day Challenge by TheWonderfulE
Nezushi 30 Day Challengeby Dead Account
I will no longer be using Wattpad, however, I will keep up what I have written. However, I do not think this work accurately represents me currently, or how I write curr...
Komahina 30 Day OTP Challenge by DanganFan3560
Komahina 30 Day OTP Challengeby DanganFan3560
Thought I'd give this a try... yep... XD.
30 day OTP challenge by cherryplays12
30 day OTP challengeby Inactive/Moved
Welp time to Hop into Cuphead and Try out Devildice! Ones to expect are 01 - Holding hands(✅) 02 - Cuddling somewhere (✅) 03 - Gaming/watching a movie (✅) 04 - On a dat...
30 Day Otp// Palletshipping  by ggaart1273
30 Day Otp// Palletshipping by Ggart1273
So basically I'm given a list of 30 writing prompts and I have to write about it but it has to be about a ship I did one about narumitsu but that was the point when I f...