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Greatest Love of All.. by SociallyAkwkardGirl
Greatest Love of SociallyAkwkardGirl
"I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?" Bei...
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Gem in the Rough ( Boyx Boy) by Stories_with_Words
Gem in the Rough ( Boyx Boy)by Stories_with_Words
Adrian Knox is a genius kid who'd rather stay asleep in his bed than go to school, which is weird because he's so good at it. His mother decided on a crazy whim to reloc...
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Sleep over by darknight_lost
Sleep overby Mariah
I just wanted to spend the night at my brothers house *includes molestein probably just a 1 or 2 chapters unless I want to make it fiction
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Lost and Found (Boyxboy) by ALEXxTOBY
Lost and Found (Boyxboy)by Alex Ben
Maxx Green was a happy, energetic thirteen-year-old. He lived with his mom, dad, and big brother. He wasn't the most popular kid at school but he didn't care either. He...
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Book of scars by A_D_M_C
Book of scarsby Princess~
Everything bad in my life....
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Simply Suicide by UrGreatestSiin
Simply Suicideby UrGreatestSiin
Fourteen year old Felicia has just been accepted into the school musical, Children of Eden. Its all fun in rehearsal, especially after she meets Devin. A twenty one year...
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Diary of a Depressed Teenager by buggabee
Diary of a Depressed Teenagerby Lexi Carpenter
This is the story of a regular girl. The normal teenager, as some might say. But this story is about what lies beneath what people see. What goes on in her mind, her...
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Poems about depression  by Suicidalbitch1
Poems about depression by Suicidalbitch
Just another suicidal teen
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Suicide Note by byrnesge
Suicide Noteby Genevieve Byrnes
A fourteen year old girl decides to end her life after one particularly horrid day. This story details Gena's last day on Earth as well as her reasons why.
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It Hurts by JaylenEthens18
It Hurtsby StanBTSandBP🌹💜
Jungkook seems like any ordinary boy, always smiling and happy. What people don't know is the truth he hides behind his smile...
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Miserable Faded by azumiYuki132
Miserable Fadedby Azumi
It's a story of a strong woman Carrie , who got abused, molested ,she's in loved and cheated, despite of everything she need to rise up again and embrace the world and...
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Molested By The Closets One... by littlefoot0007
Molested By The Closets littlefoot0007
This is a story about a little girl who was molested by the one she loved the most, the one she trusted the most, and the one that she was blood related to..To find out...
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Innocence  by CamCanWrite
Innocence by CamCanWrite
"How about you come over?" That one seemingly harmless question would change poor innocent 7 year old Claire's life forever. That visit to her friends house w...
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Diamond by nono0404f
Diamondby _.riyaahhh
"A dime a dozen" Starting Line: October 12, 2019 Finish line: ....
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Silent Power by KYMatthews
Silent Powerby Karen
Elizabeth King has struggled with men since her childhood starting with her father, abuse as a teenager, and the men that have used her in her adulthood. She learns to t...
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Her-Story by titaniamorgen
Her-Storyby 빌리에조
If you are about to click this and expect a happy story with a happy ending, don't click that button. There is none of that here. There is no white knight in shining arm...
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Tommy and Annabel by barbie_barf
Tommy and Annabelby lolita
Tommy losses it all one night. Out of desperation and impending insanity he is determined to get some of it back, even if what he takes isn't his. Trigger warning: Will...
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Anything For You (Natsu X Gildarts) by AllUsernamesInvalid
Anything For You (Natsu X Gildarts)by Invalid_Idiot
"I love Natsu with all my heart.. I'll do anything for him. I'll do anything for Natsu to be my mate. I'll do anything for Natsu whether he likes it or not. Natsu w...
Saved by the boys.. by CarissaF12
Saved by the CarissaF12
Allison Stabler has been beaten, raped, molested, passed around between her captor's friends, and locked up since she was kidnapped at the age of 3 years old when her ca...
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Lavid by Lil__Kookie
Lavidby Gid_Kook
Lucas rapes David in an alleyway and David really enjoyed it. They get together and become great life buddies and husband's and have the most fun molesting children.
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