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Monster boyfriend imagines  by raekentalbot
Monster boyfriend imagines by Serpent queen 🐍🐍
About monster-boyfriends can send requests in if want to it will be Morden and also medieval
Inhuman by swxxtsoul
Inhumanby A
"You couldn't love a monster, Lily. Don't even try, I don't deserve it" Salem's dark voice growled, his head nuzzling sweetly into Lily's neck. He didn't want...
The Fae and the Forest: Requests Open by Exophiliac_Fiction
The Fae and the Forest: Requests Exophiliac Fiction
Fae, Plant Monsters, and more! This is a compilation of reader inserts for creatures typically found in plant filled and forest environments. I also take request!
Bitter Depth by Eriannelove
Bitter Depthby Erianne A. Knight
Set after Hotel Transylvania 2. The Count is lonely, but new life and struggles begin to ensue.
The Creature by Spooky_Goblin_Tea
The Creatureby Zoe Bradford-Johnson
What would happen if Frankenstein's Monster had been taken in and shown kindness by another after Victor had cast him out into the world? If not by his creator then by a...
Monster Academy by _shorthairline
Monster Academyby S H O R T H A I R G I R L
"I always thought our world is composed of us humans, but it all changed when I met the five individuals who make me realise that humans don't own the earth, We ca...
Loving mother to horrid monster by MediEvilfan99
Loving mother to horrid monsterby M
this is my OC's Medusa's story of how she she became who she is.
A Touch of Chaos by krazydiamond
A Touch of Chaosby Kristin Jacques
The loss of her companion Yosepf has left Lady Agatha bereft, reeling even while she must help repair the fractures left by Jacob Henderson's meddling to her world. But...
my ocs  by deathbyatrap
my ocs by IATEAGOAT
this is just where I'm dumping my ocs
A Surprising Dose of Supernatural Love by Jackaljack13
A Surprising Dose of Jackaljack♾
Ever wonder what it's like to deal with everyday life while taking care of monster boys and girls? Well thanks to the month old Prodi Program, it is now possible to beco...
The Romance of monsters  by HaileyDelarm135
The Romance of monsters by Hailey Delarm
Why Not? by Bluescrolls
Why Not?by Bluescrolls
Juzo, has started her first day at Misfits High. A Highschool for monsters, and creatures alike. Juzo, is a ghoul- but nobody else knows that. Ghouls are forbidden at Mi...
Magnetic by Thistlewoods
Magneticby Thistlewoods
A short teratophilia story. A unusual romance finds an bitter end.
The Fluff Of Hearts by TheCatIsWatching
The Fluff Of Heartsby TheCatIsWatching
A girl named Elizabeth lives in a village that gets taunted by a creature. She goes out to see this creature and ends up finding him. Also finds herself falling for him.
That's Not Who I Am by AmazingIsai
That's Not Who I Amby AmazingIsai
Eight-year-old Lazari (creepypasta) has to live with herself with a dead mom. She tries not to accept her new life, denying it's who she is.