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i spy a demon | yeongyu by taepiocapearls
i spy a demon | yeongyuby taehyun
«don't you know lust is a sin, darling?" he pressed his thumb on beomgyu's lower lip. when beomgyu accidentally summons a demon, yeonjun, and now has to try influen...
Love Me Bro by hueningina
Love Me Broby idoesntshine
yeonjun: beomgyu bro why didn't u tell me u went to dogcafe, i thought we're suppose to be together forever bro soobin: yeonjun hyung, you know private message exists ri...
The Bully's Fuck Buddy ; Beomjun by yawnzgyu
The Bully's Fuck Buddy ; Beomjunby ATLAS
Where "don't fucking disrespect me' turns into 'only you can talk to me like that.' ** Beomgyu's a brat and Yeonjun hates people who give him attitude. Although his...
your beautiful smile ; yeongyu [COMPLETED] by -waeng
your beautiful smile ; yeongyu [ m a g g i e
Will Beomgyu fall in love with Yeonjun also if Taehyun tries to stop their relationship because of a misunderstanding? (story contains cute Yeongyu interaction + a jealo...
yours | beomjun  by squgyufics
yours | beomjun by squgyu
[ will be on twitter ] - "You're?" - "Choi Beomgyu." - "Oh, then you're mine." 🏆#9 - yeongyu 🏆#7 - kidols 🏆#5 - kidols 🏆#2 - kidols...
secret diary ; yeongyu [writing] by -waeng
secret diary ; yeongyu [writing]by m a g g i e
And all because of a diary, a fucking diary that Beomgyu forgot in the art class. Beomgyu has a secret diary where he writes his feelings and problems, what if one day h...
DΣΛƬΉ'Ƨ KIƧƧ [ʙᴇᴏᴍᴊᴜɴ] ✓ by cornelia_rei
DΣΛƬΉ'Ƨ KIƧƧ [ʙᴇᴏᴍᴊᴜɴ] ✓by Z-elle
"You are my forbidden desire, and loving you is a sin." Where Beomgyu felt the 'fear at first sight' to the mysterious man. Yet, he never wanted to run away fr...
ωнєи ι'м ωιтн уσυ | Beomjun/Yeongyu by tinythyun
ωнєи ι'м ωιтн уσυ | Beomjun/Yeongyuby ski♡
Destiny made them meet again but will they make it worth? ~ωнєи ι'м ωιтн уσυ~ Beomjun/Yeongyu ♡♡ Highest #1 in Yeongyu #10 in Beomjun Thank you <3
I Find Peace in You ; Beomjun by yawnzgyu
I Find Peace in You ; Beomjunby ATLAS
Yeonjun has enough of his popular friends bullying Beomgyu for being gay, this results in him doing something none of them expected to prove a point. ** -..."Don't...
↤↤ ѕocιal вυттerғly ↦↦ ~ (ʏᴇᴏɴɢʏᴜ/ᴛxᴛ) by JustLookInAKook
↤↤ ѕocιal вυттerғly ↦↦ ~ (ʏᴇᴏɴɢʏᴜ 🍒💋𝘳𝘢𝘸𝘳
Shit, I think I'm starting to like u.. {read} Well fuck - ~ Yeonjun is Social. Beomgyu is not. Yeonjun just mentally broke up with his girlfriend & is lonely. Beomgyu...
Yeongyu The love of my life(Completed) by swxxt_dxrkncc
Yeongyu The love of my life( 🖤LuLu🖤
Beomgyu is a quite boy who avoids people. What will happen when the school's most popular guy (yeonjun) falls for him? This is my first ff and story sorry if this be...
mon-fri | yeongyu by 0boob0
mon-fri | yeongyuby basement boy ?
"what would you like today?" "you." "...i'm sorry?" yeongyu fluff au + short chapters completed cliché started: 03042022 published: 040420...
Start Line  //  YEONGYU by dokidokiboke
Start Line // YEONGYUby Kellynn Lynn
Beomgyu is a trainee under HYBE Labels. Beomgyu has an unhealthy obsession with his sunbae from the company, Yeonjun. **Social Media AU** !!! I UPDATE WHEN I CAN !!!
Hate Your Guts | BeomJun by linguinialfredo
Hate Your Guts | BeomJunby 🥖bread🥖
| TXT Beomgyu x Yeonjun | Soulmate AU | Most people use the fact that whatever is drawn on their body appears on their soulmates as a way to send their soulmates sweet n...
Keep me in Ur Arms | YeonGyu FANFICTION ✔ by Alekxtimia
Keep me in Ur Arms | YeonGyu 𝙗𝙡𝙪
Choi Beomgyu, who's living his normal High School life, was accused of spreading some rumors about a scandal of the school's most genius and quiet guy, Choi Yeonjun. 04...
The Angel or Devil Problem by DraftingComicBird
The Angel or Devil Problemby DraftingComicBird
Human Hueningkai, reaches puberty and needs help making decisions in life when his angel and devil get assigned! but- two extra ones? Hueningkai was shocked to find out...
ᵍᴬʸˢ 【†×† Chatroom】 by bear___gyu
ᵍᴬʸˢ 【†×† Chatroom】by BottomGyu
lickTHEdick: Did they just sell me a torn condom!!? anyGays I first need to convince my babyboi. I'm so done with everyone here. My username is on periodt. cut...
what the fuck dude. /yeongyu/ by sunoboki
what the fuck dude. /yeongyu/by sunoboki
hello im gonna make beomgyu be a emo stoner cuz why the fuck not i hope u already know that this book is gonna contain /drugs /strong language /spelling errors and ill...
Playlist For You ; Beomjun by yawnzgyu
Playlist For You ; Beomjunby ATLAS
'Are you jealous or something?' _____ 'A best friend isn't meant to be someone you fall for so why the hell is it so hard to think of you with someone else?' Published:...
Spoiled Brat ; Beomjun by yawnzgyu
Spoiled Brat ; Beomjunby ATLAS
"If you think that I won't put you in your place, then your sadly mistaken." Used to getting his own way, Beomgyu refuses to listen to Yeonjun who eventually...