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Male! Blue Gems x Reader (STEVEN UNIVERSE) by WestwardEggplant
Male! Blue Gems x Reader (STEVEN WestwardEggplant
Man, I love writing this kinda stuff :) I am so glad I'm keeping this fluffy.
Steven Universe Characters x Reader 1 Shots by Aviacc98
Steven Universe Characters x I have written
Advisory: This is one of my old books and therefore is full of grammatical mistakes and awkward phrasing. The chapters are on the shorter side, and I would highly recomm...
the Diamonds favourite killing machine by Gaster554
the Diamonds favourite killing Feeling a little bit better
*Samael Saga: part 2* ever since Samael was abandoned by the people he once called family an anger began to boil inside him and finally his revenge will be complete. wat...
only girl in section aquamarine by jannescalnte
only girl in section aquamarineby Jem
matalino maganda sexy hot cool mayaman yan si hyacinth zallana zaika Lopez Clarkson nag iisang anak ng CEO ng Clarkson group of Inc at famous designer tagapagmana ng com...
Siren Princess {Siren Fanfic} by A21teeluga
Siren Princess {Siren Fanfic}by A21teeluga
It's based on the siren series though there will be a lot of changes, adding my own story. In this story the siren Ryn goes to Bristol Cove to find her sister on land an...
That Girl by hemmocliffxrd
That Girlby mak
She is different. In a good way. The kind of different that attracts people like me. She isn't exactly an outcast, because she deliberately decided to have no friends an...
Justice league x reader oneshots by kelanne_2003
Justice league x reader oneshotsby Kellyanne
Just alot of justice league x reader oneshots some of them will be my own and some of them ill find on the Internet.
Ind. MultiFandom Roleplay Book by riveroses
Ind. MultiFandom Roleplay Bookby 𝐤 ☻
Welcome to my Ind. Fandom Roleplay! Inside you will find a collection of my different characters. Be sure to read the 'Rules' chapter first though! ☻ - k
Steven Universe: Beyond The Mirror by AmethystCesarl
Steven Universe: Beyond The Mirrorby A̴̶͘M̡̕͘È̷Ţ́͡͞H̸̀͠Y͏̷͏S̴̵̛͜...
On a fateful night, Steven breaks the mysterious Lapis Lazuli out of her mirror. Joining her on her journey to get back to the elusive Homeworld, Steven starts to realiz...
The New Gem by im2pretty4u
The New Gemby HIATUS
About a new gem from Home World that travels to Earth on a mission to find the Peridot that failed the mission to check the cluster, while on the mission she meets othe...
The Gem Trio? by ElementalKitsune
The Gem Trio?by AnimeQueen
This story is about a special trio and i know you had heard about the golden trio, Silver trio and the Bronze trio but have you ever heard of the gem trio? no? well that...
♡Spinel x Reader♡ one shots♡ (Open Commissions) by MementoMori456
♡Spinel x Reader♡ one shots♡ ( MementoMori456
Self insert storys of Spinel some fluffy some smut overall cute many different AU's in the mix if there is a story any one wants to read I will take any requests (also o...
Steven universe: Melanite Memoirs [On-going] by KokushibyoYuuya
Steven universe: Melanite Kokushibyo Yuuya
-SYNOPSIS- This is the story of a gem called Melanite also known as the 'Gem hunter' in homeworld. Inquisitor, personal bodyguard and a member of White diamond's court...
The Love Of A Fusion. by CelestialRayne
The Love Of A Rayne Davenport
Rewrite of my old story "The New Gem" A Garnet x Oc Story A Gem floats lost In both space and time. A Gem that was not one entity but two. A fusion of the pur...
Twins (Su Gem War Fanfic) by Headpat_KittyCat
Twins (Su Gem War Fanfic)by Autumn
Complete. Two rubies, bystanders in a war they didn't start and outcasts among all they stand with, attempt to search for a better life; finding new friends and allies a...
Maelstrom by theenchanterswinter
Maelstromby ❄️WINCHANTER❄️
Based from the movie "Aquamarine."
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The Emerald Quartz by Lady_Umbra
The Emerald Quartzby Selena Williams
[Under massive rewrite] 6,000 years ago Pink Diamond was given the Planet Earth as her first colony, however her sister Green Diamond saught to use the planets resources...
nephirium ;; aquaman by BETHXLOUIS
nephirium ;; aquamanby BBGYGRL
"Mermaids?" "No, Merfolk. It's more inclusive." ******* Having been living in the ocean since the b...
 The Artificial Gem (S.U Fanfiction) by Harmonygirl12345
The Artificial Gem (S.U Harmony Girl
Faux Diamond used to be an ordinary human girl, that was untill she was captured by the Gem Home World. As time passed by, she looses all her memory and ends up becoming...
Forgetmenots  by MementoMori456
Forgetmenots by MementoMori456
you forgotten about who are who your friends are and everything in between😕at leastyou have a sweet pink gem to help you remember💕