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Doctor's Orders (Bowser X Luigi) by Shadow_Matamori
Doctor's Orders (Bowser X Luigi)by Shadow Matamori
At Mushroom Hospital many well known doctor's are there helping keep everyone well and healthy. Mario and Bowser the top doctor's often butt heads when it comes to curin...
Another Friend in Amphibia by ShadowGear112
Another Friend in Amphibiaby ShadowGear112
Drake Cohen was a regular teenager struggling through life. There was one thing that kept him going however, he loved spending time with his best friends. One day his fr...
Amphibia x Male Reader by Slogus
Amphibia x Male Readerby WE HATE SLOGUS
Four teens somehow manage to get transported to a rural marshland full of anthropomorphic frog people. What could possibly go wrong? - Tag Rankings: #1 in #musicbox on 4...
Life with Luigi - a Reader x Luigi story by SkipperandSkye
Life with Luigi - a Reader x SkipperandSkye
She's young, smart and has been best friends with the Mario brothers since kindy days, but best of all..she's YOU! Life in Toad Town is peaceful since the peace treaty b...
A Frog's Way Home (The Calamity Girls Book 3) by awesomemaldog12
A Frog's Way Home (The Calamity Mal
With Anne, Rowena, and the Plantars now on Earth, King Andrias has a plan to conquer other worlds. The adventure is far from over... In fact, it's only just the beginnin...
The Cores Three Hosts - Amphibia  by TookiDoesArt
The Cores Three Hosts - Amphibia by Harlow/Halley
Instead of only Marcy, The Entire Calamity Trio has been put inside the core. All 3 of them got stabbed on -True Colors.- Now. They are all becoming one with the core...
The Road to Newtopia (The Calamity Girls Book 2) by awesomemaldog12
The Road to Newtopia (The Mal
Anne, Rowena, and the Plantar's are headed on new adventures as they travel outside the valley and into the town of Newtopia.
Dissimulate: Hitomi x Shousuke  by SocPod
Dissimulate: Hitomi x Shousuke by AddictedToSOLanime
⚠️MINOR SPOILERS ⚠️ -Not Canon- A story about a stone cold guy slowly realizing his feelings for a girl. ⛔️ All characters belong to Tomohito Oda, author of the manga...
Mario x Meggy Another Splatfest (fanfic) by bobthebuilder56
Mario x Meggy Another Splatfest ( Soviet pooh bear
This is a sequal to the quest to prove Marios right. And is taken place right after, where the first one left off. With Mario and Meggy getting some food. Ps I DON'T OWN...
Super Dimentio's Revenge (DaisyXMr.LXDimentio) by SilverStarWarrior
Super Dimentio's Revenge ( SilverStarWarrior
Mario and Peach are finally together. Mario spent years mourning the loss of his brother from the Chaos Heart incident. But he eventually moved on. Little does anyone kn...
Luigi's Mansion 3: Luigi x Reader by I_escape_with_music
Luigi's Mansion 3: Luigi x Readerby Just A Buncha Garbo
You started walking to the entrance to your hotel room and gently opened it, there was that same laughter that came through the icy air. Once you opened the door into th...
Bowser X Reader by That_One_Gay_Smol
Bowser X Readerby That_One_Gay_Smol
The cover was made by myself, but I do not own the picture of Bowser Warning: Lots of grammar/spelling mistakes! I wrote all of this like 4 ish years ago, and my writing...
Don't Leave Me... (Mario x Peach Story) by AaliyahCurzon
Don't Leave Me... (Mario x Peach ThatOneMarioFangirl
Mario knew Princess Peach for a long time. In fact, it felt like an eternity since he first met her. He wanted to propose to her so they could have a life together becau...
Bowser X Reader by That_One_Gay_Smol
Bowser X Readerby That_One_Gay_Smol
Sequel to my previous Bowser X Reader, it won't make a lot of sense if you haven't read it. Credit to LonlyDemonic, who created the awesome cover! Thanks for being so aw...
Luigi's Mansion 3 Incorrect Quotes, Headcanons, and a Bit of Q&A by NinFanA
Luigi's Mansion 3 Incorrect The Nintendo Fanfic Author
Exactly what the title says. Spoiler alert! If you have not played and/or finished the game and don't want any spoilers, I suggest you finish the game before continuing...
Crazy Mario Land by NintendoJedi
Crazy Mario Landby NintendoJedi
Whoever said that the Mario characters were 'boring' never read THIS book. Presenting a series of not-always-so-short stories about Super Mario and friends... sort of...
Yandere King boo x reader by lisamarie200
Yandere King boo x readerby Lisa
(This takes place in luigi's mansion 3 so spoilers if you haven't finished the game or played it yet) You, mario, polterpup, the toads, luigi, and finally peach are all...
Super Princess Peach by kimcgray95
Super Princess Peachby Kimiko
When the champion of the Mushroom Kingdom is kidnapped by Bowser, only one dame is tough enough to attempt a rescue... Join Princess Peach and her pack of loyal toads as...
Peach's Problems by spicy_squip
Peach's Problemsby 𝙍𝙞𝙘𝙝 — 1-𝙪𝙥!
What happens when a teenage princess peach moves away from Mushroom Kingdom High School to Superstar High? See in this story, Peach's Problems!
Super Mario Murder Mystery by TDfan1245
Super Mario Murder Mysteryby TDfan1245
On the Mario Bros' birthday, everything seemed bright. A surprise party was being held and everyone was having fun. But that all changed after murders occur.