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Kingdom Hearts, Six Lights by DreamersWriters
Kingdom Hearts, Six Lightsby Ventus
As a thank you to Kingdom Hearts and my friends, I decided to write this story for them! After the Xehanort chapter is finished, Ventus goes on a quest to find his frie...
seven deadly sins x male reader x kingdom hearts crossover by Icedemon34
seven deadly sins x male reader Jordan White
you are the fourth brother of meliodas, zeldris and estarossa you four were thuick as thieves while estarossa was more laid back sometimes zeldris and meliodas would som...
(Male reader x Kill La Kill) May your heart be your guiding key by Jerenm19
(Male reader x Kill La Kill) May Big J
This is the second story that I was planning to write about. I really hope y'all like Kingdom hearts/Kill la Kill coz with the way I'm doing it, things will get funky. A...
♡A Twisted World for the Heart♡ by Y0UNG_L1NK
♡A Twisted World for the Heart♡by -.Riku.-
twisted wonderland x kingdom hearts male reader! Twisted wonderland and kingdom hearts rightfully belong to Disney and Square Enix 𝙼/𝚗 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚐𝚞𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚒𝚊𝚗 𝚘𝚏 𝚕...
Changing Fate {Kingdom Hearts} (Finished) by yunru28
Changing Fate {Kingdom Hearts} ( Yunru
Xion's dead...For good. Roxas blames himself for her death, even though he really didn't have any other choice. He wants everything to be how it was before... He wants t...
Future Gazer (Touhou Project x Male Reader) by dragon1759
Future Gazer (Touhou Project x Division by Zero
A generic story about you, the reader, being thrown into Gensokyo... Courtesy of Truck-kun.
Can a nobody really be a hero? by SpikeTheReader
Can a nobody really be a hero?by Spike The Gamer11
During the USJ incident Izuku midoriya was killed by the Nomu when it crushed his skull however instead of seeing his body and blood his body disintegrated into light an...
You're Alive! (Riku x reader)  by X1SIKH
You're Alive! (Riku x reader) by YoungXeha is HOT <3
Riku, Sora, Kairi, and (y/n) have been best friends since they were five. Riku, Kairi, and (y/n) disappear when the islands disappear. Now that their home had disappear...
Kingdom Hearts III-Shared Hearts by Horny4Oldermen
Kingdom Hearts III-Shared Heartsby Slut4JIsaacs
May is a young average girl in her world, but what happened when she is strangely transported into a familiar fictional one? How did this happened? And why some people s...
Heartless: A Male Reader x Kingdom Hearts Story by Bluebleo
Heartless: A Male Reader x Author Man
Born on the Destiny Islands, Y/n led a peaceful life. He had no stress, no problems, and plenty of his favorite things: Sun, music, and friends. Almost all the time, he...
Clovers & Keys by Phant0mona1
Clovers & Keysby Connor Harris
Y/n is a man who has always wanted to make the world a better place by becoming the king of the clover kingdom. I own none of this
I'll Protect You No Matter What by AilynYuki16
I'll Protect You No Matter Whatby AilynYuki16
Sora and Hikari were placed in memory pods to regain their lost memories. Over time, Riku had been fighting to trap the darkness in him and seal it away. After a year ha...
Darkness Princess by GalxyWings
Darkness Princessby Ashley Vearncombe
A girl gets reborn in the universe of kingdom hearts but not as a keyblade wielder of light or a normal girl instead as the princess Darkness. Lets see whats happens in...
KH Full of Oneshot! by soravichi
KH Full of Oneshot!by andrew my beloved
[SLOW UPDATE] The title says already...
Safe Travels (Kingdom Hearts Unchained X fanfic) by Toi_LaBoi
Safe Travels (Kingdom Hearts Toi_LaBoi
This is a gender neutral fanfic! I hope you all don't mind that. Slow burn relationship but mostly of it is just platonic and a slice of life kinda of story. I thought...
Remembrance( A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction) by Ashe_Hime
Remembrance( A Kingdom Hearts Synclaire Battle
Readers Note:This is a Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction with Riku that will follow abit of the Dream Drop Distance Arc with a splash of my own creativity She was the Keyblade M...
From a Nobody to a Destroyer?! by HeiseiReiwa_50
From a Nobody to a Destroyer?!by RyuuKenshin
Roxas was a Nobody, a person who was never meant to exist, someone whose destiny was to fade into nothingness. Well, that was meant to be his destiny, until a voice came...
Yu Narukami: Crossover Life by ShinzaGodWarrior
Yu Narukami: Crossover Lifeby TechnoGodSaga
What if after the events of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Yu found himself in another world with all sorts of superpowered people? What advantures will he get himself into?
Sneak Peaks for Kingdom Hearts journeys by mickol93
Sneak Peaks for Kingdom Hearts mickol93
I had this in my mind today, and I thought I could do this. I'm gonna write scenes from the Kingdom Hearts journeys.