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Sans-ational adventure (Konosuba x Male reader) by Karadock56
Sans-ational adventure (Konosuba x...by Karadock56
There. I did it So now perhaps you guys will finally leave me alone ?
Vessel's Blessing on This Wonderful World by KonoSubaDa
Vessel's Blessing on This Wonderfu...by KonoSubaDa
Y/n dies, meets a goddess, and gets sent to another world, meets a Neet, a Goddess with a drinking problem, an Explosion loving maniac, and a masochistic crusader. Tradi...
The Red Flame On This wonderful world. (hollow knight x konosuba) by randomcringeperson
The Red Flame On This wonderful wo...by randomcringeperson
;) Hope you don't get mad by the inconsistent updates. :)
A God's Blessing on this OP Ninja in this Wonderful World by AdoboCatWorks
A God's Blessing on this OP Ninja...by AdoboCatWorks
Yep, I just died on a funny death like that guy Kazuma. Well, I loved to watch Naruto and play MMO's but that doesn't stop me to achieve my dream to become a ninja... on...
A Flamingo's Blessing on this Wonderful World! by StoneThatKillCaesar
A Flamingo's Blessing on this Wond...by StoneThatKillCaesar
A young who had met an unfortunate end is reincarnated into another world with his favorite warlord's abilities.
Frozen Ocean(Aqua x hilariously op ice user reader) by Neopolitan647
Frozen Ocean(Aqua x hilariously op...by Neopolitan
Y/N Kitagawa is a normal introverted teen from Hokkaido. Apart from the fact his parents are overseas he lives a pretty average life. While he didn't dislike the life he...
BITCH FUCK THIS WORLD!!!! by Genos_sans
Male Alucard reader x konosuba. I don't own either anime or any pics or any videos I may or may not use in this book.
Konosuba YunYun X Male Reader: God's Blessing on this regretful Young Adult. by GammaPhoenix
Konosuba YunYun X Male Reader: God...by SJ Gaming
Kōkai Yurishi, 17-Year-old. A boy in his last year of high school who is full of regret and sorrow. Get's a new chance at life courtesy of a white-haired goddess. All th...
Konosuba: Stillness of Time (Hiatus) by ramdom291991
Konosuba: Stillness of Time (Hiatu...by ramdom291991
Y/N just have died a violent and terrible death, since you have met a gruesome end, the Goddess Aqua decided instead of one wish, she'll give you 2. now given a second c...
Master of Cards: Konosuba x Male!Reader by Lixon99
Master of Cards: Konosuba x Male!R...by Lixon99
You lived with your parents. You died as a virgin saving a girl. You met two weirdos and more... I don't own Konosuba nor any pictures, videos and some other stuff tho e...
Konosuba - Megumin x Reader by h0o0o0j
Konosuba - Megumin x Readerby h0o0o0j
I don't think that I have to tell you what Konosuba is about, and the title says it all. As for me, this is my first fanfic, so expect trash and cringe. Also, english is...
A minus's chaos upon this wonderfull world  by MCPELuisTuican
A minus's chaos upon this wonderfu...by MCPELuis Tuican
Kumagawa Misogi has died. This was not a new occurance, however being in a completly white room with a jersey wearing normal and a blue themed self-proclaimed goddess wa...
A Hero in Another World (BNHA X KONOSUBA) by Littleme_Jayden
A Hero in Another World (BNHA X KO...by Jayden
what if deku dies protecting eri? what if he gains a new power from his quirk and what if he can control it at 100%? join izuku as he goes into the world of konosuba i d...
A nice day to die, won't you agree? ( Konosuba X Male swordsman reader)  by a46lesh
A nice day to die, won't you agree...by Alexandres Tishkyavichus
A boy named Y/N L/N (Insert your name and surname of choice) Lived quite a normal life. Games, drinks, a handful of friends and a bright future. That's what he thought...
Powerful and Exhausted (Opmale reader x Konosuba)  by Anorexic_AuthorII
Powerful and Exhausted (Opmale rea...by Anorexic_Author new
Meet Y/n L/n! he's a dimension hopping hero who has saved countless worlds, beat the villain, yadda yadda yadda. we've heard this story tons of times right?, but what yo...
An AT-AT's blessing on this wonderful world by A_Simple_M1A2
An AT-AT's blessing on this wonder...by M1A2 Abrams
Oh... you have a sword that does infinity plus 1 damage and can cut through wolverine claws because your so cool... OK, have fun with this AT-AT
God's Blessings On This Wonderful Reaper! (KonoSuba x Male Reader) by TrashNero
God's Blessings On This Wonderful...by Nero
Yet another KonoSuba male reader insert, but you chose something more useful than Aqua at the start :P Obs: I sometimes come back to read it and tweak the lines a bit, b...
Please Be My Friend {Yunyun X OP!  Male! Reader} by Archdrive
Please Be My Friend {Yunyun X OP...by Herochurl
She doesn't get enough attention so I made this. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Belongs to Natsumi Akatsuki Completed on October 1, 2019 SC Book # 4
Explosive Duo [Rewrite coming soon!] by Delta3859
Explosive Duo [Rewrite coming soon...by Yusuru_Kaito_Ibuki
Y/N is an anime fanatic, especially for the series of "touhou", after he left his house he died on an incident, which has caused him to appear in a new world...
Cuddling (with a Goddess!) - Aqua x Male Reader (Konosuba) by DanteAltan
Cuddling (with a Goddess!) - Aqua...by Dante’s Files
The book where it's just you, Aqua, and a bunch of stuff that you would expect to happen in a magical world. Enjoy! *** Book published in April 2020. Season 4 currently...