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Megumin x Male Reader by MeguminBestGirl
Megumin x Male Readerby MBG
Y/N L/N was a pretty average guy. He went to school, had friends (barely), had parents, and so on. One day, he died. And got reincarnated. In this new world, he got frie...
Ten Shadows blessing this wonderful world.  by Lost_Naito
Ten Shadows blessing this wonderfu...by Lost Naito
After the unfortunate accident, Y/n L/n is now reincarnated into another world with the Ten Shadows cursed technique. The journey in another world will be full of advent...
Sans-ational adventure (Konosuba x Male reader) by Karadock56
Sans-ational adventure (Konosuba x...by Karadock56
There. I did it So now perhaps you guys will finally leave me alone ?
A Shinobi's Take on this Wonderful World by SpiritSage124
A Shinobi's Take on this Wonderful...by SpiritSage124
Kazuma already has enough trouble looking after the "problem children" of Axel. A priest that causes more harm than good, a hot-headed mage that is only good f...
Hitori Bocchi no mahou shoujo ( Konosuba x Male reader ) [Slow update] by Vell241
Hitori Bocchi no mahou shoujo ( Ko...by Vell241
A lone person who like anime and was excited on his second day after Cosplaying for the first time to run from reality because he always think negative of himself was k...
A minus's chaos upon this wonderfull world  by MCPELuisTuican
A minus's chaos upon this wonderfu...by MCPELuis Tuican
Kumagawa Misogi has died. This was not a new occurance, however being in a completly white room with a jersey wearing normal and a blue themed self-proclaimed goddess wa...
God's Blessing On The Mysterious One! (Male ' V 'Reader X KonoSuba!)  by DeadweightClaudius
God's Blessing On The Mysterious O...by Nero 'Deadweight' Claudius
Weak, frail, scrawny, boring, and weird. These are the words that could be said about Y/n. Due to this, he was often ignored. He never smiled and gave only a serious loo...
(Y/N) (L/N's) Crazy Adventures! - (Konosuba X Male Reader) by CrazyPlatinum1899
(Y/N) (L/N's) Crazy Adventures...by AJMasion1937
(Y/N) (L/N) is a 15 year old kid. He has a great life from his years. Until he was caught up with a disease and was now dying. He then woke up in the afterlife and met a...
Vessel's Blessing on This Wonderful World by KonoSubaDa
Vessel's Blessing on This Wonderfu...by KonoSubaDa
Y/n dies, meets a goddess, and gets sent to another world, meets a Neet, a Goddess with a drinking problem, an Explosion loving maniac, and a masochistic crusader. Tradi...
A Hero in Another World (BNHA X KONOSUBA) by Littleme_Jayden
A Hero in Another World (BNHA X KO...by Jayden
what if deku dies protecting eri? what if he gains a new power from his quirk and what if he can control it at 100%? join izuku as he goes into the world of konosuba i d...
BITCH FUCK THIS WORLD!!!! by Genos_sans
Male Alucard reader x konosuba. I don't own either anime or any pics or any videos I may or may not use in this book.
Pure Stupidity (Konosuba x Male Reader) by umya50
Pure Stupidity (Konosuba x Male Re...by Ky
Y/N L/N is just an ordinary kid with a fascination with Dragon Ball Z. He claims that his favorite villain in the series is Janemba, a demon who fought Goku and Vegeta a...
Straight To The Heart: Darkness X Male Reader by RealMemey
Straight To The Heart: Darkness X...by Memey
You are (Y/N) (L/N), a basic grocery store worker who hates his dead end job and stuck in an apartment, you always try to be positive, but can get serious if need be. Bu...
Rimuru Into The Wonderful  World  by Tempest_Moon
Rimuru Into The Wonderful World by Rimuru
A story of a bored slime who has nothing fun to do anymore after the war ended. Then it decided to explore the wonders of cosmos and found a world where few individuals...
Reincarnated as Gojo Satoru by Shorry_
Reincarnated as Gojo Satoruby × Dion ×
✒︎Sadly, all things come to an end... However, some Idiot ended too early and ended up in limbo at the same time as another teen who died. But he's clearly not as dumb a...
KONOSUBA - Gods Blessing on this Red Dragon Emperor! (Male Reader) by L_gend
KONOSUBA - Gods Blessing on this R...by L_gend
Y/N was your average 17 year-old who was addicted to anime and games. A NEET if you would but his life would change forever on that one fateful day. The day he died. Now...
Yunyun x Reader (God's Blessing For This Poor Lonely Girl!) by _Kaip0
Yunyun x Reader (God's Blessing Fo...by _Kaip0
Everyone deserves someone, right? (A mostly-lore friendly Konosuba reader romance fic that features Yunyun) (Story header image drawn by @AbhorTheRent)
An AT-AT's blessing on this wonderful world by A_Simple_M1A2
An AT-AT's blessing on this wonder...by M1A2 Abrams
Oh... you have a sword that does infinity plus 1 damage and can cut through wolverine claws because your so cool... OK, have fun with this AT-AT