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Drama (a Qinter fanfiction) by Qibli-Winter-Star35
Drama (a Qinter fanfiction)by Star
Spoiler warning for Darkness of Dragons. NONE OF THE ART IS MINE (unless I say different). This is my first story on Wattpad, so it'll probably be cringy. I'm trying...
My Review on WoF Ships.  by EmberTheStorian
My Review on WoF Ships. by EmberTheStorian
Here, I will be reviewing ships in the WoF fandom. Prepare for brutal honesty.
Wings of Fire - Fallen Souls by FrozenGemYT
Wings of Fire - Fallen Soulsby Frozen Gem
This is Wings of Fire - Fallen Souls. A fanfiction story I am currently writing about my OC, Whitedust the SandWing-IceWing hybrid after "The SandWing Succession.&q...
Wings of Fire: The New SeaWing Kingdom by AuraTheLightFury
Wings of Fire: The New SeaWing Aura
Sapphire, the second princess of the SeaWings, is treated poorly and rejected by her mother Queen Koi. She decides to leave home along with her friends, Pelican and Seal...
Pyrrhia's Human (WOF x Human Male Reader) by KingofTerrablade
Pyrrhia's Human (WOF x Human KingofTerrablade
You had always wanted to see a Dragon. They were you favorite mythical creature after all, and when you made a wish one night to meet a Dragon, it came as a great shock...
In Hollywood: Glorybringer Fanfic. by moonwatcher71
In Hollywood: Glorybringer #JUSTICEforComfortWomen
CLICHE CLICHE CLICHE IT MAKES MY EYEBALLS ACHE TO LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF JUNK. It is a typical cliche Hollywood Star X Soft-Hearted Assassin that I assure you will NEVER...
Wings of Fire: Solarflare by ThatOneNightWing
Wings of Fire: Solarflareby Snowblaze of RiverClan
PLEASE READ THIS NOTE: the cover is NOT official, I'm going to make the official cover soon enough (I hope). Solarflare is a regular NightWing-SkyWing hybrid. At least...
JALGFY Graphic Novel by LaurenABlack
JALGFY Graphic Novelby Misha Trash
The Graphic Novel version of my Just a Little Glorybringer For Ya book ART IS NOT MINE, THIS BEAUTIFUL WORK WAS DONE BY @ActiveArtist @Qibli1, @OceanAnchor, AND OTHERS...
[DISCONTINUEDIT'SDEADDON'TREADIT] Clash: The Nergigante by Carmelizedunipn
Clash is a nergigante who, while escaping hunters comes across a portal. The portal takes him to Pyrhhia. A world completely different from his own. Will he learn to liv...
𝗪𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗘: 𝗧𝗛𝗘 � ❄️━━ 𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧!
Everyone knows about the loss of the Skywing egg, and the fact that it was replaced by a Rainwing egg. But what if things happened differently? What if instead of a Rain...
New World, New Journey. (A DOOM OC x WoF story.) by CrusadingDoomguy
New World, New Journey. (A DOOM CrusadingDoomguy
What happens when a universe hopping, demon slaying psychopath ends up in a world full of dragons in the middle of a war? Let's find out! A story featuring my OC, Marine...
Wings of Fire: The Golden Sisters #1 by 514997enter
Wings of Fire: The Golden Hybr1d!!s-Ye@H!
Sunny and Sunshine were born from the same egg. They are both weird looking and don't have the Sandwing barb. Sunshine is different from Sunny in two ways, Sunshine has...
Winterwatcher! - Light in the Dark by MaddiTheMagic
Winterwatcher! - Light in the Darkby .MaddiTheMagic.
//COMPLETED// //edited 2021// The Jade Mountain Academy certainly wasn't shaping up to be what Winter expected. He was always surrounded by dragons from different tribe...
Wings of Fire- D.O.D  Holiday Specials by SofiTheWriter
Wings of Fire- D.O.D Holiday SofiTheWriter
One shots on how the Dragonets Of Destiny celebrate scavenger holidays! Btw, I do not own the art used as cover for the book. Full credit of drawing goes to whoever made...
Kill Kiss or Marry Wings of Fire by Anemarin319
Kill Kiss or Marry Wings of Fireby gay wof ships <3
Kill kiss or marry with Wings of Fire characters! Send requests! HIGHEST RANKING EVER: #1 in #peril
Glorybringer by CrazyGiraffeLady1130
Glorybringerby ...
Glory is the queen of the rainforest so she is always working. She has a faithful bodyguard named Deathbringer. Deathbringer is very overprotective of Glory, if Glory lo...
Wings of Fire as Humans 3 by tsunamilion
Wings of Fire as Humans 3by Rosa
Peril has a secret. A secret that she can't tell Clay. At least not yet anyway. Only her best friend, Deathbringer, knows. It was a surprise really...but Peril can't hid...
Wings of Fire: Truth or Dare by tsunamilion
Wings of Fire: Truth or Dareby Rosa
basically truth or dare
WoF AU || ARC 1 by Doedorogon
WoF AU || ARC 1by EvDra
Instead of the well-known group: Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny, the dragonets of destiny are the POVs of Arc 2: Moon, Winter, Peril, Turtle, and Qibli plus...
What if Qibli and Winter met when they were younger? What if Winter was a lot nicer to everyone in the beginning? Read as Winter try to confess his love for Qibli while...