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Troubled  by __rxseqvartz__
Troubled by __rxseqvartz__
I found peace in your violence Don't tell me there's no point in trying (Different than the JATP plot line) What happens when Julie's troubled sister meets the band? S...
Bones One-shots by GABBYREJ
Bones One-shotsby y.n_dreamlife
The title says it all my lovely readers. I warn you now there will most likley be self-harm in some chatters. Also some sad stuff. Possibly smut? Idk yet.
The Office x reader by StarCordero
The Office x readerby StarCordero
Just got this job maybe their will be trouble loss love. Also I wanna apologize for any future people from "The Office" if it's helps for me this is very embar...
Yay...high school  ( a grofflin story) by imjustmeNebe
Yay...high school ( a grofflin Nebe
Yay...high school Lin is the stereotypical new kid shy, weird, and not too many friends. His so-called perfect families are strict one D or F and your grounded they tak...
The Daughter of Darkness by angelaC4468
The Daughter of Darknessby Hope Petrova
We all know Severus Snape. The amazing Wizard, Head of the Slytherin House, the Half-Blood Prince, the bullied from James Potter, the boy who had a crush on Lily, and al...
Those Final Choices ✔ by KiDuval06
Those Final Choices ✔by Ki
(Short Story) --Complete-- She is stuck re-living every moment of her life. Now she must face the hardest of them all, her death. With no choice, she watches the painful...
Broken and Abandoned by Kiragreen101
Broken and Abandonedby Kiragreen101
This is my story. My name is Emily Harris and I am bisexual, I have been rapped abused and torn all throughout my life Nobody can understand the pain that I have been th...
The Quest of the Kingdom by Lovedogskk
The Quest of the Kingdomby Lovedogskk
Four kids, four companions, four guides, one story. Four kids are forced into quests and challenges. They have to be a daredevil to complete the difficult tasks. What w...
HE IS MINE BUT AM I HIS by bunnytreehugger
I was running and running away from him, I was running so fast not even another vampire could see me. That did not matter right now I just did not need him to find me. H...
The Girl Everyone Thought They Knew by alhedman
The Girl Everyone Thought They Knewby alhedman
Angelia Nightingale is known as the popular “bitch” that every guy wants and every girl hates. It’s been that way for the past three years; three years of living a lie...
Lies Behind Eyes by DawntheLamb
Lies Behind Eyesby -Ðαẘᾔ ℒ@м♭εят-
Maryanne Cornwell's life was a whole lie. Everyone around her was a lie. She can't believe how she never realized it. There were some thing she knew for sure. Her parent...
Love Or Death by probinsyanang_kyut
Love Or Deathby Char Mie
"Choose Love Or Death???" "Death Or Love???" -Zhania-
Look around, look around (modern Schuyler sisters fan fiction) ON HOLD by clauson-f
Look around, look around (modern AND MARIAAAAA!
ON HOLD Just another modern Schuyler sisters fanfiction. Peggy x Laurens, Maria x Eliza, Hamilton x Eliza, Hamilton x Laurens, Angelica x Lafayette, Jefferson x Madison...
Smutný Příběh by MichalDady
Smutný Příběhby Troisy
Ahoj, jmenuji se je mi 16 let, žiju v Orlové
Weird Dreams by AngeliaHendricks
Weird Dreamsby Angelia Hendricks
A bunch of weird dreams dreamt by Angelia. Hope you enjoy.