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brothers conflict the 14th brother  by Muse_Of_Comedy
brothers conflict the 14th brother by Muse_Of_Comedy
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION !!! Yuu Asahina was... Always ignored by his brothers except for Wataru , Hikaru , and Masaomi. but that didn't mean he was not hurt by being cal...
The Red Emperor and I [Akashi Seijuro FanFiction] by DienQuin
The Red Emperor and I [Akashi Seij...by .
[Akashi Seijuro x OC] Aihana Hakino met the guy who she wants to spend her life with. It's him, the Red Emperor. Everything was perfect yet, it seems like the Goddess...
Dealing With GREEKS ( College Love Story) by HeyImNique
Dealing With GREEKS ( College Love...by Marzanee
At Valdosta State University in Georgia, there's a girl name Kayla from Alpha Kappa Alpha who falls in love with this guy name Ryan from Frat, Kappa Alpha Psi, but table...
Runaway (KNY x BNHA x Reader Crossover) by reallygreenland
Runaway (KNY x BNHA x Reader Cross...by greenland
(Eventual Akaza x Reader -- very slow, as this is plot based!) Chisaki (Y/n) is a girl who brings out the best in people. She doesn't realise it, but that becomes the v...
Aika Robredo Oneshots by aviannde
Aika Robredo Oneshotsby nic
Imahasyon lamang. All fiction Aika Robredo oneshots Lahat ng ito ay imahinasyon lamang. ⚠️ Warning Language
Begin Again Book 1. by BlackjackIsAwesome
Begin Again Book 1.by Abby
Hecate, sensing danger approaching with the Wizarding World, decides to send the three of the most powerful demigods to grow up with Harry Potter-but when he is a child...
Forbidden is Sweet by MiniMalfoy18
Forbidden is Sweetby LoonyLovegood
Hermione goes back to Hogwarts and it changed her life. I hope you know that all of my fanfic are from J.k Rowling not me.
Marvel•DC by UnicornQueen369
Marvel•DCby UnicornQueen369
Xreader mostly,abit of smut, curseing,some angst here and there cause I myself am alil shit. You've Been Warned About The Cursing by people and Of Witches and then the S...
That's Not My Name ➳ Frerard by Revenge_Iero
That's Not My Name ➳ Frerardby Mikey✌🏻️
Two boys who seem to think alike. But one more open then a book and the other in his own world with his own secrets - something as secretive as his own name. But no matt...
Huey x Boyd kind of oneshot unless i decide to do a part 2 by paintbrushpb
Huey x Boyd kind of oneshot unless...by big juicy balls
I wrote notes for this for like 3 hours last night but im decidng to actual write it up yay hooray lol
The Purple's Project  by Lassaru56
The Purple's Project by Lassaru
Life's not great when your literal sister has PTSD about one of your defining traits...
Suicide squadXReaderXOc [Completed] by Boyz_With_Luv
Suicide squadXReaderXOc [Completed]by Upwards_Blues
just read to find out. Made in: July 2016 Ended: November 2016 Edited : May 2019 Editing ends: June-- 1st 2019
American Dragon Jake Long Nigel Thrall by BACKSTABBBER101
American Dragon Jake Long Nigel Th...by Waylon Smithers
A American Dragon Jake Long Fan Ficton About Nigel Thrall Dating Jakes Couson Who Is Not A Dragon But Is A Wizard A Nigel X Angelia Fan Ficton A Angelia X Nigel Fan Fict...
All about me 🔥💃🏻 by littlesnugglebunny
All about me 🔥💃🏻by littlesnugglebunny
Basically what this book is about is gonna be about me wearing my medals my sport at the beach etc what I do on a daily basis what my dogs are like and such ooh I'm gonn...
Just another tom-boy Shingami (So on hold!) by doubleGemini
Just another tom-boy Shingami (So...by Emma
Amaya's a tough gangster girl of the streets, who just so happens to where glasses. Never mind that, when she moves to Kakaru town, she becomes friends with Ichigo Kuro...
Me and blesiv  by shauly_blesiv
Me and blesiv by Shauly
Y/n is in a on again of again relationship with Alex (blesiv) find out how their relationship works out
Birdie  by mylifeisupsidedown
Birdie by mylifeisupsidedown
Since I was 5 I've been in foster care. No one knows and no one is gonna know...that was until I met and had to live with Clinton. Clinton~ jackass, annoying, hot, and...
Saint Ford Academy: School of Gangsters  by YenZie0605
Saint Ford Academy: School of Gang...by
Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance, Action
The 2 little kids by kadymay101
The 2 little kidsby Jasmalito101❤️
When a child hood friend and you gain a relationship what happens when an ex child hood friend comes to bug in