My Bestfriend (NBA Youngboy) by TenaeCole
My Bestfriend (NBA Youngboy)by -nAe💋‼️
just read i promise its good but go follow @jaelahill thats me and im writing this book thank yall for reading tho ~jayyyyyyyyyy
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A Heart After all - Complete but under editing... by Just_Jae_fr
A Heart After all - Complete but u...by Jae 🙃❤
Huey, Riley, and their younger sister Jada have all encountered some type of crisis in their lives. But never have they ever experienced love, drama, and white girls. B...
  • music
  • jaecar
  • romance
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Boondocks Random by Just_Jae_fr
Boondocks Randomby Jae 🙃❤
The title says it all folks. Just some random one-shots that I think you might enjoy 🙃❤
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Boondocks~~Teens  by Xolsolz
Boondocks~~Teens by XPM
They all thought it would be a normal year...but fate had something else is store for the Freemans.. Enjoy!
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  • caesar
  • jazmine
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Boondocks Riley and Cindy (Will Riley love me ?) by androidgamervlogs
Boondocks Riley and Cindy (Will Ri...by ImLEGENDBABY
Riley has always seen his best friend C-Murph as a homie and as a helper for the fundraiser. But never as a girlfriend. Riley doesn't like to express his feelings very m...
  • huey
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My name is Lee. (No, its Mai..) by Jiang-sama
My name is Lee. (No, its Mai..)by Kitty
Lee is no ordinary teen you'll meet... She's on the run from Shane Kurosawa, a ruthless tyrant. She has had to leave home for her own protection and spends most of her t...
  • bmaw
  • fanfiction
  • boondocks
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♥*♡+:。.。ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴅᴇsᴘᴀɪʀ。.。:+♡*♥ by Webestools
♥*♡+:。.。ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴅᴇsᴘᴀɪʀ。.。:+♡*♥by Venitarius
This Was Made For A Friend Don't Look At Me- ━━━━━━━━━━ʕ•㉨•ʔ━━━━━━━━━ ❝Alex was a normal everyday artist. She had it all really. Money, Fame, Fans, And a roof over her...
  • fiction
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Secrets by dasaucequeen
Secretsby YOURMOM
Huey's best friend Jazmine is leaving town and told him something about his parents still being alive. Huey comes home to see his Granddad dead and Riley crying. Huey bl...
  • cindy
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Empire (R&B Prince and Princess Sequel) by qveen__mon
Empire (R&B Prince and Princess Se...by Montana Sherell
Jazmine and August are back with their now 9 year old daughter Ashanti and 7 year old son Jalen.
  • august
  • ashanti
  • jalen
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Last Shot (Jacob Black) [3] COMPLETE by NotMyself24
Last Shot (Jacob Black) [3] COMPLE...by Hannah
Now with lé bête and the others gone, I may just have time to catch my breath, but a Huntress's work is never done. The beast may be dead, but so are Megan, Jared, and M...
  • huntress
  • twilight
  • goodbye
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Faults-Boondocks Story by xxlilbarbie
Faults-Boondocks Storyby 🕊ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ
It's been years, the Woodcrest gang all grown up. Jazmine's been out of Woodcrest since she turned 14. She's now 18 years old, and she matured in all the right places. S...
  • ming
  • caesar
  • riley
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Total Drama World Tour 2.0 by JazmineToadsAdventur
Total Drama World Tour 2.0by JazmineToad's Adventures .
Welcome to Total Drama World Tour 2.0. Here we're going all over the world again with 15 original contestants and 6 new contestants. In the end, one contestant will rece...
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The Boondocks The story Jayden Freeman by DontkillmyvibeLH
The Boondocks The story Jayden Fre...by lili hurd
Huey and Jazmine adopt a baby boy from the Philippines (jayden) but as he gets older he experiences hard times that may affect his life forever.
  • sucide
  • robertfreeman
  • depression
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Boondocks: The Hood Edition by poeticallycreative
Boondocks: The Hood Editionby Mia_ThePoet
How will things play out for the Freeman's after being kicked/forced out of woodcrest and into the ghetto, struggling to survive in poverty. Writing this put me on an em...
  • hiro
  • juey
  • ciley
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Ask or Dare JTA's Style by JazmineToadsAdventur
Ask or Dare JTA's Styleby JazmineToad's Adventures .
YES!!!!! YOUR WORST FEARS ARE COMING TRUE!!!! IM DOING ASK OR DARE!!!!!! Heh heh... well I got the ideas from Jessewrites10 and Rainminator_76 *cough cough* go check out...
  • askordare
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Freeman's Love Triangle (Huey×Reader×Riley) **New**  by Sunshine_hobi__
Freeman's Love Triangle (Huey×Read...by Hobi☀️💍
Y/n L/n's. A simple 15 year old, 10th grader. She moving to WoodCrest where her old two bestfriends Huey and Riley moved to 7 years before. Moving their will spark some...
  • cindy
  • riley
  • jazmine
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Huey X Jasmine's (Love Story) by Ariel_love_12
Huey X Jasmine's (Love Story)by Ariel_love_12
  • romance
  • conflict
  • pretty
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Seeing You Again  [On Hold] by RoyalNani
Seeing You Again [On Hold]by ♡
Years later ,Jazmine returns to WoodCrest, in fear of seeing Huey. Before she left, the two got into a huge fight and never spoke again. What was the fight about? What w...
  • huey
  • boondocks
  • hueyfreeman
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The Boondocks~Medieval Times by Xolsolz
The Boondocks~Medieval Timesby XPM
~•~ Two peasant orphans wander the dirty streets in The Kingdom Of Crestwood, looking for refuge. Ones a boy with a felony of treason and the other who acts as if he enj...
  • princess
  • dewy
  • huey
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Too Fat Too Bad (Book 2) ON HOLD !! by DraeaNashai
Too Fat Too Bad (Book 2) ON HOLD !!by Aundraea Nashsi
Keyah & Nova are back after 6 years and life is much different for them. Nova's killing the strip club scene and Keyah's Killing the mic.. their careers are at an all ti...
  • money
  • alsinanation
  • jazmine
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