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Tell the gays on the third floor to calm down by disaster_top
Tell the gays on the third floor catboi_ali
Amity is a simp, Luz is too nice for her own good and Boscha needs to stop touching what isnt hers. Basically a group chat au with the owl house characters
The Otter and the Cat by Jss2141
The Otter and the Catby Jss2141
A simple accident leads a young couple to change into animals with no known way to change back. Will they stay animals forever or will they find a way to return to norma...
My Wife is a Mafia Queen(Lumity) by RoyalBluePaint
My Wife is a Mafia Queen(Lumity)by PotatoAuthor
BEWARE OF LUZ VIRUS⚠️‼‼ "You tame my demon inside don't you know that?" Amity "YOU HAVE A DEMON?! WHERE???" Luz "Woman why did I marry you again...
The Alchemist by Tophatauthor
The Alchemistby Tophatauthor
Getting hit by a truck and waking up in a cartoon you like is not always a fun experience. Especially when your new body has no extra power ups. At least she gets a cool...
Descendent Of madara (The Owl House x uchiha male reader)  by Ezuraki
Descendent Of madara (The Owl Ezuraki Immortal
Y/n uchiha is a best friend of luz noceda, y/n hates bullys and will protect luz from anything and thats the life of a uchiha y/n
The other human(the owl house x male reader) by WolfgangW
The other human(the owl house x WolfgangW
Y/n L/n he is the neighbor of Luz, he is 2 years older than her and a nerd about everything about fantasy and videogames. After some things happen he ended up bee...
Dragon Slayer of the Boiling isles (Theowlhouse x malereader x OC) by Jija50
Dragon Slayer of the Boiling Lloyd Johnson
Three friends Luz Noceda, (Y/N) Dragneel, and Luke Martins find themselves in a strange world where magic exist. What kind of adventure awaits the three friends?
The Dragon King: On Hold by moonlightshade307grt
The Dragon King: On Holdby moonlightshade307grt
After the war in Alverez you were scarred. Both physically and mentally. The only ray of hope that you had was the two soulmate marks on your arms. It gave you hope in y...
Human Orphan by cgbergreader
Human Orphanby ImANerd101
An Owl House alternate universe What if Luz found the portal while she was just an infant, and she never met Eda. Instead she's a scared infant looking for her dad when...
Just Human Things (The Owl House) ( Lumity ) by ARgeNT_9001
Just Human Things (The Owl House) Argent
Luz was living her dream at the boiling isles, she was a witch in training and had a couple of friends who she cared about and they did the same to her. However, once th...
What If Luz had Godzilla's Powers? by KaijuLord54
What If Luz had Godzilla's Powers?by KaijuLord54
This is fanfiction depicting how the Owl House would turn out if Luz had Godzilla's powers.
What If Luz was the Ghost Rider? by KaijuLord54
What If Luz was the Ghost Rider?by KaijuLord54
Cover made by @SlytherinBasilisk314 This is a fanfiction of how The Owl House would play out if Luz became the Ghost Rider.
Luz the.....Werewolf? by TheOwlHouseFan123
Luz the.....Werewolf?by Anonymous
Luz was wandering through the woods, unknowingly being followed by something. That 'something' flips her life upside down. (Cover art is not mine) I also do not own The...
The Owls Dragon (owl house harem x male reader) by Ninjacomix
The Owls Dragon (owl house harem Ninjacomix
Meet Y/n Noceda your basic everyday 16 year old boy.......except the fact that he has 2 horns on his head and a long black tail...... yeah his life is anything but norma...
Simple Struggles(Golden Guard x Transman! Reader) by EnderCat900
Simple Struggles(Golden Guard x TheCreepyCaveLilac
You're a 16-year-old transgender man with semi-transphobic parents at your side. One day you run away and end up in another world, where you meet many new people and you...
The owl house and amphibia X reader!! by simpppo_
The owl house and amphibia X Simppp
(Requests are open!) This book includes X reader stuff, one shots and headcannons. Cartoons I write are amphibia and the owl house. Wooo #1 for hashtags collector and am...
Secret Owlet(Toh agere) by StrangeCherii
Secret Owlet(Toh agere)by StrangeCherii
Luz never imagined she'd be in her dream world but it came with so many surprises and issues she wasn't prepared for in which she needs a way to cope but what happens wh...
The Barista AU (Lumity) (Luz x Amity) (The Owl House) by ThatDumbOneWriter
The Barista AU (Lumity) (Luz x ThatOneDumbWriterALT
Lumity Coffee Shop AU by dam_creativity
Lumity Coffee Shop AUby ✨🦋Flynn🦋✨
When Amity and Luz's eyes first meet they instantly click. As if their souls were meant to be. They fall hard for each other, however, with each of their family backgrou...