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The devil (Lumity/the owl house Fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
The devil (Lumity/the owl house CHILLs_Studio33015
•This is FANFICTION •I like Lumity, how about you? I flushed, my heart was racing as the music went on and he led the dance. I couldn't help myself but smile while I sta...
Lumity Oneshots by shadowalphalycan
Lumity Oneshotsby shadowalphalycan
So, this all started on the nice app called Amino. It was just a joke at first but then I thought about it. Why not make a oneshot book. I will be taking requests on the...
Utaite Oneshots & Stories ^w^ by nijikuma
Utaite Oneshots & Stories ^w^by Lumakuma.png
ok hi hello, I'm luma. I would call myself niyakoyaki but for the world to taunt me and for my laziness, I won't~ this is my first time ever MAKING a real fan fiction (o...
Its Finally Nice To See you Again.. by LuzThe_Goose
Its Finally Nice To See you LuzThe_Goose
This is For Lumity Week Day 6 When They Reunite after Luz Had headed back to the human realm when her summer had ended (Sorry For The Delay On This one))
Witches before Human's by SadBoiSteeb
Witches before Human'sby Steeb
Disclaimer: This book is a Work in Progress. I might put two chapters in each chapter so production will be slow, If I'm working on other stories and I get more than one...
the owl house evil au (lumity) by otakustrider
the owl house evil au (lumity)by otakustrider
The front cover for this book is heavily inspired by the (Kohlns evil au) Kohlns has an Instagram account that has lots of lumity drawings so I recommend you look at her...
Bottom Mafu Oneshots by somairo
Bottom Mafu Oneshotsby hanyuu
yeah you read that right disclaimer: -most will be srmf because i love srmf a h a -may contain unhealthy content -all written works are fictional
Lumity AU  by itsmefirefly
Lumity AU by Firefly🤪
The only thing that makes Amity happy are her grades and her rankings. She believes that everything else in her life is dull, boring and messy. That is, until she meets...
Lumity Month 2020 by Dweller_4
Lumity Month 2020by Dweller
Kinda bored since "The Owl House" is going on a hiatus for Dana knows how long, so in the meantime, I'm gonna participante in TheKitsune's Lumity month. These...
Little Miss Imperfect || Lumity One Shots by _lxpis
Little Miss Imperfect || Lumity .lxpis
just some cute little fluff and sometimes angst oneshots of our bicon Luz and her gay panic girlfriend Amity
The Owl House Ask/Dare by mama_kurogiri
The Owl House Ask/Dareby 𝙺𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚒
Ah yes, Sarah Bellums discovering more universes to mess around in, more specifically one where a certain human is training to become a witch.
Secret (SoraMafu/UraSaka) by SmalBean
Secret (SoraMafu/UraSaka)by ☆*:.Bean.:*☆
What if you witnessed your best friend die? What if you could turn back time, would it be blessing or a curse? I could never tell a soul, why bother since they'd just ca...
my human lover ( amity x luz)  by despair-bitch
my human lover ( amity x luz) by celeste-Ludenburg
amity can't stop thinking about luz the human. hell luz is suddenly everywhere! its driving amity crazy to! but poor amity doesn't understand that she's in love with the...
Lumity Oneshots by AlphaWolf0215
Lumity Oneshotsby Brittney Cremeans
Luz is a bisexual fangirl human. Amity is a lesbian tsundere witch. Together they are Lumity, the cutest power couple on the Boiling Isles.
Lumity - Promise by Dark_Sided_Otter
Lumity - Promiseby Dark_Sided_Otter
3 years have passed since Luz Noceda promised Amity Blight that she would return to the Boiling Isles. Upon her return, Amity and Luz rekindle their unlikely bond, facin...
The Owl House Daughter Scenarios by mystreeteinlover
The Owl House Daughter Scenariosby ultimawerewolf
In this book, you get to be the characters daughter. Eda Luz King Lilith
Owl House Truth or Dare by gameking0231
Owl House Truth or Dareby gameking0231
Fun little truth or dare with the cast of the Owl house. I do not own the Owl House. Characters from the show are included including the characters from my one shots, li...
... by Beorufu
#18 Beorufu
Luz knew her imagination tended to run away with her, but no doubt about, Amity was hiding something. An inhuman something.
Reunited-a Lumity story by PunkTheRat111
Reunited-a Lumity storyby PunkTheRat111
Luz leaves at the end of the summer, and has to say goodbye to Amity. But three years later Luz finally tells her mom the truth and sets on her journey back to the boili...
It Wasn't What It Seemed To Be by MellowMelodyMoon
It Wasn't What It Seemed To Beby Mellow
As the two sides continue to fight, a swordsman and a dark angel discover the real truth to stop the fighting. Unless.. One betrays the other. (The cover illustration do...