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Forbidden | Hunter x male reader by Crims0nwrites
Forbidden | Hunter x male readerby No
Eda has, or had, a brother, Reagen Clawthorne, Reagen was the most powerful witch in the boiling isles until one day he met a terrible fate, leaving his wife, Mindaline...
silly owl house group chat teehee by iloverainewhispers
silly owl house group chat teeheeby iloverainewhispers
this is just a silly goofy little group chat I'm writing for fun, more of something to ramble out random ideas I have rather than a detailed story so don't expect much o...
Until Death Do Us Part by bobbcat776
Until Death Do Us Partby Bobb
On hiatus until season 3 episode 3 airs. Season 3 episode 2 chapters are up though. (Y/n) (L/n), the dedicated pupil of a powerful witch and the head student of the beas...
The Otter and the Cat by Jss2141
The Otter and the Catby Jss2141
A simple accident leads a young couple to change into animals with no known way to change back. Will they stay animals forever or will they find a way to return to norma...
What If Luz had Godzilla's Powers? by KaijuLord54
What If Luz had Godzilla's Powers?by KaijuLord54
This is fanfiction depicting how the Owl House would turn out if Luz had Godzilla's powers.
The Eclipse Hopper (TOH/Kamen Rider Black Sun X Male Reader) by Tucker19870
The Eclipse Hopper (TOH/Kamen Tucker19870
Y/N got separated from his Father one day and found himself in The Boiling Isles. Where he was turned into a Kaijin and now lives for survival. That was until he meets a...
Spirit Animal: Pride of the Panther by Jss2141
Spirit Animal: Pride of the Pantherby Jss2141
Human's aren't as weak as everyone says, they have a gift like no one else. Humans can turn into their Spirit Animals. When Luz finds herself in the Isles, she's going t...
Tied To You by Wibbit2020
Tied To Youby Wibbit2020
This is the same magical Boiling Isles you know, but... Everybody has a red glowing string around their ring finger. Once a person and their soulmate share their first k...
you poor boy... | Hunter Angst |Completed| by Polyamorous_Flapjack
you poor boy... | Hunter Angst | Polyamorous_Flapjack
Hunter is only young and has to deal with so much already, he doesn't deserve the treatment he gets... especially from his uncle... hunter had finally had enough and ran...
Just Someone You Hate (GOLDEN GUARD X FEM READER) by raedastar
Just Someone You Hate (GOLDEN katie <333
(raeda daughter/child reader!!!) troubled is one of the many words used to describe Y/N Clawthorne. lilith has made many unsuccessful attempts to get eda the owl lady to...
Behind the Mask (HunterTOH x Y/N) by EmmaBemma_1234
Behind the Mask (HunterTOH x Y/N)by emma
Eda found you waddling around the same castle that she found King in, and she's been basically your mother ever since! TW's won't be before chapters, but I'm listing the...
To be a Blight by Tophatauthor
To be a Blightby Tophatauthor
This is the story of a seven year old human orphan who died, then woke up as a baby, a baby that held the name of one of-if not the wealthiest family on the boiling isle...
the golden child {hunter x reader} by sadlesbiansilver
the golden child {hunter x reader}by silver
"mrs.noceda? is everything oka-" your eyes widen at the five people standing in front of the door, four unfamiliar to you and one you haven't seen in a long ti...
Just you and me. by ArthurrSylvester
Just you and Arthurr Sylvester
Alador x Darius story by owl house, written by me
Hoodwinked by shroomtime_
Hoodwinkedby shroomtime_
(Reader) Blight--the third youngest in the Blight family, an oracle student attending Hexside, and a sarcastic witch. (Reader) finds themself trapped in a deal they made...
The Owl House /Edric Blight x reader\ by 57DayLight57
The Owl House /Edric Blight x Lola;)
(PRONOUNS USED IN THIS ARE THEY/THEM) You're a student at Hexside, you wanted to be in more than one track, while trying to prove to your principal that you could combin...
The Owl House X Reader (Season 2) by DraikaTheDragon
The Owl House X Reader (Season 2)by Draika The Dragon
(Y/n) (L/n) and her childhood friend Luz Noceda, have found themselves lost from home in the Demon Realm. While battling through demons and curses, they stumble upon n...
The Forbidden Drink by Jss2141
The Forbidden Drinkby Jss2141
In a last ditch attempt to stop Belos from getting the Titan's Blood, Luz uses the last of her strength to do something more insane than anything she has ever done befor...
A Vacation To The Human Realm by TheAngelinDarkness
A Vacation To The Human Realmby TheAngelinDarkness
Emporer Belos' plans had been foiled and his collapse also saw the end of the coven system. Magic was no longer regulated and once again any witch could practice any typ...