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I'll Be Romeo, If You'll be Juliet (LiL Peep) by infinityhate
I'll Be Romeo, If You'll be sad bitch
After Gus finds a depressed and insecure baddie at a super market buying Peeps, he becomes interested. Quickly becoming close. Obvious flirting and loving comments towar...
the owl house evil au (lumity) by otakustrider
the owl house evil au (lumity)by otakustrider
The front cover for this book is heavily inspired by the (Kohlns evil au) Kohlns has an Instagram account that has lots of lumity drawings so I recommend you look at her...
Together again(book2) by Kami-chan676
Together again(book2)by Kami-Chan
Sequel to the light of my life After 2 years Luz finally comes back to the boiling isles. She is now 16 years old and ready to complete her witch training. During those...
The Halfa!?! (The Owl House x Male reader) by Magical_Halfa
The Halfa!?! (The Owl House x Magical_Halfa
Y/n thought all his life he was 'normal' except for his ears. From the day he was born his ears were pointy at that the tip of them. That and he has to different color e...
Lumity Month 2020 by Dweller_4
Lumity Month 2020by Dweller
Kinda bored since "The Owl House" is going on a hiatus for Dana knows how long, so in the meantime, I'm gonna participante in TheKitsune's Lumity month. These...
The Owl House Ask/Dare by mama_kurogiri
The Owl House Ask/Dareby 𝙺𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚒
Ah yes, Sarah Bellums discovering more universes to mess around in, more specifically one where a certain human is training to become a witch.
my human lover ( amity x luz)  by despair-bitch
my human lover ( amity x luz) by celeste-Ludenburg
amity can't stop thinking about luz the human. hell luz is suddenly everywhere! its driving amity crazy to! but poor amity doesn't understand that she's in love with the...
addicted - lil peep by smexypeepers
addicted - lil peepby crybabygus
Baby, I'm a drug and I don't wanna hurt you
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Ruin my life (Gustav åhr) Completed  by colbaebrock
Ruin my life (Gustav åhr) Cole Robert Brock🖤
"That's my girl, no matter who she say she fuckin, she's always gonna be my girl." #1 in gustav #1 in gothboiclique
Assalamualaikum Gus by Dewiinm2107
Assalamualaikum Gusby Dewi Nur Masitoh
Naira, adalah putri bungsu dari pengasuh pondok pesantren yang berada di Blitar. Tapi ia tidak nyaman dengan statusnya sebagai ning. Dengan berjalannya waktu Naira pun s...
Truth or dare with the owl house  by Kami-chan676
Truth or dare with the owl house by Kami-Chan
Truth or dare with the owl house and authors. Please gives me truth or dares. Ships from the 'Light of My Life' are involved . I do not own the Owl house(sadly)
Lumity Oneshots by shadowalphalycan
Lumity Oneshotsby shadowalphalycan
So, this all started on the nice app called Amino. It was just a joke at first but then I thought about it. Why not make a oneshot book. I will be taking requests on the...
Just Friends by Theatrenerd456
Just Friendsby Theatrenerd456
Cover by thatonedorkwhodraws. Luz is dealing with a crush on a certain green haired top student, while Willow deals with a crush on her best friend. And with a dance com...
... by Beorufu
#14 Beorufu
Luz knew her imagination tended to run away with her, but no doubt about, Amity was hiding something. An inhuman something.
giving girls cocaine ✰ lil peep ✰ by ghost-giirl
giving girls cocaine ✰ lil peep ✰by ghost-giirl
"come on, just try some. it's fucking amazing." the girl scoffed and shook her head, "is this your thing? giving girls cocaine?" the boy chuckled, &q...
Lil peep x reader  by BandTrash229
Lil peep x reader by BandTrash229
Gus (lil peep) you guys dated and when he died he got revived in the hospital (which I wish happened in real life ??) and you guys lived together and the crazy adventure...
Hexside High School (Lumity)  by frogsaregreat291
Hexside High School (Lumity) by frogsaregreat291
(ART IS NOT MINE) art by: thatonedorkthatdraws on insta The story takes place in a normal world where Luz and amity go to the same high school. Amity is the popular mean...
Changes and Chances(Boschlow) by KattMantane
Changes and Chances(Boschlow)by DetectiveYandereLuLu
After the grudgby match with Willow, Boscha's reputation begins to crumble. Everyone begins to hate her and make her the laughing stock of the school. She knows she need...
runaway/lil peep by roseeprintss
runaway/lil peepby ツ
"running away from you takes time and pain," in which two teens runaway together
The Owl house one shots  by Matildathedork
The Owl house one shots by Matilda
One shots for the owl house I take a while to upload most of the time