School Shooter (LiL Peep) (Book One) by lilgothbiddie
School Shooter (LiL Peep) (Book Strawberry
Gus is bullied, everyday. Multiple suicide attempts but never successful. His mind set is if he can't die then someone else will have too. Targeting a few individuals. U...
  • drugs
  • rap
  • highschoolsweethearts
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Gym Class (LiL Peep) by lilgothbiddie
Gym Class (LiL Peep)by Strawberry
Uncontrollable feelings and a gym class together.
  • hellboy
  • fanfiction
  • gusgang
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Monster (LiL Peep) (Book Two) by lilgothbiddie
Monster (LiL Peep) (Book Two)by Strawberry
BOOK TWO Book One: School Shooter June had moved in with Bexey and went back to London with him after the incident with Gus. Bexey slowly helped her back up out of most...
  • bexeyswan
  • love
  • gus
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I'll Be Romeo, If You'll be Juliet (LiL Peep) by lilgothbiddie
I'll Be Romeo, If You'll be Strawberry
After Gus finds a depressed and insecure baddie at a super market buying Peeps, he becomes interested. Quickly becoming close. Obvious flirting and loving comments towar...
  • gustav
  • soundcloud
  • rip
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Gus Juga Manusia by Hakurasi
Gus Juga Manusiaby ratmasiw
Gus itu juga manusia, makan, minum, dan pastinya juga kentut. Salah satunya adalah Gus Hisyam yang lebih dikenal dengan nama Kang Hisyam kini sedang naik daun dan menja...
  • santri
  • islam
  • romance
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one less lonely girl by kasicandrierra
one less lonely girlby L A N A 🕷
seven meets the members of GBC and end up staying with them for a few weeks, in those few weeks who would she began to fall for?
  • goth
  • wicca
  • love
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Lil Peep | Catching Feelings by cdenamarie
Lil Peep | Catching Feelingsby Dena
Lil Peep fanfiction about you and your best friend Gus as you develop a yearning for more than just his friendship. It's going to get smutty up in here 🙈 Small possibi...
  • lilpeep
  • riplilpeep
  • crybaby
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eleMental: The Gifted by lilid1223
eleMental: The Giftedby lilid1223
Dylan Harper was raised to hate and fear mutants. Her parents taught her from a young age that mutants threatened the human way of life. So, to say she was surprised whe...
  • blink
  • reedstrucker
  • gus
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Lil peep x reader  by BandTrash229
Lil peep x reader by BandTrash229
Gus (lil peep) you guys dated and when he died he got revived in the hospital (which I wish happened in real life ??) and you guys lived together and the crazy adventure...
  • love
  • gus
  • out
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It's a Shore thing/// Floribama Shore by emmajacbson
It's a Shore thing/// Floribama Emma Jacobson
Floribama Shore Story Savannah and the rest of the roommates go back to the shore for their second summer full of drama and forgotten nights. Savannah vows to make no co...
  • floribama
  • fanfiction
  • jeremiah
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praying to the sky | lil peep by wavybvby
praying to the sky | lil peepby almond milk
"you're evil" "it's hot"
  • gustav
  • toopoor
  • peep
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come over when you're sober ; lil peep & ariana grande  by Iarryfisherman
come over when you're sober ; ☆hellboy☆
highest ranking; 74 in #lilpeep 🦇❤️
  • lilpeep
  • rap
  • gus
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Written In The Stars ➬ Lil Peep by X_KenzieZiegler_X
Written In The Stars ➬ Lil Peepby ❀XXXTENTACION
❝ℓike it was all written in the stars❞ W.I.T.S ©️2018
  • lil
  • tentacion
  • jahsehonfroy
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falling down / lil peep by jedsleatherface
falling down / lil peepby cheley belly
(boy x boy) ❝come, let's watch the rain as it's falling down, sunlight on your skin when I'm not around. shit don't feel the same when you're out of town.❞ kaneki (prono...
  • gus
  • peep
  • lilbopeep
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friends till the end?? by Muffylover14
friends till the end??by nala
our favorite friendships and relationships can't stay together for long. or can they?
  • bowie
  • marty
  • andi
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Floribama Shore by Cottoncandyluke
Floribama Shoreby meg
The story of nine young adults who come to spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up and put the real world on hold...
  • relationships
  • codi
  • summer
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Wanna Be Detective. (ShawnxReader) by JinxxInANutshell
Wanna Be Detective. (ShawnxReader)by Charlie Silver
Y/n has just joined the force almost three weeks ago and the most exciting thing she had gotten to do is make coffee runs for Lassiter, do paper work and search things f...
  • psych
  • shots
  • shawn
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Ghost Girl  by writernextdoorrr
Ghost Girl by 777
How could I forget that face? I don't even know your name.
  • drugs
  • gus
  • interracial
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Lil Peep//IMAGINES by StxlenLxve
Lil Peep//IMAGINESby StxlenLxve
Series of Lil Peep imagines. (Accepting Requests) Rest easy Peep❤️🐣
  • lilpeep
  • peep
  • reader
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the hotline - lil peep by serenhity
the hotline - lil peepby ︎︎angel sinner
- two people meet on a suicide prevention hotline app.
  • gustavåhr
  • gbc
  • gus
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