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If Only by chloeh928
If Onlyby Shitpost-Chan
Steven woke upright and looked out to the ocean. Something had crashed into it, just now. Getting up from his bed, his face went against the cool window. The waves took...
STEVEN UNIVERSE - "the off colour" MALE GEM by Rubeedude111
STEVEN UNIVERSE - "the off colour" Rubeedude111
you, the reader, are an off colour Male gem, a turquoise, to be exact. This story is kind of a ship story. Turquoise, being an outcast, has mysteriously ended up on eart...
Being Human by RSPBLiterature
Being Humanby R.S.P.B
When a Young Adult has to suddenly move across the country with his dad he ends up in the town of Beach City. Will his life be a mundane existence or will there be somet...
(Steven universe x Nemesis reader) GEMS!!! by Poggering
(Steven universe x Nemesis reader) Poggering
Y/n was captured during the gem war he was taken to a testing facility and torn apart and put back together with all sorts of different organics from different planets o...
Isekai'd as a Sapphire by Pixel_birb
Isekai'd as a Sapphireby Pixel birds
A very forgetful person dies and get sent to the world of Steven Universe. "Maybe i shouldn't have used the microwave..." (Disclaimer don't own pictures or Ste...
Daughter of Blue Diamond (Reader insert) by Roses52
Daughter of Blue Diamond (Reader Roses52
Blue Diamond met a little human girl in the human zoo and she knew she was special. (Y/N) lost her parents to an illness and was feeling depressed without her parents. T...
The Black Gem by RSPBLiterature
The Black Gemby R.S.P.B
Deep in an abandoned Diamond facility lies a dormant Gem. However this Gem is waking up and it is no ordinary Gem...
Raven  by KeymonSanders
Raven by Keymon Sanders
Long ago, There was a planet that was separate from any other since it's brilliance was above all else, Homeworld. A planet where gems off all kind thrived, these gems w...
Ruby Squad(Crystal Gems x Ruby!Reader x Homeworld Gems) by PeacefulTyranny
Ruby Squad(Crystal Gems x Ruby! Bug.
Cover by @thelegit9761 on quotev. Long ass title. Your a Ruby, with your Gem on your cheek, making it able to crack easily. Your also the youngest Ruby in your squad, th...
Mimic ( A Steven Universe Au fanfic ) by MeryMayham
Mimic ( A Steven Universe Au Mery Counts
- disclaimer - I don't own the characters or the franchise or the cover, I only own my ocs In this story, Steven doesn't leave Beach City. Intro: A new face appears in B...
Purpura Mortem // Steven Universe by SunnySideeUpp
Purpura Mortem // Steven Universeby Sunny
Purple Diamond is Blue Diamond's latest creation, but she's growing a bit too fast. She makes early achievements that not even the most regal of gems had gotten as soon...
The Diamond Once Forgotten (Steven Universe x Male Diamond) by Genbu_Noir
The Diamond Once Forgotten ( Genbu_Noir
One day, Steven Universe and the crystal gems receive a strange signal saying something about a diamond in danger. After finally tracking down where the signal is from...
The Way To Heaven by ReallyBlueDude
The Way To Heavenby
In Lion's Mane, lies two gems, one you already know about, but the other??? #1 The world Oct 5 2021 #1 Crystal gems Oct 22 2021 #1 Peridot Oct 28 2021 #1 Blue Diamond No...
Steven Universe and Alexandra Crystal Gem Universe by femreader
Steven Universe and Alexandra femreader
Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst found a small baby in a dark alley in the middle of the night. This baby had a gem on the inside of her left hand and a small tattoo on her ri...
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister's Noise AU Part 1 by kaito_the_moron
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister' dead account
What if Rose gave birth to twins? What if Nora and Steven were siblings. Let's follow the adventures of these two children along with the crystal gems in their hometown...
Steven Universe: The Tale of Black Diamond. by SlickTheClown
Steven Universe: The Tale of SlickTheClown
The following is a non-profit fanfiction. Steven Universe, Steven Universe: The Movie, and Steven Universe: Future are all owned by Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, and...
Blue Ruby by Harmonygirl12345
Blue Rubyby Harmony Girl
When she came out of her hole, she wasn't like any normal Ruby, besides her gem on her chest, she had the color scheme of a Sapphire gem. She was sentence to be shattere...
White Sapphire  INCOMPLETE  by Lpeckham
White Sapphire INCOMPLETE by Louise
A young Sapphire the only one that exists, the one that never left her diamonds side everyday was the same till she arrived on earth took in by two humans and soon meeti...
Steven Universe x Cozmic guardian reader. by HAROUTORA
Steven Universe x Cozmic BLITZØ
😶😶 (I dont own any artwork used in this)
Steven Universe Characters X Reader Oneshots by talle2014
Steven Universe Characters X Talle
Hi Dear Reader! We've been expecting your arrival for quite some time! Well, Garnet has at the least. (She has future vision!!!) Pearl's been REALLY busy preparing awes...