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Steven Universe Characters x Reader 1 Shots by Aviacc98
Steven Universe Characters x I have written
Hello, I'll be doing 1 Shots for SU characters! Please Request anything that comes to mind! One rule though, NO LEMONS. And only gem SU characters, and no humans (except...
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The Black Diamond by OmegaWilliam95
The Black Diamondby Omega
When the strongest race unexpectedly dies out by an unknown being, its reincarnation takes the form of their natural resources.
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The Black Gem by RSPBLiterature
The Black Gemby R.S.P.B
Deep in an abandoned Diamond facility lies a dormant Gem. However this Gem is waking up and it is no ordinary Gem...
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Blue Diamonds and Roses by JamesUniverse12
Blue Diamonds and Rosesby JamesUniverse12
This is the story of James Hollar, a depressed teen after his mom's death, tries to let go of the past, and now a giant woman has entered his life and has scars that als...
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My Red Diamond ♢ by Author_San_2020
My Red Diamond ♢by Christa Flores
"Don't leave Y/n,"Blue Diamond said in a pleading voice. Y/n avoided Blue's eyes and then looked at Lars and Steven. "Let's go,"Y/n whispered her voi...
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Amethyst Unleashed by Craftfury
Amethyst Unleashedby Craftfury
This takes place after the Wanted arc. Steven and Amethyst run into each other in a strange dream. When Steven wakes up he and Amethyst begin to experience strange occur...
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Black Diamond by Iteza_8
Black Diamondby JC_8
The dawn of Homeworld began with Black and White Diamond starting the empire of the Great Diamond Authority. However as Homeworld grew the two drifted apart and Black w...
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An Artificial Diamond - Steven Universe Reader Insert by Sienna_is_determined
An Artificial Diamond - Steven Sienna
A human named Y/n had found herself in some trouble when she had strayed away from her adoptive parents. Lost and scared, she was lucky enough to stumble across a tall (...
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We Have a Choice by Nighttra
We Have a Choiceby Nighttra
During a trip to Earth yellow and blue pearl meets the so called "defective" pearl of the rebellion.She shows them something that they know they will never hav...
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Daughter of Blue Diamond (Reader insert) by Roses52
Daughter of Blue Diamond (Reader Roses52
Blue Diamond met a little human girl in the human zoo and she knew she was special. (Y/N) lost her parents to an illness and was feeling depressed without her parents. T...
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Spinel x Reader one-shots  by DeliaSpaghetti555
Spinel x Reader one-shots by A JoJo Fan Now
Idk. Just felt like doing it
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Book of funny Steven Universe memes and pictures  by -Chaotic_Deetz-
Book of funny Steven Universe Lydia Deetz
A collection of memes and pictures
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Ask Or Dare The Steven Universe Crew + Me! + Other Fandoms by YT_Silky_Zoilicious
Ask Or Dare The Steven Universe Silky Zoilicious
So um...To celebrate me having over 350+ followers here...I decided to make an ask or dare of the Steven universe crew! It will have Silky Zoilcious ( ME BOI ) Steven U...
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Daughter of Pink Diamond (Book 1) by CorruptedDiamond
Daughter of Pink Diamond (Book 1)by 𝑫𝒊𝒂𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒅
The story of Pink Diamond Daughter becoming a Perfect Diamond. Steven Universe and The Crystal gems are still at war with the Diamonds but Steven finds out, He has a si...
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White diamond x deformed diamond reader by RobotWithASoul
White diamond x deformed diamond Silently Starving
im sorry you do not get to choose your gem. maybe oneday in the future. Ive never made a diamond x reader and im supper sorry if this is crap. you are a deformed diamond...
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Son of Blue Diamond (On Hold) by CorruptedDiamond
Son of Blue Diamond (On Hold)by 𝑫𝒊𝒂𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒅
Blue Diamond has been capturing organic humans for Pink's human zoo after pink was shattered by Rose quartz, She's assigned Holly Blue to maintain the zoo when she's gon...
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Mending Hearts (Human Spinel x Full Human Steven) by katlady1
Mending Hearts (Human Spinel x Katlady Klawson
Steven Universe has had a decent life. An awesome older sister, 2 caring and wise aunts, and of course his great dad. He thinks everyone is his friend, and nothing can g...
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Pink Diamond's Daughter by AGirlFromTheStars
Pink Diamond's Daughterby ✨Jolene✨
This is a story where Pink Diamond meets a human girl on earth and takes her as her own but when Pink Diamond was shattered she left her all alone with Blue. But what ha...
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steven universe red diamond by coder72
steven universe red diamondby Fallout Hunter
Discover the untold story of the most feared diamond to exist. I own nothing all characters that are in the story belong to cartoon network and all affiliated.
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'ʀᴇᴅ ʜᴀs ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ' by snick_no
'ʀᴇᴅ ʜᴀs ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ'by Your New Daddy
Cruel beauty, bright, one who's light shines much more then even White Diamond herself. Finally, she had been made. A few hundred years before Pink Diamond was shattere...
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