The Love Of My Life ✔️ ( Editing Is Going On) by Subhask
The Love Of My Life ✔️ ( Editing Subhask
"whaat are you doing Mr professor?" she asked stuttering. "I know what I'm doing Miss Khanna," he smirked to her and took hold of her hands placed a...
  • appreciation
  • love
  • support
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Dope Boy Ambitions 4  by laila_duhh
Dope Boy Ambitions 4 by Laila
  • urban
  • boy
  • lucas
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Villainous by sambalazs
Villainousby Samantha Balazs
Delilah is the most wanted criminal in the world. She's also a princess, a deadly one, hell-bent on a path of vengeance. Dante is a ruthless king feared by all, and Deli...
  • royalty
  • adventure
  • battle
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A Girl and Her Dream by TheDreamerz
A Girl and Her Dreamby The Dreamers
A girl named Jane has a high ambition or what she call it herself, "dream" yet her grade in school is not what you expected. It has a unrequited love story and...
  • ambition
  • ambitions
  • dreams
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Stars by MyCreative12
Starsby My Creative
I'm not good with descriptions so just pardon me. There is an ambition week in Carter high. The Freshmen in class 3a are hyped. They sign up what the want to do, but l...
  • ambitions
  • drama
  • stars
[ cunning and ambition ] by aprilllslytherin
[ cunning and ambition ]by d r a c c o a p r i l
Harry Potter has found out the fact that he's a wizard and is on his way to Hogwarts. He is found by a boy on the train, who offers him his hand. Who knew that a train r...
  • draco
  • dungeons
  • slytherin
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Dear Mr therapist by Duruss8
Dear Mr therapistby Duruss
when there are yearnings of the soul and things of life's recollection which to difficult to utter to no one person in particular, we call in the therapist This is a poe...
  • desire
  • introvert
  • ambition
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Modern Cinderella Story (short story) by halasaad1991
Modern Cinderella Story (short Hala Saad
Since Anika's parents passed away when she was a child , she has been working as a maid for her wicked aunt and her two cousins in her own house ,hidden flower behind...
  • rescue
  • fanfiction
  • punishments
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The Silent One by Sim-AntinI
The Silent Oneby Deirbhile
She was mute. She heard and saw everything but said nothing. He was blind-sighted. He could see everything but chose to see nothing except what he wanted to see. A relu...
  • characters
  • shortstory
  • life
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All About Slytherin by ReneWarbler
All About Slytherinby Rene_Warbler
Facts, Quotes, Psychology and much more about Slytherin Updates Daily
  • pride
  • slytherin
  • hogwarts
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Hidden Pains by _heebbah
Hidden Painsby Habiba
I did not know what I was feeling right now, I just wanted to scream so loud, to let all the pain out but I cannot find the strength to do so. Is this what pain feels li...
  • psycholocal
  • heartbreak
  • friendship
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One Way Ticket | Taka Moriuchi by Gaily_Escapade
One Way Ticket | Taka Moriuchiby Gailyleo
"Umm...hi.?" I awkwardly said with a weird smile while waving my hand at her. She stares at me for like who knows how long then suddenly shoves the door closed...
  • fanfiction
  • tomoyakanki
  • japan
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My Moonlight: A Short Story by KaileeWatson
My Moonlight: A Short Storyby Kailee Watson
Much like how one would lose sleep to see the moon, I couldn't dream because I was far too awake for you. I couldn't think straight in your presence. The only thing I th...
  • light
  • money
  • love
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TrapKingDom by AbasiaAsia
TrapKingDomby AbasiaAsia
Prince gets in trouble with a drug lord named Devil and tells his sister Princess who fends for him only to find herself dating him.
  • killer
  • heartbreak
  • ambitions
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You ain't nothing but a thug (a thug love story) by xoxoSkyyyyyy
You ain't nothing but a thug (a sky
What will happen when 4 girls named:Devonnie,Samantha,Nayla,and Skylar meet the biggest thugs named:Scottie,Nolen,Trevor,and Deshonmhm will the girls fall in love or wil...
  • juicy
  • love
  • trust
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TheStripperDiaries  by DreamWriterXx
TheStripperDiaries by DreamWriter
Abused her whole childhood Alexis growing up turned "Pumpkin". A New York stripper on her grind deals with a number of obstacles will she be able to keep fight...
  • diary
  • druglord
  • daveeast
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Preeran : Realization by ashpat3
Preeran : Realizationby ashpat3
Karan who had enough of facing insult from Prithvi takes break from everything. He heads for South Africa leaving things behind. Things change when Karan clashes with c...
  • mystery
  • family
  • brotherhood
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Trust Me...Again? by samaira_3110
Trust Me...Again?by Samaira 👑
| Winner of the "Best New Voices" in The Literary Awards 2017 | | First place winner of the "Best Teen Fiction" category in The World Of Champions A...
  • teenfiction
  • girlfriend
  • highschool
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Just Another Unambitious Woman by Bateauivre
Just Another Unambitious Womanby Bateauivre
Diane Simmons always had the bad luck to look like a spitting image of her tall twin brother David. But as her world turns upside down, Diane has no other choice but to...
  • entailed
  • mystery
  • family
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