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Various! The Legend of Vox Machina Series x Princess! Adventurer! Oc Insert by CasonArtSweet
Various! The Legend of Vox CasonArtSweet
Join Ariel Tal'Dorei, crown princess of Tal'Dorei, as she works with a rag-tag group of mercenaries, known as Vox Machina. They are more interested in easy money and che...
Paper Wings [DodgeMason]  by olivialouanne
Paper Wings [DodgeMason] by 𝙾.
"She was a perfect collection of unabashed audaciousness and spontaneity; unafraid to jump, even with a chaotic heart and wings made of paper." With less than...
Dream Chaser by WritingxNicole
Dream Chaserby Nicole
Fresh out of high school, Jenny Hughes sets off for Nashville Tennessee to pursue a career in music, instead of attending a 4 year university like most of her peers and...
Lost in Oz Ocs by Jinxgirl4500
Lost in Oz Ocsby Alex
Ocs for Lost in Oz. (I don't own Lost in Oz. I only own my ocs.) (I don't own the cover picture. All Rights go to the owners.)
Leaving Someone Behind by iamtir3d
Leaving Someone Behindby iamtir3d
Part of the #Panic writing contest This story explores the emotions of leaving your brother, and starting a life without him. This character shares her experience, as sh...
Angst • #Panic by AShruinger
Angst • #Panicby Katt
A submission for The #Panic Writing Contest hosted by @AmazinPrimeVideo Prompt: "...share a story, fiction or nonfiction, centered around the power of confronting o...
THIS VERSION OF 'COOLIE NO. 1' Magical Suspension of Disbeli...
The only way you can and should watch this film is without making any comparison with the original classic
Ultimatum // by girly_nerd123
Ultimatum //by girly_nerd123
A supernatural being who has been dealing Ultimatums to humans for centuries finally has a change of heart. --- For the full experience: // Fly Me To The Moon by Frank S...
The Lunchroom - Wattpad #Panic Writing Contest by miserablepuppy
The Lunchroom - Wattpad #Panic z
This is a non-fictional tale of my last few days of being a middle-schooler. During this time, which was a transitionary period itself, I had lost the few I had thought...
CIGARETTE DAYDREAM  || conrad fisher by cruel-scmmer
CIGARETTE DAYDREAM || conrad jacks🌟
you were only 17 soft speak with a mean streak nearly brought me to my knees ༄ in which lucia conklin and her family travel to cousins NC to stay with the fisher family...
TV show reviews by maraudersl0ve
TV show reviewsby maraudersl0ve
Can't find a show to watch? I'll be rating some, (my opinion) so you can have some recommendations please remember that this is my own opinion but I would love to hear...
thanatophobia ✔️ by -writtenworks-
thanatophobia ✔️by c
thanatophoba - the fear of death; the fear of the dying process Cameron was afraid of death, but he was way more scared of losing that person to death than he was of his...
Heartbeat by Jess_Bengel
Heartbeatby Jess B. Books
Jane experiences the intense fear that is new parenthood. Short story submission for #Panic.
Graduation At Last by alyonabeleski
Graduation At Lastby alyonabeleski
Alyona who has always dreamed of graduating despite experiencing developmental delays is very close to achieving her dream, but her fear is about to block her way. Will...
Surprise Guest by FeyreNadir
Surprise Guestby FeyreNadir
Hey! This is my 5th entry (I think ^^;) for the #panicwriting contest. Please read and I hope you enjoy! Feel free to give me commentary on this and any of my other stor...
Stage Fright by RFurny
Stage Frightby Furny
A ~300 word dive into the mind of an elementary teacher mentally preparing herself for the first day of a 9 month elaborate act. My entrance to the Amazon Prime Video P...
Locked In by YourUnnamedSecret
Locked Inby Unnamed Author
This is my entry for the PANIC and Amazon Prime Video contest. ---------- Have you lived with Anxiety or Depression all of your life, always scared to be yourself? In t...
Panic Room by WWWillowwwS
Panic Roomby WWWillowwwS
May Owens locks herself in the panic room after intruders make escape impossible.
Becoming Noven by FeyreNadir
Becoming Novenby FeyreNadir
This is another entry for the #panic writing contest. Story is 499 words. I hope you enjoy reading! It's around dinner time, and Nova has been worrying over her secret f...
A Trip To The Wild by LarryFundz
A Trip To The Wildby Larry Fundz
Hi, this is my entry for the @Amazonprimevideo #Panic contest....... Amelia is caught and stucked in the bus on the way to their wild life excursion organized in the sch...