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After Transmigrating, the Wealthy Film Emperor and I have HE ending by arieshima
After Transmigrating, the arieshima
Title: After Transmigrating, the Wealthy Film Emperor and I have HE ending Author: Yiqun Tu Bo Shu Translator: Arie Warning: Be prepared for a whole lot of grammar error...
Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband   by dialektrix
Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent joana de guzman
(not mine) Author : Bing Gong Zhu Xia Ning is betrayed by her boyfriend who wants to marry another girl from a rich and powerful family. Just when she encounters a lot...
Second Chance in Love (His Desire, Book2)- (on-going) by crazywriter1116
Second Chance in Love (His Sarah
His Desire, the book, continues with Haider's journey taking an interesting turn. First, it was Alina who had a roller- coaster ride, and now, it's Haider who is going t...
❤️Can't Take My Eyes Off You💙 by Nuisance_chan
❤️Can't Take My Eyes Off You💙by ɴᴀᴇsᴇᴏɴɢ
Xiao Zhan got an aportunity to go to a private university, he meet new friends, new teachers, new class, but also meet new haters. Everywhere he go, he will get into tr...
Modernised Love by Sweetallure
Modernised Loveby Sweetallure
|Book 2 of Entangled With The Prince| *Can be read as a stand alone* Losing 2 years of her life in a coma, she wakes up to a drastically different life. A brother popped...
Authored By You ✔ [EDITING] by tale_a_grammer
Authored By You ✔ [EDITING]by R.C Troops
A young author's failing marriage accidentally takes him back in time and to the doors of a younger self of his future wife where the chance to return lies in winning he...
It All Started With You by Itx_rere
It All Started With Youby Itx_rere
Azariah Williams, 16 years old with a 2 year old baby. At age 14, she gave her virginity to a boy named Phillip Matthews, who was 18 at the time and told her that she co...
El amor en tiempos digitales by PalomaKerr
El amor en tiempos digitalesby PalomaKerr
Todas las historias aquí compartidas, pertenecen a una serie de escenarios múltiples, con personajes diferentes, llenos de características particulares, unidos por un fa...
Wrecked  by think_swirl
Wrecked by think_swirl
I wasn't always like this until a hurricane hit me a year ago turning my world upside down. It was the devil's masterpiece disguised as an angel. The intensity of annihi...
I Fell in Love 💖🔐🤞-შემიყვარდა💖🔐🤞 by zini122
I Fell in Love 💖🔐🤞-შემიყვარდა💖 user1234
ეს ამბავი მოგვითხრობს გოგოზე სახელად ნიცა, რომელიც არავის ენდობა თვისთავის გარდა, არსჯერა გრძნობების და ამას უბრალო ზღაპრებად მიიჩნევს, მანამ უცნობს არ შეხვდება და ვინა...
Bad Boy Prince by Ndi_2005
Bad Boy Princeby Ndivhuho Monyai
"Honestly Kai, you shouldn't trust him ." Amber says sternly "Why?" I ask "He's the type of boy your parents warn you to stay away from. He i...
Seth Dale is the owner and manager of a horse ranch in Fir Springs, Montana, called Rock Candy Ranch. When Jane Cressie, a well-known travel writer, goes to the ranch...
რატომ  მიმატოვე ამ წყეულ სამყაროში?!  by zini122
რატომ მიმატოვე ამ წყეულ სამყაროში user1234
ლილე ჯერ კიდევ სკოლის მოსწავლეა, იგი სხვა გოგოებისგან საკმაოდ განსხვავებულია, უყვარს ლიტერატურა, წიგნებიდან ციტატების ამოღება, ყვავილი სანიშნეები და ა. შ. აქვს თვისი სა...
24 hours at San Diego Comic Con (Asa Butterfield) by FrannyGlass1934
24 hours at San Diego Comic Con ( FrannyGlass1934
When Mia agrees to go to San Diego Comic Con with her friend she doesn't think much of it. She is more into books than movies and isn't really interested in meeting the...
Stranger Than You Dreamt by annathealto
Stranger Than You Dreamtby Anna Pepperidge
A modern Phantom of the Opera story. Imagine the whole events with the Opera Populare's ghost happening in today's world. The mysterious man behind the mask living in ou...
bethyl ficlets by Bethyl_forever
bethyl ficletsby Bethyl_forever
Book of my Bethyl fan-fictions one-shots . I encourage people to take my one-shots and make real story's out of them. just let me know because I would love to read them.
TEACHER by toobadiwrite
Mr. Aldrich Castillo, 22, is the new Math teacher at the prestigious Lenox School, school for the children of the rich and famous. Pauline Zambrano,18, is the only gran...
Found in a moment by TarnaLove
Found in a momentby TarnaLove
As he walked down the stairs I trembled, I hid my hands behind my back as to not show that I was intimidated, never show fear besides this is all a game and he and I bo...
Never let my hand GO by teenIn
Never let my hand GOby Indumathi M
Never let my hand go -- Let life surprise you ~Can a crush turn in to everlasting love? Everyone has their crush story and only a few may end up as friends, or it might...
LovE  AajKAl  by krityya
LovE AajKAl by
This story will be on our beloved Manan also this story will be very close to my heart since this will be my first story and also because this love story is my favourite...